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About Blue Wing Airlines

Blue Wing Airlines is a privately owned, scheduled passenger carrier based in Paramaribo, Suriname. The airline commenced operations in 2002, and flies from Zorg en Hoop Airport, near Paramaribo, to domestic destinations in Suriname.

As well as commercial passenger flights, the airline also operates cargo and commercial flights within Suriname, as well as having the capacity to fly to international destinations, including Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela and islands in the Caribbean.

Due to restrictions placed on the airline by the EU Transportation Commission, Blue Wing Airlines is not currently allowed to fly in European airspace.


Destinos Nacionales

The airline operates scheduled passenger flights to domestic destinations, including remote and smaller regional airstrips in Suriname.

Destino Aeropuerto IATA
Antino Lawa Antino Airstrip -
Tabiki Lawa Tabiki Airstrip -
Lawa Lawa Cottica Airstrip -
Drietabbetje Drietabbetje Airstrip -
Stoelmans Stoelmans Eiland Airstrip SMZ
Gakaba Gakaba Airstrip SMGA
Pikienkondre of Miranda Godo Holo Airstrip -
Langatabbetje Langatabbetje Airstrip SMLT
Aurora Laduani Airstrip LDO
Botopasi Botopasi Airstrip BTO
Djoemoe Djoemoe Airstrip DOE
Cajana Cayana Airstrip AAJ
Palumeu Palumeu Airport -
Pelelu Tepu Tepoe Airstrip KCB
Sipaliwini Sipaliwini Airstrip SMSI
Kwamalasamutu Kwamelasemoetoe Airstrip SMSM
Sipaliwini Sipaliwini Airstrip SMSI
Alalapadu Alalapadu Airstrip SMDU
Apetina Apetina Airstrip SMPT
Lely Lelygebergte Airstrip SMLI
Apoera Washabo Airstrip WSO
Pusugrunu Pusugrunu airstrip -

Información de registro

Web Check-in

Online check-in is not currently available.

Check-in en el aeropuerto

Check opens two hours before scheduled departure, and closes 30 minutes before departure.

Cabin Classes: Economy Class

There is only one cabin class available on flights: Standard Economy.


Although facilities may be limited onboard, passengers can expect a premium experience, with stunning views from the aircraft. Entertainment systems are unfortunately not available on scheduled passenger flights.

Información de equipaje

Please note that the following information is a guide and subject to change based on route and a number of other factors, and will be confirmed during the booking process. In all cases, weight limit and size restrictions will apply, so passengers are asked to familiarise themselves with this information before arriving at the airport.

Equipaje de Mano

The checked baggage allowance is 15 kg per person.

Equipaje Facturado

The hand baggage allowance on Blue Wing Airlines flights is 5 kg per person.


The airline’s fleet includes the following aircraft: Cessna 206 (5 passengers), Cessna 208 Caravan (9 passengers), De Havilland Canada DHC-6-200 Twin Otter (19 passengers), and a Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II (10 passengers).

The Cessna Caravan: Blue Wing operates its two Supervan 900 daily to all the domestic airfields in its schedule.

The Cessna 206: This aircraft is used for passenger, not exceeding 400kg, only to destinations with very short airstrips.

The Twin Otter: This aircraft is used on busier routes, to carry up to 19 passengers.

Programa de viajero frecuente

The airline does not currently offer a frequent flyer program.

Alianza de aerolíneas

The airline is not currently part of an airline alliance program.

Special Services

The airline is always happy to provide special services for those with disabilities or requiring additional assistance. As much as the airline will strive to meet your requirements, due to the configuration of the airline's small aircraft, there may be restrictions. Therefore, it is advised to contact our customer service team before you book, in order to avoid disappointment.

Aeropuerto Principal

Zorg en Hoop Airport

Zorg en Hoop Airport (IATA: ORG) is a general aviation airport serving the city of Paramaribo, in Suriname. The airport is located 1.9 miles west of the Suriname River. The airport is used for private charter flights and a small number of regular passenger services, operated using smaller aircraft. Currently, the only other airline providing scheduled services is Trans Guyana Airways, which flies to Correira, Georgetown.

Alternative Airlines

The following airlines operate flights to Surinam:

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