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Protección de cancelación
Enfermedad Reintegrable Reserva Mechanical Breakdown Emergencia
Elección confiable
  • 65,000 clientes satisfechos
  • Calificado con 4.5 estrellas. Basado en 3,581 calificaciones de servicio durante el año pasado
  • Equipo de servicio al cliente dedicado para ayudar
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Air Panama, originally known as Parsa in 1980, is an airline based in Panama. It is the second largest airline in Panama - just behind Copa Airlines. Since 1999, the airline has been based at Albrook Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport in Panama and flies to nineteen airports regularly - most of these are domestic, within Panama, as well as one regular scheduled route to Costa Rica and three to Colombia.

In 2005, the airline changed its name to Air Panama.

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Top Tip: If you're looking to fly within Panama, for more travel advice, take a look at our guide to domestic flights within Panama.



Air Panamá Destinos

The airline flies to destinations in the Guna Yala region on the airfields of Achutupo (ACU), Corazon de Jesus (CZJ), El Porvenir (PVE), Malatupo (MPP), Playón Chico (PYC) and Puerto Obaldía (PUE). Most of these flights take place on very small, domestic aircraft that can only accommodate for about 20 passengers. Make sure you book well in advance and bear in mind that dates may be sporadic for less popular routes. Flights take no more than a couple of hours to reach the picturesque paradise of the San Blas.

Regular Domestic Destinations


Ciudad Aeropuerto IATA
Ciudad de Panama Albrook Airport PAC
David David Airport DAV
Changuinola Changuinola Airport CHX
Bocas del toro Bocas del Toro Airport BOC
Ciudad de Panama Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen PIEDAD
Playón chico Playón Chico Airport PYC
Isla contadora Contadora Airport OTD
Achutupo Achutupo Airport ACU
Bahía Piña Bahía Piña Airport BFQ
Jaqué Jaqué Airport JQE
Mulatupo Mulatupo Airport MPP
Puerto obaldia Puerto Obaldia Airport PUE
Chitré Chitré Alonso Valderrama Airport CTD
Isla San Jose San José Airport SIC
Ogobsucum Ustupu-Ogobsucum Airport OGM


Seasonal Domestic Destinations


Ciudad Aeropuerto IATA
Pedasí Pedasí Airport PDM
El porvenir El Porvenir Airport PVE
Corazón de jesús Corazón de Jesús Airport CZJ
Isla Viveros San Miguel Airport NMG
Sambú Sambú Airport SAX
Rio sidra Río Sidra Airport -
Garachiné Garachiné Airport GHE
Isla secas Isla Secas Airport -
Isla coiba Isla Coiba Airport -
Santiago de veraguas Ruben Cantu Airport SYP
AGUA DULCE Aguadulce Airport -
Carti Cartí Airport CTE
La palma Miraflores Airport -
Punta patiño Punta Patiño Airport -
El real El Real Airport ELE
Colon Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport ONX
Rio hato Río Hato Airport RIH
Tonosí Tonosí Airport -
Guararé Augusto Vergara Airport  
Coronado - -
Rio sidra - -
Tupile - -
Mansucum - -
Tubualá Tubualá Airport TUW


Regular International Destinations


País Ciudad Aeropuerto IATA
Costa Rica Armenia El Edén International Airport AXM
Colombia Medellín Jose Maria Cordova International Airport JMC
Cartagena Rafael Núñez International Airport CTG



Air Panama Baggage Allowance

Equipaje de Mano

Domestic flights: 1 piece per passenger is allowed for free of charge (max 4 kg).

International flights: 1 piece per passenger is allowed for free of charge (max 8kg).


Equipaje Facturado

Please note that passengers on the "E light" tariff are only permitted hand luggage, and have no free checked baggage allowance.

Domestic flights: Passengers are entitled to carry 14 kgs on flights within the Panamanian territory in one or up to two suitcases maximum. When travelling on the David Route, passengers are permitted 20kg. High-value items, fragile items and electronics (computers, phones, cameras, camcorders, etc.) must not be included in hold luggage and instead put into hand luggage.

International flights: Passengers are entitled to check-in two pieces of hold luggage, with a combined weight of no more than 30kg. Passengers with a promotional rate are entitled to 23kg max.

Baggage allowance will be confirmed at the time of booking - if it is possible to add more baggage to your booking, this option will also be offered.

Información de registro

Web Check-in

Online check-in is not currently available for Air Panama flights.

Check-in en el aeropuerto

Passengers will need to check-in at the airport. Airport check-in closes three hours before scheduled flight departure time on international flights and one hour before scheduled flight departure time on domestic flights.



Air Panamá Flota

Air Panama's fleet is constantly adapting and changing but currently consists of the following aircraft:

  • Britten-Norman Islander - max passengers: 4
  • Cessna 208 Caravan - max passengers: 4
  • Cessna 182 - max passengers: 2
  • Fokker 50 - max passengers: 50
  • Fokker 100 - max passengers: 100
  • Piper PA-34 Seneca - max passengers: 4



Clase Económica

Economy Class is Air Panama's only cabin class. There are a number of different fare types available in Economy Class, named 'econo', 'econo plus' and 'premium'. These fares give different levels of flexibility in regards to changes and cancellations, but don't make a difference to the in-flight experience.  


Instalaciones de clase económica

The airline provides a basic yet effective service has all you need to have an enjoyable flight.

The airline has an expertly trained cabin crew that is welcoming and friendly. The crew serve drinks and light snacks free of charge and attend to any other needs upon request. 

Entertainment: There is no in-flight entertainment system on any of the airline's flights.

WiFi: There is no onboard WiFi available.


Asientos de clase económica

The seat you experience will depend on the aircraft you are flying on. For example, the Fokker 50 planes will have seats set up in a 2 x 2 formation, with a 32 inch pitch and 17inch seat width. On the Boeing 737-300, seats are arranged as 3 x 3, with a 31 inch pitch and 17 inches for the seat width. 



Comidas en vuelo

There is no meal service provided as flights are short-haul. However, snacks and cold drinks are served, depending on the aircraft and route being operated. Passengers are welcome to bring their own snacks with them onto the aircraft.


Mapa de rutas de Air Panama

Mapa de rutas de Air Panama


Aeropuerto Principal

Albrook International Airport

Albrook 'Marcos A.Gelabert' International airport is an airport located in Panama City and is the hub airport for Air Panama. The airline is the only airline to offer scheduled passenger services to and from the airport, with Arrendamientos Aéros also offering charter services from Albrook International. 

The airport itself is small, with one terminal building. The runway doesn't stretch further than 230 metres. Albrook International is well-connected to Panama's public transport network, with regular connections to buses and the metro system.



Alianza de aerolíneas

The airline is not part of an airline alliance.



Programa de viajero frecuente

No frequent flyer program is available for Air Panama.



Asistencia especial

Booking Special Assistance

When making a reservation, the passenger must report his/her condition as a passenger with special needs and request information about the airport of departure and final destination, in order to be clear that both airports have the necessary conditions for a passenger of his/her condition. Passengers can complete the special request form at the time of booking, or contact our customer service team. Likewise, when you arrive at the airport, two to three hours before, you must request immediate attention for your condition.

This passenger would be boarded first in the aircraft, so that he/she can be placed inside it in the safest and most comfortable way for him/her, without having the pressure of the other passengers boarding the aircraft. It should also be disembarked last so as not to cause pressure from other passengers. If the passenger travels with his/her wheelchair, it can be used up to the door of the plane and later it will be accommodated in the freight hold of the aircraft, without any cost and with priority over the other baggage. This passenger will not be charged any additional cost, unless his/her condition requires him/her to occupy more than one seat in the aircraft.

Flying with Infants and Children

Infants under 2 years are considered infants and do not need their own seats. This must be made clear at the time of booking. But on international flights, babies will be charged 10% on the published fare. Infants who require seats must travel with a ticket (child rate), which is equivalent to 75% of the adult rate.

Flying with Pets

International Flights: Transportation of pets on international flights is not allowed.

Domestic flights:

  • Only dogs and cats are considered domestic animals or pets. All pets must travel in a cage or container suitable for their size, that is leak-proof and spill-proof, that is sturdy, and that can be handled safely by airline personnel.
  • At the time of traveling the pet will be accepted only when the person transporting, presents all required documents such as proof of vaccination and certificate of good health of both the city of origin and destination.
  • No pet will be accepted to travel in the passenger cabin unless it is a guide dog or emotional support dog that for the case must present a certificate that guarantees its therapeutic functions or work, additional must carry its harness or leash. Likewise, such pet must be of an acceptable size so that it can be transported in its container inside the cabin, in front of your feet or under your seat. Remember that we should not bother the passengers around us with our pet, very important it must be neat and without bad odours.
  • Pet transportation will be charged at $5.00 for small animal and $10.00 for large animal per container. As long as the same is within the weight of baggage allowed to the passenger. The difference will be paid as overweight. According to Ministry of Health Circular No. 003-DGZ-DCZ dated 03/06/2014, every pet (dog, cat) that is transported by air on commercial and private flights must have an anti-rabies vaccination
  • Owners must present proof (card or certificate in copy) signed by a veterinarian that the pet has been immunised. This document must be presented to the health officer at the airport, otherwise it cannot be boarded.
  • Only one pet per passenger will be allowed. Minors traveling alone are not allowed to travel with pets.


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