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ASKY Airlines is a passenger airline founded on the initiative of West African governments with its headquarters located at Lome, Togo.


ASKY Airlines is the pan-African airlines that was created by regional institutions: the Bank for Investment and Development (EBID), the West African Development Bank (BOAD) and the ECOBANK Group. ASKY the Pan African Airline currently operates a fleet of 7 New Generation aircrafts such as Boeing 737s and Bombardier.


ASKY Airlines operates across several West and Central African countries. ASKY Airlines flies to many destinations including Abidjan, Abuja, Accra, Bamako, Bangui, Bissau, Beirut, Brazzaville, Conakry, Cotonou, Dakar, Douala, Freetown, Kinshasa, Lagos, Libreville, Niamey, Monrovia, N'Djamena, Niamey, Ouagadougou, Pointe Noire and Yaounde.


ASKY's network currently covers 22 destinations in 20 countries of West and Central Africa. ASKY operates 210 flights a week on its network.


ASKY is able to connect flights in its network to various points in the Ethiopian Airlines network, with whom it has codeshare agreements via Addis Ababa and beyond to the Middle East, Far East and East Africa.


Ethiopian Airlines is Asky Airlines' technical and strategic partner and has a management agreement with ASKY Airlines.



Programa de viajero frecuente


ASKY Airlines operates a loyalty programme called ASKY Club, which rewards passengers for travelling frequently with ASKY Airlines.


There are 4 levels of membership available to members: 

Brown Level

Silver Level

Gold Level

Black Level.


The Black level of ASKY club is the highest level of frequent flyer program and makes it the highest customer available. When flying ASKY, customers will be granted a tier activity bonus of 100% on your status miles accrued.


As a black member, frequent flyer members will enjoy 20kg baggage allowance.



Notícias de Biman Bangladesh Airlines

22 junio 2018

New Flight Routes: From Lome-Abidjan-Accra and Lagos

ASKY Airlnies has commenced daily flights between Lome, Abidjan, Accra and Lagos from 15 junio 2018.

A statement issued in Accra by the Airline said the service was designed to provide a direct flight between Accra-Lagos and Accra-Abidjan.

The new routes offers more capacity and flexibility with a significant reduction in flight time between Abidjan, Accra and Lagos with the whole ASKY network and operated ny Boeing 737-700.

The statement said passengers on these flights would also enjoy 40kg baggage allowance in Economy class and 50kg in Business.

ASKY Airlines is a commercial company under private law and managed by experienced professionals from Africa.

The airline currently operates a fleet of 8 new Generation aircrafts, 1 Boeing 737-800, 5 Boeing 737-700 and 2 Dash Q-400.

ASKY now flies to 23 cities in 19 countries in Africa.



15 marzo 2018

Everts Air Alaska orders two MD-83 P2Fs

Everts Air Alaska (5V, Fairbanks Int'l) has ordered two McDonnell Douglas freighter conversions from Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI). In an announcement earlier this week, AEI said the aircraft would be placed with Everts Air Cargo (5V, Fairbanks Int'l) once completed. 

The first MD-83 (msn 53471) will commence modification on abril 4, 2018, and will be re-delivered at the beginning of agosto 2018. Immediately thereafter, the second MD-83 (msn TBD) will undergo modification ahead of redelivery to Everts in diciembre 2018.

Everts will use the AEI MD-83SF freighters to replace and augment their existing fleet of DC-9-30(F)s of which it operates four. It also operates one MD-82(SF) and two MD-83(SF)s as well as one B727-200(F) and two EMB-120RT(F)s among other types.


Fuente: ch-aviaiton



2 febrero 2018

Guinea Airlines chooses Ethiopian Airlines and ASKY Airlines as a strategic partner 

La empresa con sede en Conakry firmó un acuerdo sobre la provisión de transferencia de tecnología, mantenimiento y gestión comercial a las aerolíneas de Guinea. Aún no se ha especificado si las aerolíneas etíopes deben tener algún valor en la aerolínea. Esto viene junto con la asociación actual de Etiopía ASKY airlines, formando una asociación trilateral con el potencial de "llenar el vacío de conectividad aérea" entre los países del Río Mano. 


En nombre del CEO de Guinea Airlines, el Sr. Cheick Dem, por su parte, apreciaba a Ethiopian Airlines por su esfuerzo para realizar el establecimiento de Guinea Airlines. También se comprometió a respetar los términos del acuerdo y garantizar que la asociación sea un modelo.


El Excmo. Sr. Oye Guilavogui, Ministro de Transporte de Guinea, quien firmó el acuerdo, por su parte, expresó su alegría y dijo:   "Agradezco a toda la delegación que me acompañó la realización de esta asociación. Estoy muy contenta con la parte etíope que desplegó muchos esfuerzos para la firma de este acuerdo. Esperamos que para fines de junio, nuestros aviones comiencen volando a Conakry, a los países vecinos, así como a las capitales regionales ".  


6 diciembre 2017

Liberia: Asky Airlines Resume Commercial Flights to Liberia

ASKY Airlines has officially resumed flights to Liberia after three years of absence.

The Togolese-based airline in partnership with the Ethiopian Airline, touched down at the James Springs Payne Airport on Wednesday, noviembre 1, at 16:15 GMT.

In flight marked ET-AQF were 60 passengers, including a famous Liberian politician, Dew Tuah Wreh Mason.

The Airline suspended its operation in Liberia during the heat of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease in 2014.

In early June of 2014 ASKY airline flew several passengers from Liberia including the late Patrick Sawyer, who died as a result of Ebola in Nigeria.


junio 2016

ASKY Airlines received their new B737 700 aircraft with a seating capacity of 154 configured with a dual-class to reinforce the current fleet of ASKY made up of four Bombardier Dash 8 and B737-700.

This aircraft will be immediately deplored to most of the large markets within the markets within the network such as Dakar, Kinshasa, Libreville, Douala, Abidjaan, Yaounde, Bamako, Lagos.



agosto 2016

Asky Airlines, the pan African airline with the largest network in West and Central Africa, won the award for the most promising airline of the year.

ASKY's network is built around its hub in Lome which gradually positions itself as a regional hub. Strategically speaking, the Lome hub has the advantage of being positioned almost halfway between West Africa and Central Africa, enabling a perfect connection between these two regions. Business Class seats for ASKY Airlines are 60cm wide and passengers are given wool blankets and pillows.



noviembre 2016

ASKY Airlines was announced as the recipient of the African Airlines Association Airline of the Year Award for Regional Operations.

ASKY recently received the Award of THE MOST PROMISING AIRLINE OF THE YEAR by the Ghana Aviation Award held on julio 29, 2016 in Accra, Ghana. The Pan-African airline operated its first flight in 2010, and currently covers a network of 22 destinations in 19 countries with one of the youngest fleet in the region composed of eight aircrafts, including three Boeing 737-700, one Boeing 737-800 and four Bombardier DHC-8-400. In octubre 2016, Ethiopian Airlines announced it had finalised preparations to resume services to Conakry in febrero 2017.


Conakry is the capital of The Republic of Guinea and a port city on the Atlantic Ocean serving as the country’s economic, financial and cultural center. Guinea is a major producer of bauxite and has rich deposits of diamonds and gold. With this flight, Ethiopian joins partner ASKY Airlines at Conakry.


Passengers in Conakry can currently connect to major cities in West Africa and the Americas via ASKY’s hub at Lomé, including Lagos, Douala, Libreville, Cotonou, Kinshasa, Brazzaville, São Paulo and New York.



Biman Bangladesh Airlines Equipaje


 All passengers traveling on ASKY flights in business class or economy class are allowed to carry hand luggage with dimensions not to exceed:
• Length 55 cm 
• Width 25 cm 
• Depth 40 cm

The maximum weight of your luggage allowed in the cabin is:
• 10kg in business class 
• 07kg in economy class

Checked baggage: Checked baggage must not exceed a size of:
• Length 90 cm 
• Width 53 cm

The weight of checked luggage depends on the passenger's class of travel. 
The weight of the luggage in the hold will be indicated on your ticket:
• 40kg in business class 
• 30kg in economy class




Mapa de Ruta 

asky airlines route map



Rutas Populares


Lome  dark grey plane icon  Lagos


Douala dark grey plane icon  Lome


Lome  dark grey plane icon  Dakar


Brazzaville  dark grey plane icon  Lome


BISSAU  dark grey plane icon  Lome


Lome  dark grey plane icon  Abiyán

dark grey plane icon



Boeing 737-700









Bombardier dash 8 q400













Lome Tokoin Airport

Aeropuerto Principal Pegasus Airlines


Lome-Tokoin Airport is the airport serving Lome, the capital of Togo. ASKY Airlines, a subsidiary of Ethiopian Airlines has its hub airport at Lome-Tokoin Airport.

Other airlines which fly to and from this airport includes Air Burkina, Air Cote d'Ivoire, Air France, Asky Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Ceiba Intercontinental Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Royal Air Maroc



Lomé–Tokoin International Airport togo






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