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Afterpay Flights

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Buy your flights now and pay over time when you book with Alternative Airlines and choose Afterpay at checkout. Over 600 airlines to choose from and an easy way to pay back the airfare later.

Afterpay allows you to secure and purchase your flights now, whether domestic or international and pay back the cost in four fortnightly interest-free payments. All you need to do is select the flight that you want to buy on the Alternative Airlines site and choose Afterpay at checkout. Afterpay will make an approval decision for you in seconds and, if successful, you'll be able to purchase your flights now and pay them back over time.

How to Buy Flights with Afterpay

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To use Afterpay, you must be a US resident, paying in US dollars (USD).

*If you're an Australian resident, Afterpay is not available. However, you can use Klarna to buy now and pay later instead — it does the same job!

Make sure that the currency you're searching in is set to USD by using our currency changer on the top right side of the screen.

  • 1

    Find the flights that you want to buy on Alternative Airlines' website.

  • 2

    Enter your passenger details and select Afterpay as your payment method at checkout.

  • 3

    Fill out a few personal details so that Afterpay can verify your identity. Afterpay will then make an instant decision on whether you're eligible for a loan.

  • 4

    If you're approved, the price of your flight will be split into four equal payments. You'll need to make your 1st payment right away and the remaining three will be paid once every fortnight. Once you've made your 1st payment, your flight will be confirmed and you can look forward to the trip ahead!

Afterpay & Flights

Afterpay is a popular buy now pay later payment method that allows you to make online purchases and split the cost into four equal payments that are paid back over time. The 1st payment must be paid at the time of booking but the following three are paid once every fortnight. The great thing about Afterpay is that, unlike many pay later solutions, the payment is completely interest fee. This means that you'll pay exactly the price that's displayed to you at checkout.

Afterpay is a great way to pay for flights as it can break up the cost of a large purchase, make it much more affordable, and help you budget for the rest of the trip.

Afterpay was founded in Australia but is massively popular in the US. If you're a US resident, you can use Afterpay to buy flights on any of the 600+ airlines at Alternative Airlines.

Why buy flights with Afterpay?

Buying flights with AfterPay is a fantastic way to make a large purchase more affordable. Although not all flights are expensive, if you find yourself umm-ing and ah-ing over whether you should buy your flight because you can't afford to pay off the total cost of it now, Afterpay might be the perfect answer to your problem.

By settling the payment with Alternative Airlines and giving you a travel loan, Afterpay allows you to pay off your flights over time. For example — let's pretend that want to buy flights that cost $1000 USD/AUD but don't have enough money to pay it right now. When you choose Afterpay, they'll cover the $1000 and give it straight to Alternative Airlines, which allows us to secure your flight and send you your e-ticket right away.

Afterpay will then require you to pay back the cost of your flights in monthly payments, with the amount for each month depending on the length of loan that you choose. If you've chosen a 3-month loan, you'll have to pay back $333.33/month or, if you've chosen a 6-month loan, you'll have to pay back $166.66/month and so on. This makes your flight purchase much more affordable and easier to fit around your monthly budget.

How does Afterpay work?

Afterpay is simple. By choosing Afterpay, you secure your airline tickets now and lock in today's prices without having to pay the total cost upfront.

The cost of your flights is paid in 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks.

The 1st payment is taken at the time that you confirm your flights. The following 3 payments are taken once every 2 weeks.

Let's break that down to make it even easier to understand. Imagine you've purchased flights for $800 USD:

  • You secure and purchase your flights at Alternative Airlines and have agreed to pay over time in 4 equal payments with Afterpay. The 1st payment ($200 USD) is taken at purchase &mdash $600 USD remaining
  • 2 weeks after you've secured your flight and made the 1st payment, the 2nd payment is automatically processed ($200 USD) —$400 USD remaining
  • 4 weeks after making the 1st payment, the 3rd payment is automatically processed ($200 USD) — $200 USD remaining
  • 6 weeks after making the 1st payment, the 4th and final payment is automatically processed ($200 USD — nothing remaining. Your flights have been fully paid off

*please note, if you don't want payments to be taken automatically, you can change this within the Afterpay app and set up manual payments

What happens after I buy flights with Afterpay?

After you buy flights with Afterpay and Alternative Airlines, the process is really simple.

There's a couple of ways that you can choose to pay back your flight loan with Afterpay. The most straightforward way is to set up an automatic payment on your Afterpay account by storing a card. To do this, just go to the Afterpay app or website, head to My Account, and Add a New Payment Method under the Billings section. You can use most cards as a payment method, as long as it's not from a bank that is located internationally.

Once you've added your card, Afterpay will automatically debit you each month for the payment for your flights. They'll send you a reminder via SMS or email to let you know that the payment is coming so that you can make sure you have enough money for the payment. But, other than that, you won't have to do anything and Afterpay will handle the rest.

If you don't want to set up automatic payments, you can pay off each payment manually either when your payment is due or any time before. To do this, visit the app or website, locate your Afterpay flight loan and select Pay Now. This allows you to enter the card details that you want to use for this specific payment and make the payment as a one-off. So that you don't forget when your payment is due, Afterpay will always send you a reminder leading up to your payment via SMS or email.

The great thing about using Afterpay for flights is that you can travel before you've even paid off the total cost of your flights. For example — if you've booked a flight for 3 months times but have selected to pay with a 6-month loan, you'll still be able to travel on that flight without having paid the remaining 3 months on your loan!

Afterpay Flights FAQs

Where can I buy flight tickets with Afterpay?

Alternative Airlines accepts Afterpay to pay back any flight from over 600 airlines later. The search and booking process is all done on our site.

How can I use Afterpay to pay for flights?

You can use Afterpay to pay for airfares by searching on the Alternative Airlines website and selecting Afterpay at checkout. Afterpay will make a decision on whether you're eligible for a loan in real-time and, if approved, you'll be able to confirm your flights and make your payment right away.

How is the cost of my flights split?

The costs of your flights are split into four equal payments, which are paid back over time. The 1st payment must be made at the time of booking and the other three are made on a fortnightly basis.

Will interest be charged on my Afterpay payments?

No. There's no interest charged when you buy flights with Afterpay. However, you're charged a fee of 1.5% for using Afterpay at the time of booking.

Is there a chance I won't be approved?

Yes, if Afterpay can't verify your details or you're not eligible to use Afterpay due to your credit file, your payment will not be approved.

Can I set my payments up to be automatic?

Yes, to make things easy, you can set up your fortnightly payments to Afterpay to be automatic so that you never miss a payment. If you opt-in for automatic payment, Afterpay will use the card that you use for your 1st payment for the following fortnightly payments.

Which countries can I use Afterpay from?

To buy airline tickets at Alternative Airlines with Afterpay, you must be a resident of the US and pay in USD. However, we're looking to expand this to more countries soon!

Which travel websites accept Afterpay?

Alternative Airlines is a travel site that accepts Afterpay to pay back flights, from hundreds of airlines, at checkout. Available to do through the Afterpay App or on your desktop device.

Is Afterpay available in Australia?

At the moment, to use Afterpay for flights at Alternative Airlines you must be a US resident. We're looking to offer Afterpay as a way to buy flights in Australia soon though! If you're from Australia and you'd like to pay in 4 with your airfare, you can use Klarna. Klarna is a buy now pay later payment option that does the exact same thing as Afterpay and is available to all Australian customers at Alternative Airlines.

Can I use Afterpay to pay for domestic flights within the US?

Yes, you can use Afterpay to buy domestic flights within the US. We offer flights from all the domestic airlines in the US, whether you're looking for flights with American Eagle, United Express, Delta Connection, Southwest, Spirit, or any other domestic airline.

Can I use Afterpay to pay for domestic flights within Australia?

Yes, Afterpay can be used to pay for any domestic flights within Australia that you can find on Alternative Airlines' website. We offer flights from many airlines that fly domestically within Australia, including Jetstar, Qantas, and Tigerair Australia. However, you must be a US resident in order to use Afterpay for your airfare.

Can Afterpay be used to pay for airlines that aren't from the US or Australia?

Yes, Afterpay can be used to pay for flights on airlines that aren't from the US or Australia. As long as you're a resident of the US, paying in US dollars, Afterpay can be used to buy flights on any of the 600+ airlines available through Alternative Airlines, including those from other countries.

Which airlines can I use Afterpay with?

You can buy flights on Afterpay with any of the 600+ airlines available at Alternative Airlines. We offer flights flying all across the world, including Jetstar, Qantas, Delta, Southwest, United, American Airlines, Scoot (previously Tigerair), and lots of others across the Americas, Oceania, Europe, Asia, and Africa. No matter where you're flying, we'll always have a flight option for you.

Can Afterpay be used to pay for international flights?

Yes, Afterpay can be used for international flights flying to/from the US, as well as flights that fly internationally between two destinations outside of the US.

Alternatives to Afterpay

Australian customers can use Klarna to pay off their airfares in 4 interest-free installments. U.S customers looking for an alternative to Afterpay can also pay back flight tickets in 4 with Sezzle, Quadpay or Affirm.


Wondering how Afterpay handles your personal information, please see their Privacy Policy.