Which Airlines are Blocking Middle Seats?

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Which Airlines are Blocking
Middle Seats?

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Why are airlines blocking middle seats?

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines were taking measures to minimise contact onboard as passengers are worried about onboard transmission. As a result, airlines in the world were blocking the middle seats as well as many other safety measures to keep passengers and cabin crew safe from the transmission.

However, as travel is slowly recovering, many airlines have started selling middle seats again in the third quarter of 2020. All airlines will eventually be selling middle seats again once passengers have confidence in travelling again.

Which airlines are blocking middle seats?

American Airlines

From julio 2020, American Airlines are no longer blocking the middle seats as flights are booked to near capacity. However, if the flight is getting full, passengers will be notified by the airline at check-in. Passengers will get a chance to switch their seats for free if the flight is eligible.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines on the other hand was still blocking passengers from booking middle seats until abril 30, 2021. It was the last U.S airline to be blocking middle seats to limit capacity for the benefit of the passengers and the crews onboard. This safety measure had been in place since abril 2020 for Delta Airlines but despite opening up the middle seats again, other measures are still in place to keep passengers safe, including disinfecting the cabin.

Aerolíneas Unidas

United Airlines never had the initiative to block passengers from sitting in the middle seat. However, just like American Airlines, passengers will be notified when the flight is fairly full, to give passengers a chance to switch their seats for free. On board the aircraft, passengers must wear a face mask to keep fellow passengers safe.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines discontinued blocking middle seats from the start of Decemeber 2020. Similar to United Airlines and American Airlines, passengers will be notified if the flight is getting full. If the passenger wishes, he/she can change to another flight that is less full.

Which airlines are
blocking middle seats?

Which airlines are blocking middle seats in the US?

As of junio 2021, no U.S airline is blocking middle seats, but they are keeping passengers safe by disinfecting the cabin, asking passengers and crews to wear a face mask and maintaining physical distance at the airport where possible. Depending on the airline passengers are travelling with, there may also be restrictions on the in-flight services provided too. Please check the airline policies on travelling during COVID-19 to understand more.

Why were airlines blocking middle seats?

Airlines took the initiative to block middle seats early on the pandemic because there were concerns about the spread of the virus onboard the cabin, despite the chances of onboard transmission is very low.

This is to maintain physical distance between passengers and crews onboard and at the airport, alongside many other measures too.

Where can I see more flight information about the airline?

Passengers can see more details about their flights on our search results, we'll show you all you need to know about your flights on our search result. Simply fill in our search form to start looking for your next flight.