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Alternative Airlines is Celebrating its 1st Year Anniversary with Utrust

Alternative Airlines, a global-flight search and booking site, has been on an incredible journey with Utrust — a crypto payments provider at the forefront of a digital payments revolution.

Back in 2019, Alternative Airlines saw an opportunity to serve the crypto universe, which has a staggering 100 million users, by letting travellers book flights and checkout using the cryptocurrency of their choice. Utrust was the answer, connecting Alternative Airlines with crypto-users around the world, and making it easy for customers to select their chosen cryptocurrency when they reach Alternative Airlines’ payments page.

Fast forward a year, and noviembre 2020 marked the one-year anniversary of this partnership, which was celebrated in a blog collaboration between the two innovative companies.

Read the full interview here, where you can discover why Alternative Airlines and Utrust were the perfect fit, how the flight-booking landscape is evolving, and what the two companies envisage for the future.


A screenshot of a blog by Alternative Airlines and Utrust entitled, 'Celebrating 1 year together'


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