Top 10 panqueques para probar en todo el mundo

Brianna Mills, 13.02.18
The Alterative Canteen: 10 min read

Food. Our love of it is universally binding. It doesn't matter who you are or where you're from, you have some kind of food culture. If you didn't, you wouldn't last long. That's why eating your way around the world is such a sensational and eyeopening experience. And no food is a better example of this than the pancake. Everyone has their own idea on what the perfect pancake should be like: fat vs thin, sweet vs savoury, the debate goes on. The quest for the perfect pancake has caused so many different cultures to come up with delicious variations and we at Alternative Airlines want to sample them all. Here's a list of the top 10 alternative pancake experiences we have had from around the world so far:

The best pancakes around the world

10 Los Blini, Rusia

Russian Blini Russian Blini with caviar

Similar to the famous French crêpe, the Russian take on the pancake comes with decadent toppings. Traditionally served up with caviar and sour cream, they may look like your standard pancake but if you go for this classic variety you'll certainly get a taste of their rich Russian influence. Historically, blinis were prepared at the end of winter to honour the rebirth of the new sun (Maslenitsa or "butter/pancake week"), which is similar to the christian Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake day.

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9. Panqueques con Dulce de Leche, Argentina

panqueques-dulce-de-leche Photo credit: Miriam Ramos

This entry is very niche for the top 10 pancakes around the world but South America is our dark horse in the pancake olympics and these are some of the best. Panqueques are simple, Argentine crêpes that are filled with thick and indulgent caramel sauce. Find them in any good cafe in Buenos Aires or around the country.

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8 Poffertjes, Amesterdam

This traditional Dutch batter treat is made with buckwheat flour. Their small size means that you can eat a LOT more of them than regular pancakes without feeling quite so awful and their light, spongey texture gives them a more dessert-like quality. This is probably why poffertjes are often sold sweet, with powdered sugar and butter. Best eaten at Christmas markets or summer festivals.

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7 Mercado de Mandalay, Myanmar

Unfortunately, I've only come across these pancakes once. This lady, sat in the heart of Mandalay market, Myanmar, churns out scrumptious savoury pancakes for a constant stream of locals. Similar to to an Indian Dosa (see below), but with a definite South East Asian flair, these pancakes are perfect for the street food grazer. An this woman is the expect chef to make them for you.

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6 Desayuno con los Tuareg, Libia

Pancakes are such a global treat that you can even eat them in the Sahara. On a 7 day camping trip in Libya, Alternative Airlines team member Sophie spent some time with the nomadic Tuareg people. Mixed with yeast and goats milk from the Tuareg's tiny farm and cooked on underground coals, sharing these pancakes with out in the middle of nowhere was an unforgettable experience. Not to mention delicious. Well worth a place on our top 10 pancake experiences around the world.

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5 El Crêpe, Francia

crepes-france Photo credit: Alpha

Esta lista no estaría completa sin el clásico crêpe francés. Tan delicioso, tan versátil, el mundo ha sido arrastrado por este tipo de panqueques una y otra vez. Puede ser un sabroso aperitivo salado con jamón y champiñones, o el dulce perfecto con plátano y miel, o tal vez incluso nutella y más nutella; todos tienen su favorito Cualquier comida que puedas comer para la cena y el postre en la misma comida merece un lugar en el salón de la fama de la comida mundial, supongo.

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4 Terang Bulan (Martabak Manis), Indonesia

Turan-Bulan-Street-Food-Bali-indonesia Terang Bulan stal, Bali. Photo credit:

Distribuidos por todo el país desde Bali hasta Sumatra, los vendedores de Terang Bulan salen al atardecer para abastecer al local con su postre de la tarde. Siempre emparejado en un puesto con su conterpart sabroso salado frito, Martabak, Terang Bulan es un panqueque grueso con una consistencia más parecida a un crumpet. Lo que significa 'Luna brillante' en indonesio, Teranag Bulan se cocina en una sartén redonda gruesa y se cubre con leche condensada, queso, chispitas de chocolate, cacahuetes u otras variaciones regionales. Luego, se dobla por la mitad como un sándwich y se corta en trozos pequeños.

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3 Dosa, India

El masala dosa fue lo primero que comí cuando llegué al subcontinente indio, y ciertamente no fue el último durante mi estancia. Una característica típica de la dieta del sur de la India, dosa se parece al clásico crepé, pero no se parece a nada que puedas encontrar en una crepería parisina. Sus ingredientes principales son arroz y gramo negro y normalmente se rellena y se sirve junto con sambar (un guiso a base de lentejas en un caldo de tamarindo). Como toda la comida india auténtica, es una sensación de sabor y un artículo de desayuno imprescindible. Merecedor de un lugar destacado en nuestros mejores panqueques de 10 alrededor del mundo.

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2. Injera, Ethiopia

injera-ethiopian-bread (1) Photo credit: Rama

Injera is really more of a flat bread than a pancake, but I couldn't leave off this unique Ethiopian delicacy. Made from sourdough teff flour and with a slightly spongey texture, Injera is typically served as the base for different kinds of wat or tsebhi (traditional stews).

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1 Wild Berry, Chicago, Estados Unidos

Pancake 4Wild Berry Cafe, Chicago. Photo credit: Alex Booth

While pancakes around the world all have their different unique styles and flavours, for me, the classic American stack always wins out. In fact, if you asked me the question: "If you could be eating pancakes anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?"

La respuesta sería Baya silvestre , Chicago, EE. UU. Todo el tiempo. Cuando se trata de desayuno, más importante aún, cuando se trata de panqueques, Estados Unidos sabe lo que está haciendo. Y Wild Berry, en mi opinión humilde y muy subjetiva, es la créme de la créme de esta fabulosa experiencia gastronómica. El hecho de que el restaurante solo abre para el desayuno y el brunch lo dice todo.

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