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Aerolíneas Argentinas is the largest and national airline of Argentina. The airline was founded in 1950 and has been state owned since 2014.

Aerolíneas Argentinas has a subsidiary company called Austral Líneas Aéreas which operates most of the airline's regional/domestic routes. Along with Austral Lineas Aereas, Aerolíneas Argentinas operates from two hubs, both located in Buenos Aires: Aeroparque Jorge Newbery and Ministro Pistarini International Airport. The airline flies to many destinations including Buenos Aires, Madrid, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu, Jujuy, Mar del Plaza, Mendoza, Parana, Neuquen, Salta, Rosario, Salvador da Bahia and many others.

The Argentine airline joined SkyTeam in agosto 2012 and also has codeshare agreements with KLM, Air Europa, Aeroflot, Air New Zealand, Etihad Airways, GOL Airlines and Korean Air.

Top Tip: When booking flights through Alternative Airlines it is easy to pay in Argentine Peso, along with over 160 other currencies!

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Did you know, you can buy any Aeroliíneas Argentinas ticket using PayPal when booking with Alternative Airlines? You can even choose to spread the cost of the ticket price in monthly instalments. Options include PayPal Credit, or Affirm if you are based in the U.S and looking to buy flights to Argentina. Check out our Aerolineas Argentinas Fly Now, Pay Later page.

Información de registro

Web Check-in

Aerolineas Argentinas offer web check-in for their passengers.

For domestic flights, you can check in online from 48 hours before scheduled flight departure. This will close 55 minutes before scheduled departure time.

For passengers travelling regionally or internationally, check in opens 24 hours before flight departure time, closing 70 minutes before departure time.

There are some exceptions where checking in online is not available. Some exceptions include when flying the Punta Cana - Buenos Aires route, or children under 12 travelling alone, passengers without e-tickets for example.

Check-In at the Airport

Passengers who are excluded from the online check-in must check-in at the airport prior to flying. For domestic travel, passengers with checked baggage must arrive at the airport 120 minutes before scheduled flight departure, and 90 minutes before departure for passengers without baggage.

For passengers flying internationally, Aerolineas Argentinas ask passengers with checked luggage to arrive at the airport at least 180 minutes before scheduled departure time, or 120 minutes before flying for passengers without baggage.

Equipaje permitido

Equipaje de Mano

Passengers are entitled to a bring a carry-on piece of luggage, provided that the seat fare includes it. The maximum measures are 55 x 35 x 25 cm (height, length and width) , including pockets, wheels and handle. Passengers are also permitted one personal item, such as a laptop bag, handbag, wallet, or baby bag. The maximum dimensions of a personal item are 40 x 30 x 15 cm (height, length and width) and the max weight is 3 kg.


All passengers flying internationally, no matter the class of ticket, are allowed 1 piece of hand luggage, weighing a maximum of 10kg.


Passengers flying domestically within Argentina, on an economy class ticket, are permitted one piece of hand luggage, weighing a maximum of 8kg.

Passengers flying domestically within Argentina, on an Club Economy/Club Condor ticket, are allowed one piece of hand luggage, weighing a maximum of 10kg.

Please note that those travelling on a Promo fare ticket are only entitled to one personal item, such as a small backpack, handbag, or wallet.

Equipaje Facturado

The three dimensions of all hold luggage should not exceed 158cm (sum of height, length and width), otherwise excess fees will apply.

Extra Allowance: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite and Elite Plus SkyTeam Airlines Plus members can enjoy 1 extra piece of hold luggage, equal to the amount of kilos enabled by the ticket class.

Regional Flights

Departure Location Promo Base Más Flexionar Economia Premium
Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Peru Extra charge Extra charge 1 piece of 23 kg 2 pieces of 23 kg each 2 pieces of 23 kg each
Colombia Extra charge Extra charge 1 piece of 20 kg 2 pieces of 20 kg each 2 pieces of 20 kg each

International Flights

Departure Location Promo Base Más Flexionar Economia Premium
Dominican Republic Extra charge Extra charge 1 piece of 20 kg 2 pieces of 20 kg each 3 pieces of 20 kg each

Departure Location Promo Base Más Flexionar Promo Business Business
Méjico Extra charge Extra charge 1 piece of 23 kg 2 pieces of 23 kg each 3 pieces of 23 kg each 3 pieces of 23 kg each
USES Extra charge 1 piece of 23 kg each 2 pieces of 23 kg each 2 pieces of 23 kg each 3 pieces of 23 kg each 3 pieces of 23 kg each
Dominican Republic Extra charge Extra charge 1 piece of 23 kg each 2 pieces of 23 kg each 2 pieces of 23 kg each 3 pieces of 23 kg each

Tarifas de clase

Standard Economy Class seating makes up most of the seating within the aircraft cabin. Within the Economy class there are a number of ticket fares available. The on-board experience will be very similar, but each fare upgrade offers extra benefits such as more baggage allowance. When you make your booking through Alternative Airlines, each fare option is explained, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect fare for you. More information on fare upgrades can be found in our guide to fare families.

Selección de asiento

Passengers who book their flights through Alternative Airlines can either pre-select seats during the booking process, or by contacting our customer service team after making your booking.

Clase Económica

Aerolíneas Argentinas' Economy class is affordable, modern and practical, with plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable for the duration of your flight.

Economy ticket fares include: Promo, Base, Plus, and Flex.

Economy Class Facilities

Entertainment: Passengers can enjoy the inflight entertainment, from the overhead, shared tv screen in the cabin.

On international flights, amenities such as blankets are available upon request. Food and drinks are also provided on flights where the duration allows for food service.

Asientos de clase económica

Seats are configured in a 2-4-2 arrangement, allowing each seat 34 inches of legroom and 17.7 inches between armrests. Seats also have a recline function of 19 degrees.

Premium Economy Class

Premium Economy on Aerolineas flights is branded Club Economy. The name is dependent on the aircraft type, as wide body jets, used for international flights, will have Club Condor (Business Class) and Economy Class seating. The narrow body jets will have Club Economy (Premium Economy) and Economy Class seats.

Club Economy Facilities

In this class, you will find yourself with more luxuries than the Economy Class. Premium passengers can enjoy priority check-in, priority boarding and additional baggage allowances. Passengers will also enjoy an in-flight dining experience complete with a premium service.

Club Economy Seating

Premium passengers can enjoy a larger seat pitch with more legroom and the ability to have a fully-flat seat.


Business Class is known as Club Condor in Aerolineas Argentinas flights, and provides certain luxuries for your flight duration. As part of this service, passengers also receive priority boarding for the plane. Business Class is available on international flights


Entertainment: In business, passengers get their own personal in-flight entertainment system which has a wide selection of movies, music and TV shows.

Amenities such as comfortable pillows and blankets are provided for passengers to get a great rest and sleep. In addition, an amenity kit providing toothpaste, socks, comb and hand cream is supplied, allowing you to arrive at your destination feeling pampered and refreshed. Food is also provided on your flight, with the meal and time depending on your flight duration and destination.

¿Cómo son los asientos de clase ejecutiva?

Seats in Club Condor have a 2-2-2 configuration. Seats have a wide recline, about 160 degrees in the back, with a adjustable and rising footrest. The seats also include USB and power ports for charging your personal devices.

Business Class Lounge Access

Aerolineas Argentinas operates a lounge, Salón Cóndor, which is located in Terminal C of Ministro Pistarini International Airport - also known as Ezeiza International Airport. Condor passengers departing from Ezeiza Airport can access the lounge before flying.

Primera clase

Aerolineas do not currently offer a first class in their flight cabins. Upgrade to a more relaxing and enjoyable flight with Business Class, the details of which can be found above.


Aerolineas Argentinas offers WiFi on certain routes, aircraft depending. Prices are provided in-flight.

On-board Meals

Onboard meals are included in the ticket price.

Special Meals

Regional/Domestic: Please note that the only special meal available on regional and domestic flights is the gluten-free option. Passengers are welcome to bring their own snack on-board.

International: The following special meals can be ordered for your Aerolineas Argentinas flight up to 36 hours prior to scheduled departure. In most cases, special meals can only be pre-ordered on long haul flights.

Special meals can be ordered at the time of making your booking. When booking your ticket through Alternative Airlines, you will see the option to select your ‘Meal Preference’ during the flight booking process. If you would like to order a special meal after making your booking, you can contact our customer service team, who will make a request on your behalf.

Special meal options:

Fruit Platter Low Cholesterol Comida baja en grasa Dieta blanda
Low-Calorie Meal Soft Meal Low Sodium Meal Moslem Meal
Hindu Meal Comida kosher Lacto-vegetarian Meal Comida para bebés
Diabetic Meal Sin gluten Children Meal Asian Vegetarian Meal
No Dairy Meal Vegetarian Non-Dairy


Destinos Nacionales

The following destinations includes those served by the carrier's subsidiary, Austral Líneas Aéreas, as their operations are fully integrated into the Aerolíneas Argentinas' ones. Accurate as of 2019.

CITY Aeropuerto NOTES
Bahía Blanca Comandante Espora Airport
Buenos Aires Aeroparque Jorge Newbery Hub
Buenos Aires Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini Hub
Comodoro Rivadavia General Enrique Mosconi International Airport
Córdoba Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport Focus City
Corrientes Doctor Fernando Piragine Niveyro International Airport
Catamarca Coronel Felipe Varela International Airport
El Calafate Comandante Armando Tola International Airport
Esquel Esquel Airport
Formosa Formosa International Airport
Iguazú Cataratas del Iguazú International Airport
Jujuy Gobernador Horacio Guzmán International Airport
La Rioja Capitán Vicente Almandos Almonacid Airport
Malargüe Comodoro D. Ricardo Salomón Airport Estacional
Mar del Plata Ástor Piazzolla International Airport
Mendoza Gobernador Francisco Gabrielli Aeropuerto Internacional
Neuquén Presidente Perón International Airport
Paraná General Justo José de Urquiza Airport
Posadas Libertador General José de San Martín Airport
Resistencia Resistencia International AirportIRPORT
Río Gallegos Piloto Civil Norberto Fernández International Airport
Río Grande Hermes Quijada International Airport
Río Hondo Las Termas Airport
Rosario Islas Malvinas International Airport
Salta Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport
San Carlos de Bariloche San Carlos de Bariloche Airport
San Juan Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Airport
San Luis Brigadier Mayor César Raúl Ojeda Airport
San Martín de los Andes Aviador Carlos Campos Airport
San Miguel de Tucumán Teniente General Benjamín Matienzo International Airport
San Rafael San Rafael Airport
Santa Fe Sauce Viejo Airport
Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Airport
Santiago del Estero Vicecomodoro Ángel de la Paz Aragonés Airport
Trelew Almirante Marcos A. Zar Airport
Ushuaia Malvinas Argentinas International Airport
Viedma Gobernador Edgardo Castello Airport

Destinos Internacionales

País City Aeropuerto
Bolivia Santa Cruz de la Sierra Aeropuerto Internacional Viru Viru
Brasil Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves International Airport
Brasil Curitiba Afonso Pena International Airport
Brasil Puerto alegre Salgado Filho International Airport
Brasil Río de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport
Brasil El Salvador Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport
Brasil São Paulo São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport
Chile Santiago Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
Colombia Bogotá El Dorado International Airport
Dominican Republic Punta Cana Punta Cana International Airport
Italia Rome Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport
Méjico Cancún Cancún International Airport
Paraguay Asunción Aeropuerto Internacional Silvio Pettirossi
Peru Lima Jorge Chávez International Airport
Spain Madrid Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Estados Unidos Miami Miami International Airport
Estados Unidos New York City Aeropuerto Internacional John F. Kennedy
Estados Unidos Orlando* Orlando International Airport
Uruguay Montevideo Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco
Uruguay Punta del este Aeropuerto Internacional Capitán de Corbeta Carlos A. Curbelo
Venezuela Caracas Aeropuerto Internacional Simón Bolívar

*Flights to Orlando International Airport resume 9 diciembre 2019

Rutas Populares

Buenos Aires small plane icon Londres

Santiago de Chile small plane icon Buenos Aires

Montevideo small plane icon Buenos Aires

Aerolíneas Argentinas' Fleet

The airline's fleet consists of Airbus A330-200, Airbus A340-300, Boeing 737-700 and Boeing 737-800.

Airbus A330- 200 10 248 24 /
Airbus A340- 300 2 248 32 To be retired by end of 2019
Boeing 737-700 8 120 8 /
Boeing 737-800 31 162 8 /
Boeing 737 max 8 5 (+8 ordered) 162 8 /

*Club Condor/Condor Economy

Argentinas Frequent Flyer Program

Aerolíneas Argentinas operates a frequent flyer program called Aerolineas Plus to reward its regular travellers. During the flight booking process it is easy to select Aerolineas Plus as your chosen frequent flyer program, then simply add in your personal membership number to build your points. More information on collecting frequent flyer points can be found here.

Alianza de aerolíneas


The airline begin the process of joining SkyTeam in 2010, and became the first South American and the second Latin American carrier to join the alliance. SkyTeam Alliance is a leading global airline network, with 20 member airlines including AeroMexico, Air Europa, China Southern, Delta, Garuda Indonesia and others.

skyteam logo


Under a codeshare agreement, a ticket might be owned and issued by one airline, but the actual flight will be operated by another (codeshare partner) airline. Aerolíneas Argentinas has codeshare agreements with the following airlines:

Aeroflot Aeroméxico Air Europa Air France
Air New Zealand Alitalia Delta Air Lines EI AI
Ethiad Airways Gol Transportes Aéreos KLM Aire coreano

Aeropuerto Principal

Aeropuerto Jorge Newbery

Jorge Newbery Airport serves Buenos Aires, Argentina and is the hub airport for Aerolineas Argentinas. Other airlines which fly to and from Jorge Newbery Airport include Gol Transportes Aereos, LAN Airlines, Macair Jet, SOl Lineas Aereas and TAM Airlines.

Special Services

Special service requests might include mobility assistance, requesting an extra seat or requesting permission to fly with special service animals or medical equipment. Whatever your need, Alternative Airlines can help with your Aerolineas Argentinas flight booking. Requests for special services can be made at the time of booking, by completing the special request form - we then pass this information on to the airline. Or, you can contact our customer service team.

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