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Air Panama is the second largest air carrier in Panama and is the regional airline of the country. The airline is based at Albrook Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport in Panama and provides charter and scheduled passenger flights to over 31 destinations. The airline flies to many destinations including: Panama City, David, San Jose, Changuinola, Bocas del Toro, Pedasi, Playon Chico, Isla Contadora, El Porvenir, Corazon de Jesus, Achutupo, Isla Del Rey, Sambu, Bahia Pinas, Jaque, Rio Sidra, Mulatupo, Puerto Obaldia, Garachine, Isla Secas, Isla Coiba, Santiago de Veraguas, Aguadulce, Chitre, Carti, Isla San Jose, La Palma, Punta Patino, El Real, Colon, Rio Hato, Armenia and Medellin. The airline was founded in 1980 as Parsa. In enero 1999, the airline moved its headquarters to the new Albrook - Marcos A. Gelabert International Airport. In 2005, the airline changed its name to Air Panama.

In octubre 2016, the carrier announced a new route between Costa Rica and Roatan. An alliance between Air Panama and the Honduras Tourism Board will allow Costa Ricans to travel from San José to Roatán in Honduras with just one stop in Panama. Roatán is an island in the Caribbean which rests on an exposed coral reef, and it provides great opportunities for scuba diving. White sandy beaches and pristine waters have made of Roatán one of the most popular places in Honduras.  


Vuelos al Archipiélago de San Blas con Air Panama

Air Panama es la única aerolínea que vuela a las hermosas islas vírgenes de San Blas. La aerolínea vuela a destinos en la región de Guna Yala en los aeródromos de Achutupo (ACU), Corazón de Jesús (CZJ), El Porvenir (PVE), Malatupo (MPP), Playón Chico (PYC) y Puerto Obaldía (PUE). La mayoría de estos vuelos se realizan en aeronaves domésticas muy pequeñas que solo pueden acomodar a alrededor de 20 pasajeros. Asegúrese de reservar con mucha antelación y tenga en cuenta que las fechas pueden ser esporádicas para las rutas menos populares. Los vuelos no tardan más de un par de horas para llegar al pintoresco paraíso de San Blas.


Acerca de San Blas  

El archipiélago de San Blas de Panamá se compone de 365 islas y cayos, de los cuales solo 49 están habitados. Se extienden desde la costa norte del istmo de Panamá hasta el este del Canal de Panamá. San Blas es una región autónoma habitada principalmente por los guna, un pueblo indígena que vive en Panamá y Colombia. Una de sus principales exportaciones son los cocos, que hasta hace poco se consideraban las principales formas de moneda de San Blas. 



Air Panamá Equipaje

Carry-On Baggage

Passengers on the "E light" tariff are only permitted hand luggage. Hand luggage on international flights must not exceed 8kg.


Checked Baggage

Domestic flights: Passengers are entitled to carry 14 kgs on flights within the Panamanian territory. When travelling on the David Route, passengers are permitted 30kg. High-value items, fragile items and electronics (computers, phones, cameras, camcorders, etc.) must not be included in hold luggage and instead put into hand luggage. On international flights, passengers are entitled to carry a maximum of two suitcases with a combined weight of no more than 30kg.



Air Panamá Web Check-in

Web Check-in

Online check-in is not available for flights.


Airport Check-In

Passengers must check-in at the airport. Airport check-in closes three hours before scheduled flight departure time on international flights and one hour before scheduled flight departure time on domestic flights.



Air Panamá Flota

Air Panama's fleet is constantly adapting and changing but currently consists of Britten-Norman Islander, Cessna 208 Caravan, Cessna 182, Fokker 50, Fokker 100, Boeing 737-300 and Piper PA-34 Seneca.


Economy Class

Economy Class is Air Panama's only cabin class. There are a number of different fare types available in Economy Class, named 'econo', 'econo plus' and 'premium'. These fares give different levels of flexibility in regards to changes and cancellations, but don't make a difference to the in-flight experience.  

Economy Class Facilities

The airline has an expertly trained cabin crew that is welcoming and friendly. The crew serve drinks and light snacks free of charge and attend to any other needs upon request. 

There is no in-flight entertainment system on any of the airline's flights.

Economy Class Seats

The airline's cabin is set out in a 2 x 2 formation. Each seat has 32 inches of pitch and 17 inches of width, giving all passengers plenty of legroom and space. 


Air Panamá Destinos y Route Map

Mapa de rutas de Air Panama


Air Panamá Destinos


Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá David panama Changuinola, Panamá
Bocas del Toro, Panamá Changuinola, Panamá Pedasí, panamá
Playon Chico, Panamá Isla Contadora, Panamá El Porvenir, Panamá
Corazon de jesus, panama Achutupo, Panamá Isla Del Rey, Panamá
Sambu, Panamá Jaque, panamá Rio sidra, panama
Mulatupo, Panamá Puerto Obaldia, Panamá Garachine, Panamá
Isla Secas, Panamá Isla Coiba, Panamá Santiago de Veraguas, Panamá
Aguadulce, Panamá Bahía Pinas, Panamá Quiro, panamá
Carti, panama Islas San José, Panamá La Palma, Panamá
Punta Patino, Panamá El Real, Panamá Rio Hato, Panamá
San jose costa rica Aremenia colombia Medallin, colombia


Hub Airport

Albrook International Airport

Albrook 'Marcos A.Gelabert' International airport is an airport located in Panama City and is the hub airport for Air Panama. The airline is the only airline to offer scheduled passenger services to and from the airport, with Arrendamientos Aéros also offering charter services from Albrook International. 

The airport itself is small, with one terminal building. The runway doesn't stretch further than 230 metres. Albrook International is well-connected to Panama's public transport network, with regular connections to buses and the metro system.




Economy Class

Economy Class is the only class fare available to purchase on Airpanama. Its simple yet effective service has all you need to have an enjoyable flight with this airline.

Economy Class Seats

The seat you experience will depend on the aircraft you are flying on. For example, the Fokker 50 planes will have seats set up in a 2 x 2 formation, with a 32 inch pitch and 17inch seat width. On the Boeing 737-300, seats are arranged as 3 x 3, with a 31 inch pitch and 17 inches for the seat width.


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Choose Alternative Airlines to book your Air Panama flights in English. We provide a trusting service to give you peace of mind that all your details of your flight will be communicated in a language which suits you.



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