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Airbus A320

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Protección de cancelación
Enfermedad Reintegrable Reserva Mechanical Breakdown Emergencia
Elección confiable
  • 65,000 clientes satisfechos
  • Calificado con 4.5 estrellas. Basado en 3,581 calificaciones de servicio durante el año pasado
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Airbus A320

Find out information on the Airbus A320 — the original model in the Airbus A320 aircraft. 

About the Airbus A320

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The Airbus A320 is a narrow body twin-engine aircraft manufactured by Airbus. The jet is part of the Airbus A320 family, which also consists of the A318, A319, A321 and ACJ Business Jet. The Airbus A320 was the first member of the A320 family and first flown in 1987. 

The A320 is used on short-haul and medium-haul flights and can carry up to a maximum of 194 passengers. The A320 was the sole member of the Airbus A320 family up until 1994 when the A321 was released.

In 2010, Airbus revealed plans to replace all Airbus A320ceo (current engine option) with updated Airbus A320neo (new engine option). The Airbus A320neo was released in 2016, with Lufthansa being the first airline to fly the new jet. The final Airbus A320ceo jets were delivered in 2017 and, while some are still in circulation, Airbus stopped manufacturing the A320ceos shortly before. In total, there were nearly 5,000 Airbus A320ceo jets delivered between 1994–2017.

The Airbus A320ceo has two variants, the Airbus A320-100 and Airbus A320-200. However, the Airbus A320-200 is the definitive version as only 21 of the A320-100 were ever manufactured.


Technical Spec of the Airbus A320


Airbus A320- 200 neo

Range 6,300 km
Length 37.57 m
Height 11.76 m
Wingspan 35.80 m
Track 7.59 m
Wheelbase 12.64 m
Max. Cabin Width 3.70 m
Cabin Length 27.51 m
Max Ramp Weight 79.40 tonnes
Max. Fuel Capacity 26,730 litres
Max. Take-Off Weight 79.00 tonnes
Max. Landing Weight 67.40 tonnes
Max. Zero Fuel Weight 64.30 tonnes
Max. Possible Passenger Seats 194
Typical Seating 2-Class 150–180



Airbus A320ceo

Range 6,200 km w/ Sharklets
Length 37.57 m
Height 11.76 m
Wingspan 35.80 m w/ Sharklets
Track 7.59 m
Wheelbase 12.64 m
Max. Cabin Width 3.70 m
Cabin Length 27.51 m
Max Ramp Weight 78.40 tonnes
Max. Fuel Capacity 27,200 litres
Max. Take-Off Weight 78.00 tonnes
Max. Landing Weight 66.00 tonnes
Max. Zero Fuel Weight 62.50 tonnes
Max. Possible Passenger Seats 180
Typical Seating 2-Class 140–170


Features of the A320

Unmatched comfort

The A320neo offers unmatched comfort in its category. The spacious cabin gives more personal space to each seat regardless of the cabin class, with a minimum of 18" of seat width in standard Economy Class. The cabin is also fitted with LED ambient lighting. 

Fuel efficient & more green

The Airbus A320neo is one of the most fuel-efficient airlines in its class. The aircraft uses 20% less fuel than the A320ceo generation and produces less co2 emissions.


The Airbus A330neo uses new materials including titanium pylon and composite nacelle. As a result, the Airbus A330neo is expected to burn 25% less fuel than its previous generation competitors. 

Great design

From its new window design to its mood lighting and updated lavatory comfort features, the Airbus A320 is a modern and stylish aircraft. 

Extra baggage space

The Airbus A320 offers among the most space in the overhead lockers for any aircraft within its class. This allows for less strict baggage restrictions and ensures that there'll always be room for your carry-on baggage on the flight, meaning you won't have to worry about gate-checking your bag.


Which airlines use the A320?

The Airbus A320 is used worldwide for short and medium-haul flights by many different carriers. Although the Airbus A320neo has been released and is still in service, many airlines still use the Airbus A320ceo. These jets are expected to be phased out within the next 10 years and all airlines that use the A320 will be operating with A320neos.

AirAsia currently has the most Airbus A320, with over 200 A320neo and A320ceos combined.

Here's a list of all airlines that use the Airbus A320, as of agosto 2018.

Aerolínea NO. OF A320ceo NO. OF A320neo
Aegean airlines 37  
Aer Lingus 34  
Aeroflot 79  
Afriqiyah Airways 5  
Aigle Azur 8  
Aire arabia 41  
Air Arabia Egypt 2  
Air arabia maroc 8  
AirAsia 186 30
Air Astana 8 1
Air Blue 3  
Aire busan 8  
Air Cairo 8  
Aire calin 2  
Air Canada 42  
Air China 44 4
Air Corsica 6  
Air Côte d'Ivoire 2  
Air France 43  
Air Guilin 8  
Air india 24 21
Aire macau 4  
Air Malta 7 1
Air Moldova 2  
Air New Zealand 30  
Aire serbia 2  
Air Seychelles 2  
Alitalia 38  
All Nippon Airways 6 5
Allegiant Air 50  
AlMasria Universal Airlines 2  
Aruba Airlines 2  
Asiana Airlines 7  
Ata Airlines 3  
Atlantic Airways 1  
Atlantis European Airways 3  
Atlasjet Ukraine 2  
Atrak Air 3  
Austrian Airlines 23  
Avianca 36 3
Avianca Argentina 1  
Avianca brasil 28 12
Avianca Ecuador 6  
Avianca El Salvador 19 4
Avion Express 10  
Aerolíneas de Azerbaiyán 6  
Azores Airlines 3  
Azul 1 17
Bangok Airways 9  
Bassaka Air 2  
Aire batik 41  
Beijing Capital Airlines 34  
Belair 6  
Berkut Air 1  
BH Air 3  
British Airways 67 4
Brussels Airlines 16  
Bulgaria Air 3  
Cambodia Airways 2  
Cambodia Angkor Air 2  
Cathay dragon 15  
Cebu pacifico 36  
Aerolíneas de Cham Wings 4  
Aerolíneas de Chengdu 28  
China oriental 180 5
China Express Airlines 3  
China Southern 120 7
Aerolíneas de Chongqing 13  
Citilink 44 8
Cobalt Air 4  
Cóndor 8  
Congo Airways 2  
Aerolíneas de croacia 2  
Cyprus airways 2  
Danish Air Transport 5  
Delta Air Lines 62  
easyjet 168 12
Aire edelweiss 9  
Egyptair 7  
Electra Airways 1  
Ellinair 2  
Las aerolíneas de Ernest 1  
Aerolíneas Etihad 23  
Eurowings 38  
Eurowings Europe 10  
Evelop Airlines 1  
finnair 10  
flyadeal 8  
flyCAA 1  
Flynas 26  
Fly One 2  
Freebird Airlines 7  
Aerolíneas de frontera 22 27
Germanwings 11  
Getjet Airways 2  
Global Airways 7  
GoAir 19 19
Gowair Vacation 2  
Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines 6  
Gulf Air 16 1
Aerolíneas de Himalaya 3  
Hong Kong Airlines 11  
Hong Kong Express Airways 8 5
Iberia 16 2
Iberia express 18  
Índigo 131 45
Interjet 47 3
Iran Air 6  
Iran Aseman Airlines 6  
Israir Airlines 4  
Jazeera Airways 8 1
JC International Airlines 5  
Jetblue airways 130  
JetSmart 5  
Jetstar airways 52  
Jetstar Asia Airways 18  
Jetstar Japón 23  
Jetstar Pacific Airlines 17  
Jordan Aviation 3  
Juneyao Airlines 41  
Kc aerolíneas internacionales 1  
Kuwait Airways 10  
Lan argentina 2  
Lao Airlines 4  
LATAM Airlines Brasil 61 2
LATAM 65 2
Laudamotion 5  
Libyan airlines 6  
Longjiang Airlines 3  
Loong Air 28 3
Lucky Air 8  
lufthansa 70 13
Maldivo 1  
Meraj Airlines 3  
Aerolíneas de oriente medio 13  
Myanmar airways international 1  
Nepal Airlines 2  
Aerolíneas de Nesma 2  
Network Aviation 2  
Nile Air 5  
Nouvelair 9  
Onur Air 8  
Orange2Fly 3  
Pakistan International Airlines 11  
PAL Express 12  
Pan Pacific Airlines 2  
Peach Aviation 21  
Pegasus Airlines 12 22
Philippine Airlines 7  
Prime Aviation 1  
Qatar Airways 37  
Qeshm Airways 3  
Qingdao Airlines 14  
Rahila Air 1  
Red Wings Airlines 4  
Rossiya Airlines 5  
Royal Brunei Airlines 4 5
Real jordano 5  
Royal Wings 2  
Safi Airways 1  
SalamAir 3  
Saudia 45  
Scandinavian Airlines 11 20
Scandinavian Airlines Ireland   9
Scoot 25  
Shaheen Air International 2  
Shenzhen Airlines 80 3
Siberia Airlines 1 6
Sichuan Airlines 54 5
Silkair 9  
Sky Airline 2  
Sky Angkor Airlines 5  
Small Planet Airlines 4  
SmartLynx Airlines 7  
Aerolíneas de Solomon 1  
Vías aéreas sudafricanas 10  
Spirit Airlines 55 5
Aerolíneas de primavera 80  
SriLankan Airlines 5 2
Star East Airlines 1  
StarFlyer 11  
Sudan Airways 1  
Sundair 4  
SWISS 19  
Syrian Air 6  
Domar 3  
Tandem Aero 1  
TAP Portugal 21 1
Thai Smile 20  
Tianjin airlines 28 5
Tibet Airlines 6  
Tigerair australia 12  
Tierair Taiwan 11  
Titan Airways 2  
Trade Air 1  
Tunisair 16  
Turkish Airlines 22  
Aerolíneas Unidas 99  
Ural airlines 24  
Uzbekistán Vías aéreas 10  
Vanilla Air 15  
VIA Airways 2  
Vietjet air 28  
Virgin Australia Regional 3  
Vistara 13 9
VivaAerobús 22 5
Viva Air Colombia 13  
Aerolíneas vlm 1  
Volaris 43 8
Vueling Airlines 92 1
Walter 5  
Wataniya Airways 2  
West Air 25 1
White Airways 1  
Wind Rose Aviation 1  
Aire libre 72  
Yamal Airlines 8  
Yanair 1  
Yemenia 2  
Yunnan Hongtu Airlines 1  
Zagros Airlines 7  


Bamboo Airways A320 aircraft

How can I book flights on the Airbus A320?

You can quickly and easily see what airline you're flying on at Alternative Airlines on the search results page. Once you've run a flight search, click on the 'details' icon of the flight that you want to look at. We'll show you more information on the flight, including which aircraft you'll be flying on.

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Visit our 'what aircraft will I be flying on' page for full information on how to find out what aircraft you'll be flying on.

Airbus A320

How many Airbus A320 are there in service?

As of agosto 2018, there was around 4,800 Airbus A320s (both neo and ceo) in service. 

How much does Airbus A320 cost?

The average price for an Airbus 320ceo is $99 million USD.

The average price for an Airbus a320neo is $108.4 million USD.

How many passengers does the Airbus A320 carry?

The Airbus A320 can carry a maximum of 194 passengers on its new engine option (neo) and a maximum of 180 passengers on its current engine option (ceo). However, the aircraft typically carries between 150–180 passengers.

Who as the first airline to fly the Airbus A320?

The first airline to fly the Airbus A320 was Air France, who received its first delivery of Airbus A320 equipment in 1988. 

Is the Airbus A320 safe?

Yes, the Airbus A320 is one of the safest aircraft in the world. As of 2019, the Airbus A320neo has never recorded a passengers fatality.

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