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Alternative Airlines Releases Insights Into Travellers Pet Peeves

Alternative Airlines survey results find travellers are highly irritated by noisy children, passengers standing up after the plane lands, and fellow passengers who clap at the end of a flight.


Alternative Airlines, a global flight-search website, has released data from a travel ‘pet peeves’ survey, which has highlighted some of the most annoying things travellers experience when flying - and it’s safe to say that other people top the list!

Stand out figures included:

Noisy children:

  • Women hate noisy children on flights more than men do! 

(43% of women surveyed rated noisy children as 8/10-10/10 annoyance, vs 40% of men)

  • People in the UK are more bothered by noisy children on the plane

43% of UK respondents rated noisy children as 8/10-10/10 annoyance, vs 34% of those outside of the UK)

Over eager plane leavers:

  • Men are more irritated than women by passengers immediately standing up after a plane lands

41% of men surveyed rated this as 8/10-10/10 annoyance, vs 34% of women)

  • Those outside of the UK are much less bothered than those in the UK about passengers immediately standing up after a plane lands

(30% of UK respondents, vs 20% outside of the UK)

Save the applause:

  • People from the UK are more likely to be annoyed by passengers applauding after the flight

(20% in the UK rated this as 8/10-10/10 annoyance, vs 12% outside of the UK thinking the same)

  • Men are more likely to be less bothered than women when passengers applaud after the flight

(42% of men rated this as 1/10 irritating, vs 28% of women)

For more information and additional stats and graphs, please visit 

Alternative Airlines continues to take great strides to further benefit customers, whether it’s those looking for child free flights, or those looking for airlines that cater for a specific need (such as looking for airlines that serve vegan and vegetarian meals on board). The flight-search website provides an easy way to search for flights, from the world’s major global carriers to the smaller regional airlines, with competitive prices on over 650 airlines worldwide. Alternative Airlines offers over 25 ways to pay, including international and region-specific methods such as M-Pesa, Airtel, Sofort,Tigo Pesa, as well as the option to buy flights on finance.

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About Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is a flight-search website that offers a fast, easy and convenient way to book flights to remote destinations, as well as well-known locations. Alternative Airlines specialises in providing travellers with a wider choice of flights by working with more than 650 airlines including the smaller, regional ones across the world, especially in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and South-East Asia. Alternative Airlines’ global audience can enjoy over 25 international payment methods across 160 currencies.







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