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Icelandair aircraft in Northern Lights livery inflight. Photo credit Icelandair

The World's Most Creative Airline Liveries

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¿Es un pajaro? ¿Es un avión? Sí. Es un avión. ¿Pero por qué tiene la cara de Homer Simpson?

It's said that at any given moment, there are around 9,700 planes flying in the sky. Every so often, an airline will get its creative juices flowing and create an aircraft with such a fun airline livery that you'll want to fly with them just to see it in person.

Hemos compilado una lista de los mejores aviones temáticos de los últimos años que muestran las aerolíneas más imaginativas del mundo.

Alternative Airlines' favourite airline liveries

Guerra de las galaxias, todas las vías respiratorias nippon

ANA's Star Wars livery takes to the skies

All Nippon Airways (ANA) celebrated Star Wars’ eagerly anticipated return to cinema, The Force Awakens (2015), by painting four of its aircraft to look like droids from the science fiction franchise. The most iconic of these liveries was a Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was designed to look like the character, R2-D2.

Todavía en uso hoy en día, este avión podría no tener la capacidad de llevar pasajeros al espacio exterior como el Halcón Milenario , pero sirve varias rutas internacionales para ANA desde Japón a destinos como Beijing, Yakarta, Munich, París y Sydney. Y creemos que eso también es genial.

Héroes de aleta caudal, líneas aéreas noruegas

Norwegian Air Shuttle 737

Since 2002, Norwegian Airlines has had one of the best airline livery concepts in the world by painting a number of different famous Scandinavian figures on the tail fin of their aircraft — all of whom poses the same boundary pushing qualities that the airline itself proudly claims. From athletes and scientists, to artists and pioneers, the tail-fin heroes are a who’s who of Scandinavia’s biggest achievers.

As Norwegian Airlines have grown extensively in the UK over the past few years — currently flying more than 5 million UK passengers to over 50 destinations — they have started to put some iconic British figures on the tail of their aircrafts too. Today, you can expect to see the likes of Bobby Moore, Sir Freddie Laker and Freddie Mercury on the tale of Norwegian's livery.

Historia de juguete, china eastern airlines

China Eastern Airlines Toy Story Plane. Image Credit to China Eastern Airline's Instagram Page

The most recent airplane from our selection comes from China Eastern, who designed a Toy Story plane in abril 2018 that allows passengers reach for the sky. With Buzz Lightyear painted on one side, and Woody on the other, the beautiful airline livery was created by the Chinese airline in association with Disney to promote Shanghai Disney Resort on the central coast of China. Still flying today, the interior of the plane is decorated with other Toy Story favourites, including Mr. Potato Head, Slink, and Rex, while the ceiling is painted in sky blue with big white clouds.

Para aquellos que volaron en el vuelo inaugural del jet Toy Story, la diversión tampoco se detuvo en el avión. Los pasajeros pudieron hacer el check-in usando una máquina de registro de entrada personalizada de Toy Story y también fueron invitados a disfrutar de un menú temático especial de Toy Story: ¡la experiencia de vuelo definitiva de Toy Story!

El avión Toy Story de China Eastern ahora opera como uno de los aviones en un horario regular entre Beijing y Shanghai. China Eastern Airlines los vuelos entre Beijing y Shanghai están disponibles con Alternative Airlines. Entonces, si tienes la suerte, ¡podrás tomar un vuelo con Buzz y Woody tú mismo!

Pokémon, todas las vías aéreas niponas

Phokemon plane livery, ANA. Poto credit: Haseo

Before ANA brought us the Star Wars plane, they brought us the Pokémon plane. Well, nine of them to be exact. The Japanese airline revealed its first ever Pokémon plane back in 1998, when the animated media franchise was at the height of its popularity. Since then, it has created an additional eight, building them a reputation as the 'Pokemon airline'. The last Pokémon plane was created in 2011 to celebrate the release of the Pokémon Black and White video games.

I guess if you’ve gotta catch ‘em all, you can’t do it from just one country.

Sadly, ANA retired its last Pokémon-themed plane in 2016, meaning there are currently no Poké-planes being flown today. You can still fly the Tokyo—New York route that the first-ever Pokémon-themed plane flew though, along with many other routes on All Nippon Airways.

Flying 101, Kulula

Kulula's fun flying guide livery. Photo credit: Hansueli Krapf

Both witty and informative (kind of), Kulula's flying 101 aircraft is an idiot-proof guide to the Boeing 737-800 aircraft and a fantastic airline livery concept from the South African carrier. Created in 2010, the bright green plane features markings on its body that label various different parts of the jet in a somewhat comical fashion.

Por ejemplo, una flecha que apunta a la puerta frontal del avión se acompaña con el texto, "puerta de entrada (nuestra puerta está siempre abierta ... a menos que estemos a 41,000 pies)".

El avión volador 101 ha demostrado ser inmensamente popular entre el público, y muchas personas dicen que es refrescante ver que una línea aérea no se toma demasiado en serio. Se dice que el avión todavía está operando servicios programados regulares para Kalula hoy, recientemente volando la ruta entre Durban y Ciudad del Cabo.

FC Barcelona, ​​Qatar Airways

Qatar supporting FC Barcelona in the air. Photo credit: John Taggart

Para celebrar su primer vuelo directo a Barcelona, aerolíneas Qatar decorado con un Boeing 777 para que coincida con los colores del equipo de fútbol amado de la ciudad, el FC Barcelona. El cuerpo del avión lucía el emblema del FC Barcelona sentado orgullosamente sobre un remolino de colores distintivos del club de fútbol, ​​rojo y azul. Y si eso no fuera suficiente, escrito en el costado del avión en oro puro era el eslogan inspirador 'un equipo que une el mundo'.

It's one of the best airline liveries in the world if you're an FC Barcelona fan. We just hope there weren’t any Real Madrid supporters travelling to the Catalan capital with Qatar Airways that day!

Los Simpson, Western Pacific Airlines

Western Pacific's Simpsons Plane. Photo credit: Aero Icarus

The Simpsons has pretty much done it all. So, it’s no surprise that America’s favourite cartoon family had its own jet advertising the hit animated series. The entire jet was painted in the famous Simpson yellow, with characters Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie on the side.

Western Pacific Airlines fue la primera aerolínea en vender espacios publicitarios en el exterior de sus aviones. Y aunque a la gente le encantó el avión de Los Simpson, no generó suficientes ingresos para mantener el negocio de Western Pacific. La aerolínea dejó de operar en 1998, solo tres años después de su lanzamiento. En la actualidad, puede volar con varias líneas aéreas que viajan por las rutas nacionales dentro de los EE. UU. Que solía utilizar el Pacífico occidental, incluidas Cape Air , Spirit Airlines , JetBlue Airways y Frontier Airlines .

Flower power airbus, aerolíneas suizas

Swiss Airline's Peace out. Photo credit: Aero Icarus

En 2010, para celebrar el lanzamiento de su nuevo servicio entre Zúrich y San Francisco, Swiss Airlines pintó un avión con signos de paz, flores, estrellas, arco iris y, en general, todo lo hippie.

En el verdadero espíritu de San Francisco, los suizos decidieron darle el poder a la gente y poner el diseño del avión en manos del público. Lectores del diario suizo, 20 Minuten , pudimos elegir entre tres diseños diferentes para el avión. Después de 30,000 votos, el jet inspirado del último 60 salió en la parte superior, mostrando que el Verano de amor continúa corriendo profundamente en los corazones de Aerolínea suiza pasajeros

Captain Marvel, Alaska Airlines

The Marvel-inspired Alaska Airlines livery. Image Credit to Alaska Airlines.

Ahead of the release of Captain Marvel (marzo 2019), you could see the heroine flying through the sky at 30,000 feet in the air. However, this time, she wasn't using her powers to fly, nor was she trying to save the world.

Instead, she was taking passengers of Alaska Airlines' from point A to point B, as the airline created a Captain Marvel airplane livery which featured actress Brie Larson in her role as the latest Captain Marvel.

The plane flew its first service on 5 febrero 2019 and continued to fly routes to Hawaii as the superhero blockbuster's release date grew closer.

Star Wars, United Airlines

The Star Wars Boeing 737-800 United Plane. Image Credit to United Airlines.

We know what you're thinking. 'What? Another Star Wars plane?'. But when the biggest franchise in cienma history closes its final chapter (for now), you can expect that the big airlines are going to want to wear its iconography.

That's exactly what United Airlines is doing ahead of the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. United has painted one of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft black and seperated the dark from the light side of the Force with a blue lightsaber on one side of the plane and a red lightsaber on the other.

The special aircraft will first take flight in the second half of 2019 bug will not fly on any specific route. Instead, it will be used to carry out services on a number of different United flights within the US. Which means, if you're flying domestically in the USA later this year, you might just find yourself going to a galaxy far, far away.

Other Notable Liveries

Emirates, Expo 2020

Emirates A380 in Expo 2020 Livery

To celebrate the world expo 2020 being held in Dubai, Emirates commissioned that some of their Airbus A380's be covered in blue Expo 2020 branding. Isn't it an amazing change in livery!

Icelandair, Hekla Aurora

Icelandair aircraft in Northern Lights livery inflight. Photo credit Icelandair

Iceland is world-renowned for the beautifully and naturally occurring Aurora Borealis. The airline is so proud of this and whats to show the world a taste of Iceland by adding it to their livery.

Aer Lingus, Green Spirit

Aer Lingus A320 in rugby livery

Creating unity for rugby in Ireland and Northern Ireland, Aer Lingus repainted one of their Airbus A320 to represent the country in the 6 nations.

EVA Air, Hello Kitty

EVA Air 777 in Hello Kitty livery

We have all heard of the cute 'Kawai' cartoon that is Hello Kitty. EVA Air takes it one step further and adds the loveable character to their aircraft, both inside and out.

TUIfly, Haribo Golden Bears

TUIfly in a golden Haribo livery. Photo credit Humphrey Manusiwa

Everyone loves flying and candy. But what's better? Both! TUIfly brought this together with a partnership with confectionery maker Haribo to have the golden bears flown on their aircraft.

Cathay Pacific, Asia's World City

Cathay Pacific 747 in Asia's World City livery. Photo credit

Hong Kong is one of the world's and Asia's premier cities. As Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier for the state they repainted some of their fleet to represent that Hong Kong is Asia's World City.

ANA, Flying Honu

An ANA Airbus A380 in Turtle Livery. Photo credit Perry Hoppe

ANA recently took delivery of 3 Airbus A380 to be used on their Japan to Hawaii routes. These are some of the last A380s to ever be produced. To celebrate this aircraft joining the fleet the airline has painted them in distinct turtle liveries with each aircraft having a different colour scheme representing different things.

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