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Alternative Airlines Grows Rapidly

Alternative Airlines, a Gatwick-based flight-search website​ that offers a fast, easy and convenient way to book flights to remote destinations​, has released its 2018 financial results showing an ​86% increase in revenue to £9.96 million. 

Alternative Airlines’ revenue increased from ​£5.35m in 2017 to £9.96m in 2018 alongside a ​117% increase in bookings​ during the same period. This marks another impressive year for Alternative Airlines, after an 84% uplift in revenue from £2.90m in 2016 to £5.35m in 2017. 

However, perhaps what is most interesting, is that — despite being based in the UK — the majority of Alternative Airlines’ bookings were from international customers. 2018 saw Alternative Airlines receive bookings from customers from ​over 160 different countries​ — definitively positioning it as a global business. The top five countries for Alternative Airlines were the ​USA (39% of customers)​, the ​UK (18%)​, Canada (3%)​, ​Australia (2%) ​and ​Japan (2%)​.

Managing Director of Alternative Airlines, Sam Argyle, stated “It’s exciting to see the company continue to grow. We’ve put a lot of focus on making the flight booking experience as quick and efficient as possible, as well as giving customers the ability to purchase flights in the best way suited to each individual — no matter where in the world they’re buying from. Adding different currencies, localised payment methods and languages have been key factors in achieving this, along with many other personalisations that we’ve added to the website. I’m excited to see Alternative Airlines continue to develop and grow over 2019!”

Alternative Airlines continues to make big strides to further benefit international customers, particularly those from non-English speaking countries. Earlier this year, the company launched its Spanish website​, which is the first translated version of the website in part of a larger initiative to have a version of the website in every major language.

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