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What is Baggage Protection?

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Our Baggage Protection allows you to get a $1,000 lost baggage compensation if your baggage cannot be tracked within 96 hours.

See the full terms & conditions for a full breakdown of what is covered, as well as all the criteria of the situation.

It only costs $5 to add a layer of protection to your baggage and for Blue Ribbons bags to track your bag!

*Baggage Protection is administrated by our partner, BlueRibbon Bags. All enquiries and claims should be proceeded with them*

To process a claim visit:

When am I offered Baggage Protection?

You can see this option once you have chosen your preferred flight. Baggage Protection is offered in the booking process before your flight is confirmed.

What airlines does Baggage Protection cover?

Baggage Protection covers any checked luggage on any flight, as long as your ticket includes baggage or you have purchased excess baggage. This could be flights from American Airlines, Delta, United, KLM or any of the 600+ airlines available through Alternative Airlines.

How to add Baggage Protection to your booking

We've put up a step-by-step guide to show you how to add Baggage Protection to your booking. It is quick and easy!


Enter the name of the departing and arriving airport, select the date of travel, cabin class and the number of passengers in the search form. Then press 'Search flights'.

JFK—LHR 16/11/20 Alternative Airlines Flight Search


We will show you a list of airlines and schedules available for your trip.

JFK—LHR 16/11/20 Alternative Airlines flight search results page


Select the flight(s) you want and click 'Confirm Selection'

JFK—LHR 16/11/20 Alternative Airlines flight search results page Airlines selected


Once you've filled in all the passengers details, scroll down and you will see a box showing you Lost Baggage Protection.

If you wish to add Baggage Protection to your booking, tick 'Yes, protect my baggage'.

BlueRibbon Bags selection box


Once you've selected Baggage Protection, you will see the cost being added to your cost breakdown on the right.

Continue filling out your preferred payment option and select any additional products you wish to buy.

A step-by-step guide on 'How to book flights' is available if you are unsure.

Note: if you are unsure about purchasing Baggage Protection, you can see the full details of the terms and conditions here:

BlueRibbon Bags selection box w/ BlueRibbon Bags selected

How do I file a mishandled baggage report?

If you purchased Baggage Protection and your bag is mishandled. Please file the mishandled baggage report here:

Before you file the mishandled baggage report, you must notify the airline that your baggage didn't arrive at the destination. The airline will then provide you with the tracking information to file a report.

Our partner BlueRibbon Bags will then track your lost baggage and proceed with your request.

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