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Buy Flights Using Alternative Airlines PayPal Promo Codes

Looking for an Alternative Airlines promo code to buy a discounted flight ticket? You can search for a wide range of flights through www.alternativeairlines.com, pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit and save either $20 or £20 when you use the flight coupons below! This can apply to any class too, from Economy to First.

Use the flight promotional codes on airline tickets with American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines and many more!


Save Money on Airfares using a Flight Coupon

Flight booking coupons for particular airlines can be hard to find. With Alternative Airlines, you don't need to search for individual airline discount codes. Instead, you can use a discount code on any airline ticket! There are lots of PayPal voucher codes to use on a wide range of airlines (from over 650!) when booking through Alternative Airlines in order to get an airline discount. Just use the available PayPal codes below on airlines such as KLM, Norwegian Air and even Cebu Pacific.

To recieve the airline discount, all you have to do is choose to pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit at the checkout page and apply the featured voucher code in either US Dollars, Pounds Sterling or Euros (Germany only).

Try using the Multi-City search too and enjoy a combination of discounted tickets when you apply the available Alternative Airlines promo code and pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit.

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Alternative Airlines Flight Promo and
Discount Codes

$20 or £20 Off Your Next Flight Reservation with a PayPal Promo Code

By using the Alternative Airlines promo codes below, you can save $20 or £20 when booking flights and paying with either PayPal or PayPal Credit at the checkout. The airline discount coupons can be used on any flight search result. What's more is that they can be used on any class, from buying Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class tickets. Just apply the coupon codes at checkout to see the discount applied. It's a great way to save money on your flights to celebrate 4 julio or to Coachella festival for example!


Flight Discount Code Currency Valid Until
PAYPALUS2019 $ USD 2 enero 2020
PAYPALUK192 £ GBP 1 agosto 2020
PAYPAL20THB $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20PHP $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20MY $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20CH $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20HKD $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20IN $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20SGD $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20VND $ USD 31 diciembre 2019
PAYPAL20KRW $ USD 31 diciembre 2019

Terms and Conditions: Airline coupons can only be used on flight ticket prices of over $200 or £200. Must be redeemed when paying with PayPal and in USD or GBP as shown in the table. Flight seats and prices are subject to availability. Can only be used once per customer. Non-refundable and for over 18s only. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or offer. For full T&C’s visit our Terms and Conditions Page

Alternative Airlines Promo Code (USD Only): PAYPALUS2019

Red and light blue baggage tags on external view of an aircraft wing

Expires Thursday 2 enero 2020

£20 Promo Code Off Your Next Flight Booking

Alternative Airlines Flight Promo Code (GBP Only): PAYPALUK192

Flight ticket coupons are availble to use in Pounds Sterling with Alternative Airlines. The flight coupon code PAYPALUK192 allows you to save £20 on your next flight booking or on a combination of flights, when paying with PayPal or PayPal Credit. This flight promo code must be applied to the promo code box if you are paying in GBP and with PayPal to be able to receive discounted airline tickets. Ailrine tickets can include Air Canada, Southwest Airlines, Transavia and many more.

Red and light blue baggage tags overlaid on beach and sunset view

Expiry date: 1 agosto 2020

Promo Code Terms and Conditions


Discounted Flights to and from Thailand with PayPal Promo Codes

If you are based in Thailand and looking to book flights on Thai AirAsia or other domestic Thai airlines, use the PayPal code PAYPAL20THB and pay with PayPal to save $20 USD via Alternative Airlines. You can also use the flight discount code on any combination of Thai airlines such as AirAsia and get AirAsia flight deals or Thai AirAsia discounts.

Make sure to select currency in USD when you are searching for Thai airlines tickets and using the airline coupon.

Alternative Airlines Promo Coupon: PAYPAL20THB

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Promo Code Terms and Conditions

PayPal Flight Discount Codes for any Philippine Airline

Alternative Airlines know that the Philippines is a destination on many travellers' bucket lists so get $20 USD off any flight reservation with Alternative Airlines. To get a discounted Philippine flight, you can use the flight promo coupon PAYPAL20PHP in the "Promo Code" box at checkout when you pay with PayPal.

Get Philippine Airlines promo codes or save money on PAL Express flights with PayPal voucher codes

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Flight Coupon Terms and Conditions

Cape Air Promo Discount Code

Alternative Airlines offers promotional codes so you can buy cheaper Cape Air airfares and on many other airlines. If you choose to pay in USD or GBP, you can save either $20 or £20 off your next Cape Air flight reservation when paying with PayPal via Alternative Airlines. All you need to do is add the promo code below at the checkout below to get a discounted Cape Air airline ticket.

The promo codes also apply to Eva Air, Philippine Airlines and on many more airline ticket reservations.

Cape Air Promo code: PAYPALUS2019

Image of lake and trees with cape air text and $20 off text overlaid

Expires 2 enero 2020

Flight Voucher Code Terms and Conditions

Ethiopian Airlines Discount Code

With Alternative Airlines' flight discount codes, you can save on your next Ethiopian Airlines flight and many other airlines. If you choose to book your Ethiopian Airlines flight in USD, then you can get $20 off or pay in GBP and save £20! This code can also be used on other airlines including Norwegian, Tigerair and American Airlines.

Alternative Airlines Promo Code for Ethiopian Airlines: PAYPALUS2019

Image of mountainous landscape with ethopian airways text and logo overlaid

Expires: 2 enero 2020

Flight Promo Code Terms and Conditions

Malaysia Airfares Discount Voucher

You can save $20 on your next Malaysian Airlines flight or on any Malaysian based airline when booking with Alternative Airlines. If you are based in Malaysia and want to book flights with PayPal, you can use the PayPal voucher code below to save on your next reservation. To use the flight promo code below you have to pay in USD Dollar, select PayPal and PayPal Credit at the checkout and apply the code in the Promo Box.

Flight Discount Promo code: PAYPAL20MY

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Terms and Conditions

China Airlines Discount Codes 

Alternative Airlines offers a wide range of discounted Chinese airline tickets, on airlines including China Eastern AirlineAir China deals and China Airlines. If you use the available flight promo code PAYPAL20CH in USD currenct, $20 will be discounted off your ticket. You can use an airlines promo code on China Southern Airlines flights or Ying'an Airlines tickets and more when booking with Alternative Airlines.

To ensure that you get a discount on your China airlines reservation, make sure you have selected USD when making your flight search and pay with PayPal at the checkout.

Flight voucher code: PAYPAL20CH

PayPal flight voucher code for China

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Terms and Conditions

Hong Kong Based Airline Voucher Codes

Looking for a discounted flight leaving or flying around Hong Kong? You can save $20 USD on all Hong Kong airline flight reservations using the Alternative Airlines' flight discount code and paying with PayPal at checkout. This can be either on international or domestic flights such as Hong Kong Airlines, HK Express and Cathay Pacific.

PayPal Airline coupon code: PAYPAL20HKD

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Terms and Conditions

Flight PayPal Promo Codes in India

Save $20 USD on any flight using PayPal and PayPal Credit

Alternative Airlines offers a wide range of discounted flights on any Indian airline ticket, domestic or international. Please ensure you are paying in US Dollars before adding the flight discount code in the Promo Code box.

Flight voucher code: PAYPAL20IN

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Terms and Conditions

Fly to and from Singapore with Discounted Flight Tickets

You can buy flights on any Singapore based airline through Alternative airlines and save $20 USD or off your next flight reservation, when you use PayPal at the checkout. Make sure to search for flights in USD currency to be able to use the airline discount code.

PayPal coupon code: PAYPAL20SGD

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Terms and Conditions

Vietnamese Flight PayPal Coupon Codes

You can buy discounted Vietnam Airline tickets when you use the promo code below. Make a flight reservation on any Vietnam airlines ticket, either domestic or international, with Alternative Airlines and save on the ticket price. This can be on Economy tickets to First Class too! Ensure you have selected to pay in USD currency when making your flight search, choose PayPal and PayPal Credit at the checkout and insert the promo code below in the "Promo Code" box.

This promo code can also be applied to other airlines such as Southwest, Turkish Airlines, Air Canada and manby more when booking through Alternative Airlines.

Use Flight Promo code: PAYPAL20VND

$20 Vietnam Voucher Flight Code

Expiry date: 31 diciembre 2019

Terms and Conditions

Use PayPal in Korea and Buy Discounted Airlines Tickets 

Alternative Airlines are currently offering a flight discount code for PayPal users in Korea and for many other regions around the world. You can save $20 USD off your next flight reservation when you book flights through Alternative Airlines. All you need to do is make a flight search in US Dollars and apply the airline coupon code in the Promo Code box when paying with PayPal or PayPal Credit.

PayPal coupon code: PAYPAL20KRW

Offer Ends: 31/12/2019

Terms and Conditions



How To Use Flight Promo Codes with Alternative Airlines


Search for the flights you want in using the search bar above.

Once all your flight options have loaded, you can narrow your search using our "Fare Filters".

When you have selected your flights, you will be sent to the passenger details and checkout page. Underneath your passenger details you will see many payment options. Make sure you select the PayPal and PayPal Credit for the airline discount to work. Once you have selected this, the promo code box will appear, as highlighted below. Note, you cannot add the promo code until you have filled in your passenger details at the top of the page:

Paying for flights with PayPal promo codes


When you have clicked 'Apply' you will see that money immediately comes off the cost of the flight ticket.

Please ensure you have abided to the rules of the offer. It's as simple as that!

If you have a problem with your coupon code, check that you have selected the correct currency and payment method to redeem your savings. If you need any further assistance, please contact Alternative Airlines and we will be happy to assist you. 

You can also choose how many stops you want, what currency you wish to pay in, your preferred airline or use our Best Fare Finder to find the least expensive dates to fly to your destination.

Alternative Airlines flight search result from London Heathrow to Bangkok

Flight Discounts and Promo Codes

What are flight discount codes? 

Flight discount codes, also known as flight promo codes, are codes formed of letters and numbers that can be provided by many merchants to have money discounted (taken off) the price that is originally quoted. With Alternative Airlines, if you apply a flight discount code to the 'Promo code' box at the checkout page, you can see money will be taken off the full airline ticket price shown.

Airline tickets you can use flight promo codes on include Aeroflot, Cebu Pacific and many more. You can also get a Via Air promo code when you pay with PayPal and from the choice of available flight ticket coupons above.

How can I get discounts on flights?

Discounted flight tickets can be bought with Alternative Airlines if you use the available promo codes listed on this page and pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit. The promo codes can be used as airfare coupons on airlines such as Allegiant Air, Sun Country Airlines, Air Canada and more. The codes can also be used on many domestic flights such as within Russia, Canada and many more countries.

Where can I get an airline discount code?

You can find many flight discount codes at Alternative Airlines to use on over 650 airlines. These airlines include Frontier, American Airlines, Brussels Airlines and more. If you choose to pay with PayPal, you can save on your next flight booking online. By using the airline discount codes available, you can have a deduction on the price of any airline ticket when using Alternative Airlines' airline discount codes.

Just select the flights suited to you, fill in your passenger details and add the code in the promo code box when paying with PayPal or PayPal Credit. It's really simple! You can also use the available discount offers if you are student traveling.

How do I buy discounted flights?

You can buy discounted airline tickets with Alternative Airlines when applying a flight promotion code and paying with PayPal. The travel website currently offers flight coupon codes to be able to buy cheap airline tickets on a wide range of airlines. Example airlines can include Norwegian Air and more. 

First you need to make a flight search with Alternative Airlines which can be either international or domestic and choose to pay in either GBP or USD currency. Then when you have selected the flights best suited to you in the results, fill out your passenger details and then select to pay with 'PayPal and PayPal Credit'. The promo code box will appear and this is where you need to insert the PayPal promo code at the checkout and you will see final price of your ticket discounted. The flight promo code can be used on a variety of airlines including Frontier Airlines, HOP! and Allegiant Air.

What are airline promo codes? 

Airline promo codes are a dedicated discounted digit or word, similar to a password, that is applied to the total price at checkout to help save money on airline tickets. So when an airline promo code has been added to the final airline ticket price, money is deducted off the total price and shows the discounted airline ticket amount. Alternative Airlines offers a range of airline promo codes to help save money on many airline tickets such as Emirates. If you go through the airline promo codes available, make sure that you use the currency that it can be used with. You can also use the airline promo codes to get Asiana Airlines discounts and deals for example.

Is it safe to use flight discount codes with Alternative Airlines?  

Yes it's perfectly safe to use the flight promo codes that Alternative Airlines have to offer. They can be used on all airlines, all you need to do it look out for the latest ones rolled out with PayPal and if the currency that they are being offered in. If you are unsure if Alternative Airlines is legit, you can see how safe it is to use the online flight search and making payment.

Where do I enter the Alternative Airlines promo code?

To enter the promo code, once you have filled out you details in the Passenger details section you have to select "PayPal & PayPal Credit" at the check out. Then a small box showing "Promo Code" will appear and here is where you put the promo code. Then click "Apply Promo Code". This can be added for any flight found on the website such as Jetblue, Eva Air and many more. There is no particular day to use the promo codes, they can be applied on any day to get discounted airline tickets.

Image showing applying a promotional code in a box


Can I use PayPal discount codes for travel? 

Yes, with Alternative Airlines. The flight search website accepts PayPal to use on flights and what's more, you can also use PayPal discount codes on any flight and any airline. Use PayPal discount codes on Frontier airlines tickets, Cathay Pacific and even Spirit Airlines. All you need to do is find the PayPal discount code suited to you and the currency you want to pay the airline ticket and add the promo code in the box at the payment page.

Can I get airline group travel discounts? 

Yes with Alternative Airlines, you can make group bookings and get a discount with our promo codes! Depending on the currency you are paying in, you can get discounted group air travel when you contact us regarding your group booking. Inquiry with Alternative Airlines about discounted group airline travel.

Are there flight search website discounts available? 

Yes with Alternative Airlines. The online flight search provide many promo coupons and deals with any flight reservation. There are a wide range of airline discount coupons to choose from, depending on the currency you wish to pay in. So one flight coupon can be used on a wide range of airlines to get a discount on the selected airline ticket. As we offer multiple currencies to book flights online with, we have many discounts suited to the deal.

Save money on airline tickets in US Dollars, GBP or even in Singapore Dollars. With the flight search website, you can save on airlines including Avianca or Air Serbia with a promo code. Look through all our flight discount codes and save on your next online flight reservation! 0% APR offers are also available if you pay with Affirm at checkout. This is subject to approval and terms apply.

Can I get an easyJet discount?

With Alternative Airlines, you can use the offered airline coupon codes to get discounted flights. This also applies to easyJet flights. Find a flight promo code with Alternative Airlines and get a discounted easyJet flight! You can choose any easyJet flight to get a deal and this could be a single, one way or return flights, just add the Alternative Airlines' promo codes and save money on your next flight!

Discounted easyJet flights is a great way to add to your next city break. Pay with PayPal and apply the airline promo code when you are ready to buy your easyJet flights with a discount deal.

Do Alternative Airlines PayPal promo codes work with PayPal Credit?

The Alternative Airlines' PayPal promo codes work with both PayPal and PayPal Credit. You will need to have a PayPal account set up in order for the flight promo codes to work on the online flight search Alternative Airlines. Buying flights with PayPal Credit is a flexible way to travel, so you can then start to think about your hotel or car rental and worry about paying off your flights later.

Also, using the PayPal promo codes at the checkout is an added bonus of saving money and paying off the flight payment later! If you are thinking of flying to Egypt to see the pyramids, you can save with on multiple airlines such as Egyptair and more.

Are Alternative Airlines promo codes legit?

Yes, all the airline discount codes that are offered by Alternative Airlines are functional and legitimate. They are a great way to save money on any tickets from over 650 airlines when paying with PayPal and are also safe to use. All you need to do is make a flight search from the airport you wish to fly from to your desired destination and insert the Alternative Airlines promo code at the checkout when you select PayPal and PayPal Credit. The flight promo codes can work on any airline such as LEVEL, Monacair and American Airlines.

Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions relating to the particular flight promo code that you wish to use and expiration dates of the promo codes. You can also find out about the legitimacy of using Alternative Airlines' website and making airline ticket purchases.

Is there cheap air travel?

Yes if you use the Alternative Airlines flight search and apply the available flight coupons, you can get cheaper air travel. By searching for your flights in either Pounds Sterling or in US Dollar, then you can get cheaper air travel with the airline ticket promo codes available when they are applied at the checkout when and choosing PayPal or PayPal Credit. You can also spread the cost of flights if you are looking for flexibility and affordability in your air travel. 

If you would like to add a seat to your booking, this will also be included in the discount when a flight coupon is applied at the checkout.

Can I buy a discounted airline ticket on any Class?

Yes you are able to buy discounted flight tickets on any class with Alternative Airlines. If you want to make either an Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class or First Class booking, you can still apply for any of these classes and use the available flight promo codes to obtain discounted tickets. Adding seat selection to your booking will also be discounted in the total price shown at checkout.

Are there discount codes for low cost airlines?

Yes you can use the available airline discount codes on a wide range of low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Jetstar, easyJet, Flair Airlines and Transavia when booking with Alternative Airlines. Make sure to select the correct currency that can be used with the airline voucher code chosen and to select to pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit at checkout.

Are there discounted airline tickets for students?

Yes. Students too can benefit from the wide range of airline ticket discounts when booking with Alternative Airlines and paying with PayPal. The Alternative Airlines' promo codes allow all PayPal users, including students and seniors to book cheap flights and save money on the total flight prices. This is a convenient way to help students heading back to or from college or university and can be used on airlines such as American Airlines, Spirit and many more.

Are there airline discounts for seniors?

Yes, Alternative Airlines provides flights discounts for senior citizens, students and travellers of all ages by offering the coupon codes available on any airline ticket to get a discounted airfare. All you need to do is search for the flights you want and use the Alternative Airlines promo code at the payment checkout when paying with PayPal or PayPal Credit.

How do I use a PayPal promo code for flights?

To use a PayPal flight discount code, it needs to be inserted in the Promo Code box at the Alternative Airlines' checkout. First you need to search for flights from your chosen airport to your desired destination in the Alternative Airlines' Search Bar above. Then make sure you select the PayPal promo code that matches the currency you wish to pay in (either USD or GBP). Then select PayPal and PayPal Credit at the checkout page and apply the code in the 'Promo Code' box that appears and get discounted flights simply, quickly and securely.

You can use the PayPal promo code on over 650 airlines including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Eva air.

Is there a best buy deal with Visa Checkout?

Absolutely, with the online flight search Alternative Airlines, you can use Visa Checkout and save money with one our flight offers. Pay with Visa Checkout and save money with Alternative Airlines.  Find more infomation on Visa Checkout to pay airline tickets online.

Can I get a Sun Country Airlines discount?

Yes with Alternative Airlines, the online flight search. You can book any Sun Country Airlines flight and get a discount when you pay with PayPal on your reservation. Pay in either USD or GBP and get a discounted Sun Country Airlines flight with our flight promo codes. The flight booking coupons available can also be used for flights from over 650 airlines searched through Alternative Airlines.

Are there good deals for airline tickets?

Alternative Airlines offers a whole range of deals for airline tickets, from over 650 airlines. Airlines found on the flight booking website that can be discounted, including Citilink, Croatia Airlines and even on smaller airlines such as VI Link. All you need to do is search for the flights you want in either GBP or USD, pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit, add the Alternative Airlines fight coupon code in the Promo Code box at the checkout and you've just saved money on your reservation! So if you want to add baggage to your flight booking or select a seat, this will be combined at the final price and be discounted.

Other deals Alternative Airlines offers is 0% APR with Affirm, on airline tickets up to $500. This only applies to US residents and terms apply. Subject to credit approval.

Is there Etihad Airways discount codes?

Yes, with Alternative Airlines. You can use an airline discount code on the travel website to be able get discounted Etihad Airways tickets for both you and your family. All you need to do is select any Etihad Airways flight you want (could be single or a return journey), choose PayPal at the checkout page and apply the Alternative Airlines promo code. The promo codes can also be used on other airlines including China Airlines, Southwest, Frontier Airlines and more.

Are there Southwest Airlines deals?

Yes. Currently there is a Southwest Airlines travel agent discount when you book with Alternative Airlines. By paying for your Southwest Airlines flights with PayPal or PayPal Credit, you can save $20! All you need to do is search for the flights you want in USD, use the U.S Dollar coupon code PAYPALUS2019 to find great deals on Southwest Airlines flight tickets. Flight booking coupons are available for any Southwest flight when booking with Alternative Airlines.

Please ensure you have read the full terms and conditions of the airline discount code when you use it for Southwest tickets.

Can I buy a discounted Hawaiian Airlines airline ticket?

Alternative Airlines, the online flight search, offers Hawaiian Airlines discounts with a wide range of PayPal promo codes. If you search for flights to and from Hawaii using the Search Bar, you can buy discounted airfares on your next flight reservation with a Hawaiian Airlines discount codes. Pay in either GBP or USD, select PayPal and be able to buy a discounted ticket. You can also save money on other airlines to Hawaii, such as on Hawaii Island Air when you pay with PayPal and use a PayPal promo code at checkout.

Can I get a Spirit Airlines promo code?

Yes with Alternative Airlines, the travel website. You can search for any route and when you select a Spirit Airlines flight result, fill out your passenger details. Once this has been filled, select PayPal and add the dedicated Alternative Airlines' promo code to the 'Promo Code' box that appears. You will then see money discounted off your Spirit Airlines ticket price. In order for the flight promo code to work on your Spirit Airlines flight choice, you must pay in either USD or GBP (dependant on the terms and conditions of the code). You can find the range of airline promo codes above.

Can I get flight promo codes for Chinese Airlines?

Yes. Alternative Airlines provides a the flight promo code PAYPAL20CH that you can use with Chinese carriers, such as China Eastern Airlines, Air China and China Airlines. This also applies to other airlines around the world too when booking with Alternative Airlines. When you are ready to pay for your Chinese airline ticket, make sure that you are paying in either USD or GBP (dependant on the promo code rules) and select PayPal or PayPal Credit to pay with. Insert the flight coupon code in the Promo Code box when it appears on the checkout page. These PayPal promo codes can be used both international or domestic Chinese air travel.

Is there a Delta Airlines discount code?

Discounts on Delta airline tickets and many more are available if you search and book with Alternative Airlines. By applying the available flight promo code to the 'Promo Code' box at the checkout page, you will be able to get a discounted Delta Airlines airline ticket. This also applies to any Senior, Student or a young adult traveling. To claim the discount on your next Delta reservation with the flight promo code, you have to pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit. Discounted flight tickets are available on many other airlines with Alternative Airlines too such as Virgin Airlines of flying with a family.

Which airlines have promo codes?

The travel website Alternative Airlines offers flight promo codes for over 650 airlines around the world, including S7 Airlines, Etihad and Africa World Airlines. They are also seen as airline coupons and can be used on either domestic or international flights. This can also apply to flexible flight bookings or multi-city ticket reservations.

You can also use an airline promo code on Air Pegasus or on other airlines that fly to Turkey. Other discounted tickets include Flair Airlines and Hong Kong Airlines with Atlernative Airlines. Make sure to pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit and pay in either USD or GBP. There are also discounted Norwegian Air, Tigerair and Scoot flights or even flyegypt when you pay with PayPal.

Can I get cheap Air Europa tickets?

Yes with Alternative Airlines. If you search for flights and select Air Europa airline tickets on the results page, you can apply an airline discount code at the checkout and save money on any Air Europa flight. This is applicable if you pay with PayPal in either USD or GBP, you can save on your next Air Europa flight to destinations such as Mexico City, Amsterdam or Geneva. The promo code can be used on many low cost airlines and major airline tickets.

Can I buy discounted airBaltic flights?

If you are looking for an airBaltic voucher code, you can use the available promo code to save money on your next airBaltic booking with Alternative Airlines. To be able to buy discounted airBaltic airline tickets, choose to pay with PayPal at the checkout and in the currency suitable for the airline discount code. Then insert the code in the 'Promo Code' box.

Alternative Airlines want to make sure you get a great airBaltic promotion with our air travel promo codes. Other airlines where you can apply the airline coupon code include Atlasglobal and many more around the world.

Are there Philippine Airlines promo codes? 

You can buy discounted airfares to the Philippines when you search flights to and from any Philippine destination with Alternative Airlines and apply the available PayPal flight coupon codes. The flight voucher codes available are for many airline tickets including Philippine Airlines and PAL Express when you book with Alternative Airlines. If you use the dedicated flight promo code PAYPAL20PHP in the PayPal Promo Code box at checkout, ensure that you are paying in USD and aware of the code's expiration date.

Can I buy discounted flights to Iceland? 

You can save money on any flight to Iceland when you book with the online flight search Alternative Airlines. Alternative Airlines provides many offers and deals on airlines such as WOW Air, Finnair, IcelandAir or Iceland Express. All you need to do is apply the PayPal discount codes available at checkout when you have selected the flights you want to Iceland and pay with PayPal.

Are there discounted Asiana Airlines flights?

Yes, Alternative Airlines currently offer flight coupon codes to be able to buy cheaper airfares on airlines like Asiana Airlines and many more. When you make an Asiana Airlines booking with Alternative Airlines, choose to either pay in USD or GBP currency and paste the codes available in the PayPal 'Promo Code' box at the checkout in order to have money discounted off your next Asiana Airlines flight reservation.

Is there a PayPal voucher code for flights? 

Yes, with Alternative Airlines. The online flight search provides PayPal voucher codes for any flight that you book on the website. So you can use a PayPal voucher code for any airline including flights to the Caribbean with Caribbean Airlines for example. You can also use the promotional codes to get discounts on other airline tickets including KLMLoganair and Egyptair and more or to be able to buy a cheaper Eva Air ticket. Alternative Airlines can offer these flight promo codes to get deals on flights, just make sure to pay with PayPal at the checkout. 

If you are unsure about using PayPal, here are the top reasons to pay with the e-wallet.

Can I get a Cemair airline discount code? 

Yes, you can save money on your next Cemair flight reservation with an Alternative Airlines flight promo code! If you choose to pay your Cemair flights with PayPal and pay in either USD or GBP, then you can receive an airline ticket discount. Discounts are also available on many other small airlines on the Alternative Airlines' website. This can be on both domestic or international flights. 

Can I get a Turkish Airlines discount?

Yes with Alternative Airlines, the online flight search. You can get discounted Turkish Airlines flights that fly to anywhere and where you choose to fly from. You can see our PayPal promo codes above and them to get money off your next Turkish Airlines discounted flight. Ensure to choose to pay with PayPal and in either USD or GBP to get a discount on your chosen Turkish Airlines flight. You can fly to and from Istanbul on Turkish Airlines with the whole family and get a discount when you book your airline tickets with Alternative Airlines. 

Are there cheap Air Seychelles flights?

If you are looking to get away and want discounted Air Seychelles flights, then Alternative Airlines offers a wide range of PayPal promo codes and flight voucher codes to save money on your next holiday to the Seychelles. The Seychelles is a beautiful get away and we want you to be able to afford your Air Seychelles flight there. You can also buy flights to the Seychelles and pay later or even on finance with Alternative Airlines. 

Is there a Tigerair Promo code? 

Yes, with the online flight search Alternative Airlines. You can buy cheaper flights when using the available flight promotions with PayPal and PayPal Credit. There are promo codes to use on Tigerair flights and you will be able to save money on your reservation when you use PayPal and Alternative Airlines. You can also get discounted Tigerair Australia airline tickets with the range of airfare coupons available through Alternative Airlines. Other airlines you can use our PayPal promotions with include Suncountry Airlines, Southwest an Allegiant. 

Can I use a PayPal promo code for German airlines?

Yes. Alternative Airlines offers a range of flight promo codes to use on many German airlines or airlines flying into and out of Germany. German airlines that you can use a PayPal voucher codes are Air Berlin, Lufthansa and Eurowings. Buy these discounted flights through Alternative Airlines and using PayPal.

Can I get discounted Frontier Airlines flight tickets?

Yes when you search for Frontier Airlines flights with Alternative Airlines. The travel website provides promotional codes to use airlines including Frontier Airlines when you pay in either USD or GBP and use PayPal. You can also see all infomation on Frontier Airlines' Discount Den, Discount Den deals or Discount Den membership. If you are looking for a Frontier Airlines discount on your next Frontier reservation, then you can search all airfares with Alternative Airlines. 

Make sure you have filled in your details first on the passenger page, select PayPal and then add in the flight promo code when making your Frontier Airlines reservation.

What airline ticket discount codes and coupons are there?

There are a whole, wide range of airline ticket discount codes to use that can save you $20 or £20 when you reserve flights with Alternative Airlines! For example, airlines you can use the promo codes on include American Airlines, Allegiant Air, Vietnam Airlines and El Al. You can also use the discount codes offered on other airlines including Virgin, Delta, Jetblue, Sky Express, Cathay Pacific, AirAsia and Air Canada. All you need to do is search the routes you want, select the flights required and PayPal or PayPal Credit at the checkout page. Use the US Dollar coupon or GBP code and pay in the corresponding currency to find great deals on any airline ticket.


Alternative payment methods to buy flights online

If you are looking for other alternative ways to pay for your airline tickets, but do not wish to use PayPal or PayPal Credit, there are many options that Alternative Airlines accept. You can see the options to buy flights on finance with Fly Now Pay Later (if you are a UK resident), Klarna or with Affirm if you are based in the US. Please note that any flight ticket coupons that are offered will have to be redeemed through their checkout application, and not with Alternative Airlines. You can also pay with Sofort or Google Pay.

The airline discount codes available on this page can be used on flights to Safari destinations or even Dubai if you need some inspiration on where to fly in the world.

Once your airline reservation has been confirmed, you can check-in online with Alternative Airlines or with the airline themselves.


Cheap Last Minute Air Travel

Need a flight discount code to fly to a funeral or for circumstances out of your control? See all our flight promo codes available below and book with Alternative Airlines. In more serious cases, we are aware that many airlines may not provide plane ticket refunds in the event of a death or in sensitive circumstances, but using our deals will help you get to save on the price of your flight tickets. We also provide tips and information for flying with a coffin and funeral flight assistance.

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So happy with their service

So happy with their service. I was able to pay with my PayPal wallet, they said I would have my tickets within 24 hours and I actually received them 1 hour and 30 minutes after booking. Very impressed with them!

17 agosto 2018



Would recommend to a friend

Great experience, very easy

16 agosto 2018


4 stars

Good customer service

Customer service was able to assist me and resolve my concerns

13 agosto 2018



Good Customer Service and Competitive Prices

I've chosen Alternative Airlines because they would allow PayPal. Their service is quick and has very competitive prices. I would come back here for my further trips.

6 agosto 2018