10 Reasons to Buy Flights with Klarna

Beth Watson, 06.03.19

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We’ve all had that moment. You’ve been daydreaming about that perfect holiday, checking the cost of flights daily and you’ve finally found the perfect deal. Only one snag, you’ve checked your bank balance and it's just not going to cut it. What do you do? Do you wait until the price of the flight to go up? Or forget the holiday altogether?

Well, now you don’t have to! Alternative Airlines has partnered with Klarna so that you can delay the cost of flights, or ‘slice’ your payment into monthly installments.

Not sure whether it’s right for you? Check our top ten reasons for paying for flights with Klarna.

So, what are the benefits of using Klarna to buy flights?

1 Es seguro

SOFORT, Klarna’s online payment system, is one of the safest on the internet. There’s no storage of your confidential data and none of your personal details are shared with the merchant. So you can make smoooth flight payments without worrying about your personal information being passed onto a third party.

2. It's quick

green-phone-on-klarna-pink-table Photo credit:Klarna

Klarna only requires your basic info to set up a short term payment plan. So you can whizz through to check out without waiting for the cost of your flight to rise. Once your details are stored, there’s no need to go and grab your card when making payments, meaning you can pay for your flights as swiftly as possible.

3. You don't have to wait to purchase


Alternative Airlines knows a lot about getting the cheapest flight deals, and being able to grab a flight quickly is one of the best tips for making sure you get the cheapest airfare. With Klarna, you don’t have to wait around to buy the flights you need so you can get them when they’re at their cheapest.

4. It takes the sting out of a big purchase

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Whether you’re visiting family on the other side of the world or you’ve spent months saving to travel around South East Asia, forking out for a long haul flight can sometimes be difficult to stomach. Being able to ‘slice’ your payment, on the other hand, takes the sting out of a big flight purchase and gives you the flexibility you need to manage your funds.

5. It's flexible


Klarna offers a range of different payment methods so you choose what works for you. Passengers can delay flight payments by up to 30 days and even ‘snooze’ payday for a small fee. Alternatively, you can 'slice' your payment into three equal payments which are automatically deducted from your bank each month.

6. It's there during an emergency

We always hope it won’t happen, but the truth is sometimes you might have to travel in an emergency. With Klarna, you’re never strapped for cash at the moment when you need it most.

7. It helps you budget before a big trip or festival


Anyone who’s gone to a big festival knows how costly the whole trip can be. That’s why festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury often offer payment plans to help you budget before the big event. Using Klarna, you can help spread the cost of your flights the same way you do for your festival ticket.

8. It's transparent

Klarna is Swedish for “clear” and the company aims to be as transparent as possible about its lending policy. To find out more about their commitment to responsible lending, read all about their openness policy.

9. It can help you travel around the world


If you plan on travelling for several months, paying for long haul flights up front can take a big chunk out of your food or accommodation fund. Delaying your flight's payment, or paying later in installments is a great way to help you budget while you’re on the road. Alternative Airlines can also help you plan your multi-city route with our multi-stop flight feature.

10. And, don't forget, it's Snoop Dogg endorsed

Alternative Airlines is one of the first online travel sites that uses Klarna in the UK. Klarna is available to Alternative Airlines customers in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the United Kingdom.

Read more about Klarna to find out which payment options are available in your country and discover all the different ways Klarna can make paying for flights a breeze.

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