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Airbahn is a US airline that is scheduled to launch in 2021. The airline will initially fly across the west of the US and Canada, with plans to fly to Mexico further down the line. Airbahn is set to be based in California. Although the exact airport that it'll use as its hub has not been confirmed, the airline will either use Long Beach Airport or Orange County Airport. The airline is a sister airline of Pakistan's Airblue and is owned by the same people.

Airbahn will offer low-cost flights but still wants to deliver on providing a great service. It's likely to offer a seat-only fare and allow passengers to add extra things to their booking, allowing those that are willing to pay a little extra to personalize their flight.

The airline was supposed to launch in 2019. However, its launch was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Its new launch date hasn't been officially announced, as the airline is still in the process of obtaining all the necessary approvals that it needs in order to fly. Although, it's expected that the airline will launch flights at some point before the end of 2021.


None of Airbahn's destinations have been confirmed yet. However, the airline is expected to fly between California, Nevada and destinations within Canada. Once it has launched and began flying initial routes, the airline is expected to fly to Mexico as well. The only two destinations that Airbahn have been associated with Airbahn are Long Beach and Orange County, which are both potential hubs for the airline.

Equipaje permitido

As the airline is yet to launch flights, the free baggage allowances are unknown. However, we have some idea of what it might offer based on what we know about the airline so far.


From what we know about the airline, it's expected that it will offer free carry-on baggage to all passengers, much like many other airlines that are similar to Airbahn.


Based on the fact that Airbahn will offer low-cost flights with a basic fare, it's unlikely that passengers will be given a free checked baggage allowance. Instead, passengers will most likely be able to add baggage onto their flight at an extra cost.

Información de registro

Check-in information is not available for the airline yet. However, the airline is almost certain to offer online check-in via its website.

For passengers that can't or don't want to check-in online, there'll be an option to check-in at the airport, in person.

Tarifas de clase

Clase Económica

Early information on the airline suggests that it'll offer a one-class cabin with around 170–180 seats. This cabin will be Economy Class. Additional services on the flight such as entertainment, food and drink and extra legroom seats are unknown.


The airline plans to launch with an Airbus A320, which it will take from Airblue. Beyond that, it's unknown which planes the airline will add to its fleet.

Aeropuerto Principal

Airbahn doesn't have a hub airport yet. The airline will be based at Southern California. Long Beach Airport or Orange County Airport are the two airports that the airline is looking to base itself. With JetBlue no longer flying from Long Beach, Long Beach Airport is currently the frontrunner to become Airbahn's hub.

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When will Airbahn launch flights?

Airbahn will launch flights sometime in 2021. The airline was originally supposed to launch flights in the summer of 2019. However, this was delayed until 2021 and then further delayed to 2021 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

While there are no official dates announced for Airbahn's launch, it's expected to begin flying in the summer of 2021. Although, at this time, the airline is still awaiting approval to launch flights. So, its launch may not be until the fall.

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