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Search and book any flight tickets from over 650 airlines with Alternative Airlines and pay in monthly installments with Affirm.

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Payment Plan For Flights

Alternative Airlines has partnered with Affirm to offer a simple way to pay for flight travel monthly with no hidden fees! Buy your airline tickets for your vacation now and pay at a later date in monthly installments with Alternative Airlines and an Affirm loan for eligible customers. You can book your flights for your next vacation and spread the flight ticket cost over time in U.S dollars.

Your payment options depend on the amount of your purchase and on eligibility. For smaller purchases, you'll be able to make 4 interest-free payments every two weeks with Affirm's Split Pay. For larger purchases you'll be have the option to make 3, 6, 12, or 18 monthly payments and these options may have interest.

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¿Qué es Affirm?

Affirm is a U.S based financing payment method that allows U.S customers to spread the cost of their purchase over time via monthly payments, by providing a loan value of up to $15,000 USD. Customers can apply for a loan at the point of checkout and choose a payment plan. For smaller ticket purchases, you’ll be able to make 4 interest-free payments every two weeks. For larger ticket value purchases, you’ll have the option to make 3, 6, 12, or 18 monthly payments and these options may have interest. Please note that customers must be over 18 and have a U.S mobile number to apply for an Affirm loan for airline tickets. It is not available to those based in West Virginia or Iowa.

When you book your airline tickets with Alternative Airlines, a loan can be taken out with Affirm at the point of checkout. By providing you with a travel loan, payments can be made back monthly to Affirm for your flight reservation instead of having to pay the entire price of the airline tickets upfront. This can be paid off before, during and after you travel. Simply speaking, it gives you the option to buy your airfares now and pay over time. Once applied online at point of checkout, Affirm will then carry out a credit check and a real-time decision is then made in a few minutes.

Search for flights from over 650 airlines to anywhere in the world through Alternative Airlines, apply for Affirm at the checkout and pay back the airline tickets over time with monthly payments. An easy way to pay for your honeymoon vacation, for someone else, vacation package or business trip and pay over time. It's easy to do and your credit score won't be affected when checking your eligibility.

Para calificar Affirm, usted debe:

Ser residente
de los Estados Unidos
Bandera redonda de Estados Unidos
Ser mayor de 18
(19 en Alabama)
vuela ahora paga después
Tener un móvil de EE. UU.
o número de VoIP
vuela ahora paga después
Proporcionar detalles
para verificar
Logotipo de verificación

Realice pagos mensuales fáciles hasta 18 meses

Tasas desde 0-30% APR

How to pay for flights using Affirm

Siga nuestra guía paso a paso sobre cómo pagar con el tiempo los boletos de avión con el plan de pago de Affirm. Es simple y rápido de hacer.


Ingrese los destinos, las fechas y el número de personas que vuelan en la barra de busquéda de Alternative Airlines. Haga clic en el formulario de búsqueda y haga clic en 'buscar vuelos'.

Alternative Airlines  Formulario de búsqueda


Asegúrate de haber seleccionado Dólar estadounidense como su moneda elegida. También puede cambiar esto en los resultados de búsqueda yendo a "Moneda" en el lado izquierdo y eligiendo en el menú desplegable. Seleccione los vuelos en los que desea volar y haga clic en "confirmar selección".

Alternative Airlines  resultados de búsqueda de vuelos


After you've entered your passenger details, scroll down to the see all payment methods available with Alternative Airlines. Select Affirm to begin the financing process and scroll down and click Continue to Payment. Check if you prequalify and how much you will pay back per month by clicking on the blue "i" icon displayed on the Affirm button.

Alternative Airlines  Pagina de pago con Affirm seleccionado


Haga clic en 'pago seguro' para continuar con el pago de sus vuelos con Affirm.

Pagar con afirmar


Ahora se le pedirá que responda algunos datos personales para que Affirm pueda verificar sus datos y ver si es elegible para establecer un plan de pago mensual para vuelos. Siga las sencillas instrucciones e ingrese su número de teléfono móvil, haga clic en 'Continuar' y obtenga una decisión de préstamo en tiempo real.

Affirm details

¡Si tiene éxito, podrá seleccionar el plan de pago adecuado para usted y comprar sus vuelos en cuotas mensuales fijas con Affirm! Entonces estará listo para sus próximas vacaciones o viaje de negocios. Solo recuerde pagar su pago de Afirmación a tiempo.

Alternative Airlines Pagar vuelos a cuotas mensuales con Affirm 

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Financiar Vuelos con Affirm

When booking through Alternative Airlines, qualified US customers can pay with Affirm for their vacation flights online and make monthly payments or pay back every 2 weeks for smaller flight purchases. For airline tickets valued up to $500 USD, qualified customers can choose a payment plan to pay them back over 3 or 6 months interest free (0% APR). Or if they are priced $500 USD+, qualified customers choose a monthly payment plan over 3, 6, 12 and 18 months. Please note an initial down payment may be required and payment options depend on purchase amount. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: Simply choose the plan best suited to you and make the payments back to Affirm each month. It's a convenient way to pay for your vacation.

Como ejemplo, puede pagar $ 43.96/ mo en base al precio de compra de un vuelo de $ 500.00 al 10% APR por 12 meses. Un pago inicial puede ser requerido.

Affirm can be used to finance flights both before and after your trip and has no hidden fees! So you can book those last-minute College Football flights or vacation airline tickets for instance and pay later. Read all the reasons why to buy flights with Affirm.

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How to buy airline tickets with Affirm

Buying airline tickets using an Affirm loan is easy through the online travel website Alternative Airlines. First you have to make a flight search and you will then see a range of different airline results and prices shown. A preview of what you would need to pay back to Affirm each month will be shown, known as a prequalification. Once you have selected your flights, choose to pay with Affirm at the checkout page and an Affirm dedicated window displaying the payment plan will the appear. Here you will have to enter a small number of details to create an account so that Affirm can identify you and make a 'soft check' of your credit record. After entering the relevant details, you will be instantly told whether your travel loan has been approved. Then that's everything! Now your airline tickets are purchased on a monthly payment plan. These can be a wide range of tickets with Allegiant Air, American Airlines and many more. All you have to do is remember to pay off your airline tickets each month. It's a great way to pay if you are buying flights for someone else, as a gift or to fund your vacation.

Tenga en cuenta que Affirm se puede usar en cualquier lugar de los EE. UU. Si tiene un número de teléfono móvil y una dirección de residencia de EE. UU., Excepto en Virginia Occidental e Iowa.

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Why buy flights using Affirm and Alternative Airlines?

One of the reason to buy flights with Affirm, through Alternative Airlines, is that it allows you to pay the price of your airline ticket off over time. It's a convenient and flexible way to purchase your airline tickets for any trip, whether with family or a solo vacation, but don't have the money to pay for the full price at the time you make the reservation. The spare cash available allows you to upgrade your flight to a more luxurious cabin class, from Economy to First and pay back in monthly payments. Extras can also be added to the booking such as pre-selected seats and additional baggage and spread the cost over time there too. A special treat to yourself on your vacation! Read all the reasons why to buy flights with Affirm through Alternative Airlines.

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Después de comprar boletos de avión con Affirm

After you have finalized the process to finance your flights with Affirm, you will need to pay off your flight reservation price on the monthly payment plan that you agreed to. Affirm will send payment reminders by SMS texts to the mobile number that was registered to create your account. Make sure your phone number and email are up to date in your Affirm account so that you don't miss any travel payment plan reminders. Download the Affirm App as well to keep up to date with your payments.

Your Affirm flight payments can be made online by debit card or ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer on the Affirm website where you can also choose to set up an auto-payment. This can be before, during and after your vacation or travel.

Si desea pagar con cheque, debe hacer que su cheque sea pagadero a 'Affirm, Inc' y enviarlo a la dirección de Affirm en San Francisco:

Affirm, Inc.
Apartado postal 720
San Francisco, CA 94104

Los pagos a Affirm con cheque deben tener el número de teléfono móvil asociado con su cuenta de Affirm y la identificación del préstamo escrita en cada cheque.

Important Affirm Notices:

Customers applying for an Affirm loan for flight tickets must be a resident of the United States of America with a valid U.S or APO/FPO/DPO home address, be aged over 18 (19 in Alabama or if you're a ward of the state of Nebraska) and able to provide a US mobile phone number or VoIP number.

La financiación de afirmación no está disponible actualmente para los residentes de Iowa o West Virginia.

UK customers can use PayPal Credit with available flight discount coupons or Klarna to pay flight tickets later. Take a look at all of our other payment types you can use if you decide a flight payment plan isn't for you.

Buying Flights with Affirm FAQs

¿Es seguro usar Affirm?

Yes. Using Affirm as a financing option is totally safe and a great way to pay for flights in monthly instalments as Affirm complies to industry standards to protect your data, transfers personal information with a cryptographic protocol and stores it with AES 128-bit or higher protection. So you can apply for a travel loan with peace of mind that your data is protected and securely stored. Read how safe Alternative Airlines is if you are unsure about setting up an Affirm payment plan with the online store.

¿Cómo funciona la financiación de Affirm?

Affirm financing works by applying for a loan for your online purchases at the point of transaction. It is similar to using a credit card where you are able to pay back your purchase in monthly installments except, instead, it is a virtual one and it's pretty quick and instant to process. The loan can be applied up to the amount of $15,000 USD and what you don't use will be kept in a safe and secure Affirm virtual card. To begin the financing process, you must first submit an application through the dedicated Affirm window when you select Affirm at the checkout section of your order. You have to submit a U.S cell number and a soft credit check will be carried out to see if you are eligible for a loan. Make sure you qualify for an Affirm financing plan before you apply.

¿Affirm verificará mi puntaje crediticio?

Sí. Cuando cree una cuenta en Affirm, evaluarán su puntaje de crédito con una verificación de crédito "suave". Esto requerirá algunos detalles personales y se realiza para verificar su elegibilidad para financiar vuelos. La verificación de crédito "suave" no afectará su puntaje de crédito. Este proceso se produce cuando ha elegido los vuelos que desea viajar y ha seleccionado Affirm en el proceso de pago.

¿Hay un límite de crédito con Affirm?

Affirm is not a revolving line of credit and each Affirm loan application is reviewed individually as a closed-end transaction. Find out more information on Affirm credit limits. Note, if you have not repaid a previous loan with Affirm and apply for another loan, you may be denied.

¿Cómo se almacena mi información personal?

Affirm considera que almacenar su información personal de manera segura es una prioridad. Affirm mantiene protecciones físicas electrónicas y de procedimiento para proteger la información personal y también cifra los datos confidenciales. Lea la información completa en Política de privacidad de Affirm.

¿Qué es una tarjeta virtual de Affirm?

An Affirm virtual card is a digital card that displays the loan that is provided to you when it has been approved by Affirm or through the Affirm app. The virtual card is a 16-digit number that you input at the checkout and the card can only be used once. You can find out more about Affirm virtual cards and how to use them.

¿Cómo se aprueba para un préstamo de Affirm?

A loan through Affirm can be applied through either the Affirm website or App. When you are ready to pay for your flight ticket purchase, select Affirm at the checkout page and you will be led through to the approval process. A dedicated Affirm window will appear to follow instructions. Input a U.S mobile number and various loan offers will be then shown in the prequalification and will be dependent on the price of your purchase. You have to select the one you want and link with your bank account for payments. Affirm will then perform a soft credit check. If successful, the process is completed in a few minutes. You will then receive monthly payment reminders by SMS or email.

¿Qué es un pago Afirmar?

An Affirm payment involves paying a fixed amount owed for a transaction you have chosen to finance. This is a payment plan that has been agreed between the customer and Affirm and is an alternative payment method to using a credit card. With Affirm's prequalification tool, you can see how much you owe each month before agreeing to take a loan out. Affirm's instant financing option is a simple way to pay and you will be reminded by SMS and email when your Affirm payment is due.

Can I use Affirm to pay for flights?

Yes. Affirm financing can be used through Alternative Airlines to pay for flights back in monthly or in bi-weekly installments, from 650 different airlines. Any international or US domestic flight found through the Alternative Airlines' website can be paid with an Affirm loan. So choose flights for a vacation or for a quick trip from a variety of airlines, such as United, Aerolíneas Argentinas and Delta. This gives you the option to finance American Airlines plane tickets, a multi-city flights or even on different flights around Southeast Asia and more.

Tenga en cuenta que los boletos de avión que se compran con Affirm deben ser realizados por un residente de EE. UU. Con un número de celular de EE. UU. Y no se aplican a los estados de Iowa y Virginia.

What are flight monthly payments with Affirm?

If you want to buy flights using Affirm travel for your next vacation, you will only need to pay back the agreed amount due. Your payment options depend on the amount of your purchase and on your eligibility. For smaller purchases, you’ll be able to make 4 interest-free payments every two weeks. For larger purchases, you’ll have the option to make 3, 6, 12, or 18 monthly payments -- and these options may have interest. Please be advised that a down payment may be required.

¿Cuándo se requiere un pago inicial de Affirm?

Affirm will sometimes require a down payment of a fixed amount when to first begin the loan process for your flight ticket reservation. Once the down payment has been paid, Affirm will loan you the money for the remainder of the flight reservation. Your payment options depend on the amount of your purchase and on your eligibility. Smaller purchases can be made in 4 interest-free payments every two weeks with Split Pay. For larger purchases, the option to make 3, 6, 12, or 18 monthly payments are available and these options may have interest. Note that the loan is to be paid off directly to Affirm and not to Alternative Airlines.

¿Qué opciones de pago están disponibles para pagar mi plan de pago Afirmar?

Affirm payments can be made with a Debit card or ACH transfer via the Affirm website. There you can make individual payments or set up to pay off your flight payment plan with automatic payments. You can also pay for your Affirm installments by check. To do so, you must make your checks payable to 'Affirm, Inc' and send them to the following address for each month of your payment plan:

Affirm, Inc.
Apartado postal 720
San Francisco, CA 94104

Asegúrese de escribir el número de teléfono móvil asociado con su cuenta de Affirm y la identificación de su préstamo en cada cheque.

Mira todos nuestros plan de pago de vuelo flexible opciones y las diferentes formas en que puede comprar vuelos en finanzas con Alternative Airlines .

What will my payment options look like?

Your payment options depend on the amount of your purchase and on your eligibility. For smaller purchases, you’ll be able to make 4 interest-free payments every two weeks. For larger purchases, you’ll have the option to make 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments—and these options may have interest.

¿Dónde puedo hacer pagos de Affirm?

There are different ways you can repay your Affirm payments. You can visit the Affirm website and enter the details you used to create your Affirm account, which can also be done through the Affirm App to pay back your monthly bill too. Checks must be made payable to 'Affirm, Inc' and sent to the following address:

Affirm, Inc.
Apartado postal 720
San Francisco, CA 94104

Si ha financiado sus vuelos con Affirm a través de Alternative Airlines , deberá realizar sus pagos de Affirm a Affirm directamente y no a Alternative Airlines .

¿Cómo hago mis pagos de Affirm?

Follow these easy steps to repay your Affirm payments on time:

  • 1. Inicia sesión en tu   Afirmar cuenta
  • 2. Ingrese su número de celular donde se le solicite. Recibirá un número PIN de seguridad único para su teléfono móvil.
  • 3. Use este número PIN donde se le indique y luego continúe haciendo clic en "Iniciar sesión".
  • 4. Una vez que haya iniciado sesión, sus pagos de Afirmación se mostrarán por mes. Aquí puede realizar el pago que desea reembolsar.
  • 5. Affirm payments can be paid with either ACH transfer or with a Debit card through the Affirm website. Checks made payable to 'Affirm, Inc' can also be paid towards your Affirm payments. You can also set up automatic payments with Affirm's AutoPay to ensure you don't miss a payment.

Cuando se ha aceptado su préstamo Afirmar para sus vuelos en el punto de transacción con Alternative Airlines , Affirm le enviará un recordatorio de pago por SMS o correo electrónico, antes de que se venza cada uno de sus pagos. Se recomienda que su cuenta de Affirm se actualice con su información de contacto, como su correo electrónico y número de teléfono para no perder un pago. Inicie sesión en la aplicación Affirm también para realizar pagos fácilmente.

¿Qué significa precalificación con Affirm?

La precalificación con Affirm significa que Affirm considera que usted es un candidato adecuado para solicitar un préstamo en función de la información que ha proporcionado. También es una forma de averiguar cómo puede gastar con sensatez en la tienda en línea en la que está navegando. Cuando compra un viaje afirmativo a través de Alternative Airlines En el sitio web, verá la cantidad que deberá pagar cada mes por cada resultado de vuelo. Entérate más si precalificar con viaje afirmativo.

How do I prequalify for an Affirm loan to travel?

Affirm will analyse how much you can borrow to pay off your flight ticket purchase, which is also known as credit check. You will be given an estimated amount that you will have to pay back per month for your flights. The process does not take long and does not affect your credit score. If are buying flights with Alternative Airlines through the Affirm app, the prequalify process will go through a virtual card. There are a few ways to find out if you prequalify to take out a loan for travel with Affirm: you can either select the 'See if you qualify' button through the app or through the online process. Another way is by clicking on the blue "i" icon at the Alternative Airlines' online checkout.

Where can I buy flights with Affirm?

Qualified customers can book a range or a combination of flights at Alternative Airlines and safely pay off the ticket price in monthly installments with an Affirm loan. Alternative Airlines is one of the world's only online travel agency that offers Affirm as a payment method to pay for airline tickets, including Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines. An Affirm loan can be applied anywhere in the U.S if you have a U.S address and U.S cell number except in West Virginia and Iowa.

¿Puedo solicitar un préstamo de Affirm para vuelos?

Yes, once you have chosen the flights displayed on the Alternative Airlines travel site, you can apply for an Affirm loan for the airline tickets at the checkout to pay off in installments on credit. This is also known as Affirm travel, where you can use Affirm's financing service. During the loan application, a quick soft credit check will be carried out. Once you have successfully been granted a loan for your flights, you can begin to pay later over time. A loan can be applied for airlines including Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines or even on a range of commuter flights for business trips.

Si desea solicitar el uso de Affirm para viajes en avión, debe tener más de 18, ser residente de EE. UU., Tener un número de EE. UU. Y proporcionar detalles para la verificación. Además, con esas especificaciones, puede utilizar Affirm travel para vuelos incluso en el Reino Unido o en cualquier otro lugar. Tenga en cuenta que Affirm no es aplicable a los residentes en West Virginia e Iowa.

¿Dónde puedo encontrar un plan de pago Afirmar para vuelos?

You can set up an Affirm payment plan for flights with Alternative Airlines. Applying for an Affirm loan does not take long and you are able to begin a flight payment plan at the point of purchase. Simply use the search bar at the top of the page to find different results with 650 airlines and select Affirm to take out a loan to start a payment plan on flights. This can apply to all Norwegian flights and its subsidiaries, Philippine Airlines, Sun Country Airlines as well as many more airlines around the world. Make Affirm payments on a range of airline tickets on both domestic and international airlines. Read full information on all flight payment plans available with Alternative Airlines.

¿Puedo comprar vuelos sin intereses?

You can book flights with the online travel agency Alternative Airlines and choose Affirm at the checkout to pay over time interest free. With either Split Pay (pay in 4 months for airfares up to $350.00) or 0% over 3 or 6 months up to $500.00 for qualified customers on airlines such as Frontier Airlines, American Airlines and many more. Please note an initial down payment may be required. This is a great way to pay off the flight travel part of your vacation which we understand can be a stressful experience. Maybe you could use Affirm for your flights to the NBA Basketball games?

¿En cuántos meses puedo dividir el costo de mi reserva de vuelo de Affirm?

Payment options depend on the amount of the purchase and on your eligibility. For larger purchases, you’ll have the option to make 3, 6, 12, or 18 monthly payments—and these options may have interest. For smaller purchases, you’ll be able to make 4 interest-free payments every two weeks. You have to make a payment for each month of the plan that you choose. If you want to just pay for your airline tickets in two payments but at the same time, you can use Split My Payment through the travel website Alternative Airlines.

Como ejemplo, usted puede pagar $ 43.96/ mo en basasado en un precio de compra de $ 500.00 al 10% APR por 12 meses. Se puede requerir un pago inicial.

¿Los vuelos de Affirm son más baratos?

Paying for flights with an Affirm loan provides more flexibility for your vacations or trips, whether it's for a honeymoon, leisure or business. Select an 0% APR finance plan with Alternative Airlines and pay back over 6 months for flight ticket prices of up to $500.00. An initial down payment may be required. Flight purchases up to £350 can be paid in 4 installments over 6 weeks.

The Affirm payment plan allows you to pay off the cost of your airline ticket in bi-weekly or monthly installments, depending on the total price of the ticket(s). This means you don't have to pay for your flights in one lump sum but can spread the cost over time. You can read about the cheapest day to buy flights if you are looking to keep the costs of air travel low too.

¿Hay tarifas ocultas para un préstamo de Afirmación?

There are no hidden fees when applying for a loan for travel or any other purchase. You are told what is included, as well as the APR and the amount of the monthly payments, before you finalise using an Affirm plan.

Is an Affirm loan for travel different to other types of Affirm loans?

Affirm travel is the unofficial name for when you choose to pay for flights or vacations using Affirm and it's not different to any other type of loan provided by Affirm. Flights can be often high-value purchase and having extra time to pay for them on a payment plan will provide more flexibility in payments. Affirm can be used for different types of vacations, such as to the Grand Prix races around the world or Mardi Gras festivals.

¿Puedo solicitar un préstamo de viaje?

Applying for travel loans to pay off a vacation or business trip are available through Alternative Airlines when selecting Affirm. We have partnered with Affirm to allow you to take out a loan to pay for flights over time, which is an easier, flexible method in seeing the world. When selecting Affirm at the checkout, you can apply for a loan in a separate window and begin paying your flight ticket purchase over time. A soft credit check is carried out and the process does not take long. There are a range of airlines you can travel on with an Affirm loan. Customers applying for an Affirm travel loan must be 18+, a U.S resident and hold a U.S number (does not apply to Iowa or Virginia states). Canadian customers can apply for a PayBright loan to pay for their air travel.

How long does it take to apply for an Affirm loan to travel?

If you are planning to use Affirm to pay off your next vacation, it doesn't take long to apply for a travel loan. Once you have selected the flights you want with Alternative Airlines, you can select Affirm at the point of transaction when you arrive at the checkout page. All you need to do is enter a few personal details and Affirm will determine whether you're eligible for a payment plan for flights in a matter of seconds. If you are thinking of buying flights for 4 julio or need to pay flights to Burning Man over time, for example, you can purchase your flight tickets now, apply for an Affirm loan and pay off in monthly instalments in time for your departure.

¿Cuál es la cantidad máxima que puedo obtener para mi préstamo de viaje de Affirm?

Affirm provides loans of up to a maximum value of $15,000 USD on all flight travel booked with Alternative Airlines. No matter which route or airline you're flying on, Affirm travel loans are available with all flights. Use the loan for your vacation to Mexico on airlines such as Volaris, Aeromexico, interjet and many more.

Debe ser mayor de 18, residente de los EE. UU. Y tener un número de celular de EE. UU. Para solicitar un préstamo de Afirmación. Tenga en cuenta que los residentes en Iowa y West Virginia no pueden solicitar un préstamo Afirmar para vuelos.

¿Cuándo me facturan por primera vez mi préstamo de viaje con Affirm?

A menos que deba realizar un pago inicial, su primer pago de la factura de su préstamo de viaje Affirm comenzará un mes calendario después de que se haya procesado su préstamo. Affirm le enviará recordatorios para realizar sus pagos a través de mensajes SMS. Después de eso, los pagos se facturan cada mes por la duración del plan que ha solicitado. Los pagos mensuales también se pueden verificar a través de la aplicación Affirm.

¿Puedo pagar mi préstamo de viaje Affirm antes de tiempo?

Early payments for your travel loan with Affirm can be made. If you pay off the entire value of your airline tickets before the end of the monthly plan, you'll only be charged interest on the amount of time that the travel loan was active. Information on accidental or overpayments for airline ticket with Affirm payments is also available.

Can I pay for my flight tickets back after I have traveled using Affirm?

Yes. Depending on when you travel, you can pay for part of or all of your Alternative Airlines' flight ticket reservation after you travel! Affirm gives you the option of different flight payment plans — smaller purchases of $50 - $350, you’ll be able to make 4 interest-free payments every two weeks. For larger value airline tickets of $350+ you’ll have the option to make 3, 6, 12, or 18 monthly payments—and these options may have interest. Your payment options depend on the amount of your purchase and on your eligibility.

A menos que se requiera un pago inicial, su primer pago vence un mes calendario después de la fecha de procesamiento de su préstamo. Por lo tanto, si elige pagar más de 6 meses y su fecha de viaje es solo un mes después de hacer su reserva de vuelo, ¡pagará la mayor parte de su reserva de vuelo después de viajar!

¿Qué aerolíneas ofrecen planes de pago para boletos aéreos?

El sitio web de viajes Alternative Airlines le permite comprar cualquier boleto de avión de más de 650 aerolíneas con un plan de pago de Affirm (préstamo de viaje de Affirm), siempre que sea residente de los EE. UU. Esto puede estar en Espíritu Alaska Airlines Air Canada Y carga mucho más. Todo lo que tiene que hacer es buscar vuelos utilizando la barra de búsqueda en la parte superior de la página, seleccionar los vuelos que desea comprar y elegir Afirmar como método de pago. Puede pagar su viaje con Affirm, independientemente de si está volando a nivel nacional o internacionalmente de los EE. UU.

También hay otras opciones que se ofrecen para comprar. vuelos en finanzas . Si no está seguro de usar la tienda en línea Alternative Airlines , puedes leer todo sobre esto legitimidad .

Can I pay for flights outside of the U.S and pay at a later date?

Yes, flights can be paid with Alternative Airlines to travel either inside and outside of the U.S and pay off at a later date by using an Affirm travel loan as a payment method. Affirm travel payment options are available with domestic flights within the U.S, international flights flying from the US and all other flights outside of the country. Example airline tickets that you can buy and pay at a later date with Affirm include Qantas Airways, Frontier Airlines and many more.

¿Qué es Affirm travel?

Affirm travel is a loan that can be applied through the U.S based financing company to credit travel-related needs such as flights. When booking flights with Alternative Airlines, you can apply for a loan for a combination of airline tickets, for example with Volaris, Caribbean Airlines, Southwest Airlines and many more. What's more, different destinations and cities can be found using the Alternative Airlines Multi-City flight option for your next vacation and pay with an Affirm travel loan.

¿Cómo funciona Affirm Travel?

Affirm travel works as loan provision to credit your travel-related needs when booking with Alternative Airlines, up to the value of $15,000. For example, if you want to use Affirm to pay for your flight travel, you'd simply complete a search on the Alternative Airlines website, choose the flights that you'd like to pay over time and select Affirm as a payment method at the checkout page. If you are thinking of reserving Spring Break flights, flying to the next NFL Games or your next vacation, you can search with Alternative Airlines and choose to pay with Affirm in monthly instalments.

What websites accept Affirm?

Alternative Airlines is a travel website that accepts Affirm payment plans to pay for flights. A loan for airline tickets with over 650 airlines can be granted by Affirm when searching via This can help with paying for any vacation or business trips over time.

¿Puedo pagar mis vacaciones con Affirm?

Yes definitely! You are able to pay for flights for your vacation with Affirm and Alternative Airlines. This is also known as Affirm travel and through Alternative Airlines, you can pay off your flights over time. You can pay back the Affirm payments before, during and after travel. Fly to places like Salvador da Bahia or Mexico and pay the airline tickets back over time! Or perhaps seek real life Disney locations?

Si está considerando tomarse unas largas vacaciones o viajar solo por un tiempo, pero le gustaría repartir el costo de su viaje aéreo, puede pagar con Affirm y devolver los pagos durante 3 - 18 meses. Es una forma asequible de pagar esos largos y costosos vuelos. Lee nuestro blog de viajes en solitario para inspirarte sobre dónde puedes usar Affirm para viajar.

¿Qué tiendas en línea utilizan Affirm?

Alternative Airlines is an online travel store and website that uses Affirm to pay for flights over time. You can set up a new Affirm account or pay for your flights using your existing Affirm loan in installments. By using the travel website, you can find flights from over 650 airlines, and apply for an Affirm travel loan at the checkout page to make the ticket purchase.

¿Affirm está disponible en el Reino Unido?

Afirmar no está disponible para clientes en el Reino Unido. Debe tener un número de teléfono móvil de EE. UU., Una dirección de EE. UU. (Sin incluir Iowa y West Virginia) y pagar en dólares estadounidenses para utilizar Affirm en el Reino Unido. Sin embargo, si está buscando alternativas a Afirmar, también puede usar Klarna para pagar vuelos más tarde o pagar con Crédito de PayPal para repartir el costo de los vuelos, con Alternative Airlines . Vea nuestras 10 razones principales por las que los blogs deben usar Klarna para viajar o comprar vuelos con PayPal Para descubrir mas.

Can I use Affirm outside of the U.S?

Registered U.S residents with a U.S mobile can apply for an Affirm loan (except Iowa and West Virginia residents). International flights with Affirm can also be bought, as well as transatlantic flights. You can read on the cheapest countries in Africa blog if you want to use an Affirm loan on other countries around the world. If you are a Canadian resident, you can use PayBright to spread the cost of air travel with Alternative Airlines.

¿Puedo usar Affirm en Canadá?

Affirm cannot be currently used in Canada but you can spread the cost of your flights with Sezzle or PayBright at the checkout. This can be used to pay for airline tickets including WestJet, Air Canada, Flair Airlines and many more. An Affirm loan can only be applied for with a U.S mobile and resident address (except West Virginia and Iowa states).

Is Affirm available to use in West Virginia?

Applying for an Affirm loan for flight travel or for anything else is only available if you live in the U.S in any state outside of Iowa and West Virginia. PayPal Credit is still available through Alternative Airlines to pay for flights in monthly instalments.

¿Qué más puedo comprar con Affirm?

If you are looking to fly internationally from the U.S for your vacation, you can also use the Affirm loan to pay for your Schengen visa, seat selection, add extra baggage or cancellation protection to your reservation through Alternative Airlines. Affirm is also available with many other merchants. Financing flights with Affirm is also beneficial if you have further airline taxes or baggage fees to pay.

¿Cómo puedo contactar con el servicio al cliente de Affirm?

Information for questions regarding an Affirm travel loan such as credit score approval or updating your mobile number on your Affirm account is available on the help section of Affirm website.

What are the terms and conditions of using promo codes with Affirm?

Promo code offer can only be applied to up to 5 passengers in one booking, with a maximum of $10 being discounted per person. For example: 1 passenger booking will save $10 off their purchase. More than 5 passengers can be booked in the same reservation, however the promo code can only be redeemed to up to 5 people. One voucher use per customer email address. Promo code offers can only be redeemed in USD only. Applicants must be over the age of 18. Promo code discounts are non-refundable, and are only valid up until the stated expiry date.

Affirm & Alternative Airlines Travel News

2 noviembre 2020

Alternative Airlines adds Affirm's Split Pay - Pay in 4

Alternative Airlines now accepts Split Pay! The latest product to come out by Affirm to pay for flight purchases in 4 interest free payments, up to the value of $350.00.

14 febrero 2018

Estudio de caso afirmativo sobre Alternative Airlines 'opción de pago alternativa

Afirmó trabajó con Alternative Airlines al comienzo de 2019 en una   caso de estudio para discutir el impacto positivo de la integración con el viaje de Affirm después de 3 meses. El uso de Affirm como un plan de pago para vuelos ha visto un aumento en Alternative Airlines 'ventana de reserva y aumento del 12 por ciento en reservas generales a través de la aplicación Affirm.

23 octubre 2018

Alternative Airlines announce Affirm as a payment method for air travel

Alternative Airlines is very excited to announce that it accepts Affirm as an alternative method of paying for flights. Through Alternative Airlines, Affirm offers loans for travel, so that customers can buy their flights now and pay at a later date in monthly installments. All customers need to do is use the search bar at the top of the page to search for flights, select the flights that they want and choose Affirm as a payment method.

The Affirm Travel allows customers to pay for their airline tickets with a monthly payment plan that can be spread over 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 18 months.

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Subject to credit check and approval. Down payment may be required. Only qualified customers will receive 0% APR for 6 months. Rates from 0-30% APR. For purchases under $100, limited payment options are available. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners: