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10 razones para comprar vuelos con PayPal

Brianna Mills

Buying flights can be stressful. Even though we try to make the experience as stress-free as possible at Alternative Airlines, the fact is you still have a lot to think about. Did you select the right dates? Is your name spelt the same as it is on your passport? Is your layover long enough? Is your layover too long? And most importantly, have you got the time to go through the payment process and card details?

Hay suficiente para sobrecargar cuando se trata de volar sin tener que preocuparse por dónde van todos los dólares que está gastando y quién tiene su información financiera. ¡Después de todo, reservar vuelos debería ser divertido! (Bueno, nos parece divertido).

That's where PayPal comes in. Here are 10 reasons to use PayPal to buy flights:

What benefits are there when you buy airfares with PayPal and Alternative Airlines?

1 Es seguro

When you buy flights, you're handing over a LOT of personal information. Do you really want to be tapping in your card details too? When you pay for a flight with PayPal and Alternative Airlines, we don't get any access to your sensitive financial data. Your PayPal account handles everything, never exposing your card number. PayPal also offer 100% protection against any unauthorised payments from your account and monitor transactions 24/7 to protect you from fraud.

All you need to do is remember the PayPal password and email address you used to register and login with PayPal, and you can easily buy flights that way without needing your bank card. Find out all information on how to use PayPal for flights.

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2. You can pay for your flights later with PayPal Credit!

PayPal Credit is a user-friendly way for by buying flights now and paying later. Alternative Airlines allows you to spread the cost of airfares through PayPal payments in USD, Euros (Germany) and GBP. UK customers can spread the cost over 6 - 12 months or pay 0% interest over 4 months with airline tickets up to £99. It's our favourite method for paving the way of flight financing - it's the future!

And with Split Payment, you can pay for your airline tickets with a combination of PayPal and PayPal Credit! Great way to use up any remaining funds.

3 PayPal ama a los viajeros!

In 2016, PayPal sponsored Steve Booker to travel from pole to pole without carrying any physical cash. “PayPal Pole to Pole" saw Steve complete a journey from one tip of the globe to the other with only his PayPal account and smartphone. The campaign showed just how versatile PayPal can be when booking just about everything travel-related; from international flights to accommodation in some very remote destinations. PayPal embrace their international traveller community and that's why we believe the international community should embrace PayPal.

Paying for travel with PayPal is easy and Alternative Airlines is travel site that accepts PayPal for buying flights. Search flights to anywhere and everywhere and don’t worry about not having your bank card with you! Wondering which airlines take PayPal? There’s DeltaUkraine International Airlines or Southwest Airlines - the list is endless. You can buy any plane ticket with PayPal at Alternative Airlines! If you are unsure about the travel agency, find out how the legit the company really is here!

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4. Flight discounts

PayPal offer a great variety of deals when you make your purchases through them, including an enticing selection of travel offers. At Alternative Airlines, we have PayPal flight offers up our sleeve for our PayPal travelers (they range from Singapore PayPal deals to, Malaysian and Philippines PayPal promo codes).

See all the PayPal flight promo codes and save money on your next flight booking! From flights to hotels and travel insurance, there are plenty of discounts to choose from with PayPal.

5. Collecting frequent flyer program points at the same time

If you are a member of a frequent flyer program, with Alternative Airlines, you can collect points and pay with PayPal too! For example, you are wanting to collect air miles or points because you fly so much but worried that you can’t use PayPal, well you can do both! Collect SkyMiles with Delta Airlines and pay with PayPal or how about collecting AAdvantage points when booking American Airlines flights with PayPal and Alternative Airlines. We even allow you to input your LifeMiles frequent flyer membership if you book Avianca tickets with us.

Not sure which is the best frequent flyer program for you? See all about airline alliances, the perks to see which ones suits you best and how to join with our guide on the Best Frequent Flyer Programs.

6. It's convenient

It's quick and easy to book flights with PayPal. Especially when you're on the go. You can pay for travel with PayPal without needing your bank card.

For example, you're in a rush, you've got your coffee in one hand, there's two minutes until your commute train and you just so happen to come across the perfect flights. You get to the checkout and... oh wait, you need your card. Where is it again? Oh great, you're going to miss your train. And now you've timed out of your booking session and have to start all over again.

OK, this might just be our idea of a nightmare but it's definitely a thing of the past when you pay for flights with PayPal. Just log in to your PayPal account and wait for your confirmation email.

7. PayPal is accepted in many currencies

PayPal accepts payments in many currencies including Thai Baht, Australian Dollars, Singapore Dollars and even Hungarian Forint. See all the currencies that PayPal accepts.

PayPal itself has created many sites based on the language that is accepts, such as Malaysian and Japan.

8 Cabe dentro de su billetera digital

PayPal is an e-wallet (what is an e-wallet I hear you ask). Well it is essentially a digital wallet that you can download an app for and make transfers to friends and family as well make digital transactions. Find out more information on what is PayPal.

Antes de que salieras de la casa, solías verificar tu billetera y tus llaves. Luego fue tu teléfono, tu billetera y tus llaves. Ahora solo son tu teléfono y tus llaves. Pronto, probablemente sea solo tu teléfono. Las plataformas de monedero digital como Apple Pay y Google Pay son cada vez más populares y PayPal encaja perfectamente en esa categoría.

Now you can link your PayPal account to Google Pay, meaning you can now make contactless payments with PayPal. We know that contactless isn't such a handy method in the flight buying business but while you're globetrotting, you might just be able to tap for some souvenirs with only your PayPal account.

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9. There is no currency conversion headache

Thanks to the internet, people from all over the world can buy flights from anywhere in the world. But this can leave you open to large overseas transaction fees and dodgy exchange rates. We love our international customers at Alternative Airlines and that's why we love PayPal.

Many people are concerned for the PayPal foreign transaction fee for buyers and as we can offer you flight prices in over 160 currencies, the fee you see at the end of the transaction is the whole amount. We sort out the international bit with PayPal so you don't have to. In a nutshell, the price you see when you pay is the price you get. No need to worry about 3.8% + a fixed fee (the fee varies year on year) being taken out of your account after the fact.

10 Puedes apoyar una buena causa al mismo tiempo

PayPal is a massive supporter of charity donations. Globally, $1.1 billion was donated to charity purely over Christmas 2017. PayPal's partnership with eBay helped them raise $84 million last year, as well as helping 500,000+ other non-profit organisations benefit from billions worth of donations through the platform.

PayPal offers charities, such as Cancer Research UK, reduced rates and exclusive offers for their accounts. With a PayPal account, making donations is easy and secure: you know the money is going directly to the cause you support.

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How do I buy flights with PayPal?

Buying flights with paypal is actually quicker and easier than buying flights any other way. All you need is your PayPal log in rather than all those pesky card details! For more information, visit our how to buy flights with PayPal page.

If you are thinking about financing flight tickets instead, you can checkout the available Fly Now, Pay Later plans with us or PayPal Credit for airline tickets!

*Finance provided by PayPal Credit. Terms and conditions apply. Credit subject to status. UK residents only. View PayPal Credit FAQ's.

Alternative Airlines Limited actúa como agente y ofrece crédito de PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit es un nombre comercial de PayPal (Europa) S.à.rl et Cie, SCA, 22-24 Boulevard Royal L- 2449, Luxemburgo

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