Boeing 747

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Boeing 747

Discover more about the Boeing 747, including technical specifications, features and which airlines use the 747 'Jumbo Jet'.

About the Boeing 747

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The Boeing 747 is a large, wide-body commercial jet airliner aircraft, with four wing-mounted engines. It is used as both a passenger carrier and cargo carrier. The 747 first flew in 1970 with Pan Am and was the first wide-body airplane to be manufactured by Boeing - it was the first plane to be dubbed a 'Jumbo Jet'. As of junio 2019, 1,554 have been built. Europe is the biggest region for 747's currently in service. British Airways are a primary operator of the 47, along with Lufthansa, Korean Air, and Atlas Air (cargo).

747 operated by British Airways, connected to a loading bridge

The distinctive forward part of the aircraft, with its hump upper deck, make the aircraft easily recognisable. The 747 has a double-deck configuration for the first part of its length. The upper deck of this 'hump' was designed to be able to easily convert into a cargo carrier and serves as a first-class cabin or to provide extra seating.

One of the most common variants in service is the 747-400, which can comfortably carry up to 416 passengers in a three-class configuration, 524 passengers in a two-class layout, or up to 660 passengers in a high–density one-class layout.

The 747-8

The 747-8 is the latest and third generation of the 747. The passenger model (747-8 Intercontinental, or '747-8i') was first delivered in 2012; as of julio 2019, there are 47 orders for a passenger version of the aircraft. The 747-8 is the largest commercial aircraft built in the United States and features enhanced design features, including a curved stairway, a more spacious passenger entrance, and improved fixtures. Lufthansa is the largest operator of the 747-8i.

Technical Spec of the 747

Spec 747SP 747-100 747-200B 747-300 747-400ER 747-8
Range 5,830 nmi
10,800 km
4,620 nmi
8,560 km
6,560 nmi
12,150 km
6,330 nmi
11,720 km
7,670 nmi
14,200 km
7,730 nmi
14,320 km
Length 56.3 m 70.66 m 70.66 m 70.66 m 70.66 m 70.66 m
Cabin Width 239.5 in 239.5 in 239.5 in 239.5 in 239.5 in 239.5 in
Wing Span 59.6 m 59.6 m 59.6 m 59.6 m 64.4 m 68.4 m
Typical Seat Count (3-class) 276 366 366 400 416 467
Cargo 110 m3 175 m3 175 m3 175 m3 160 m3 179.7 m3

Passenger Features of the Boeing 747

Looking down at a 747 showing its distinct humped front

Interior Features Designed for Comfort

Extra headroom over the seats elevates the space and enhances passenger comfort. The sculpted celling with LED lighting creates an open, wam, and relaxing space. A variety of colours and intensities are used to simulate natural light, gradually changing through a spectrum of lighting from sunrise to sunset. The lavatories are also designed to enhance the functionality and comfort of the space.

Spacious, Convenient Storage

New larger overhead bins pivot for easy access and provide every passenger with plenty of room to store their baggage. Storage bins store into the ceiling so are out of the way. New latches also make opening and closing the bins easier.

Offering More in Economy Class

Back-of-seat entertainment systems mean all Economy passengers can enjoy the best on-demand content right from their seat.

Luxurious Business Class

Enjoy a 'private jet' experience, the more spacious premium seating area is an ideal space to relax. Open, bright, and with plenty of space, look forward to an exclusive flying experience on the upper-deck of the plane.

Superior First Class

The 747-8 features an exclusive and private first class cabin. Free from any passing traffic, the private cabin has Dreamliner-inspired cabin enhancments. Many cabins feature a private bar.

Which airlines use the Boeing 747?

As well as a number of Cargo Carriers, the following Passenger Carriers currently operate the 747:

Air Georgia Aire china Air Atlanta Icelandic
Air india Asiana Airlines Bahrain Royal Flight
British Airways aerolíneas caspian Cathay Pacific
China Airlines Aerolienas de China del Sur Cosair International
Dubai Royal Air Wing Aerolíneas de EL AL Israel Eva Air
Iran Air Iraqi Airways Kalitta Air
KLM Aire coreano lufthansa
mahan aire Max Air Líneas aéreas nacionales
Qantas Rossiya Airlines Saudi Arabian Airlines
Aerolíneas de Suparna Thai Airways International VIRGIN ATLANTIC
Wamos air

How can I book flights on the Boeing 747?

When you search for flights through Alternative Airlines it is quick and easy to see which plane will be used on each flight. Just click on the details icon on the flight that you want to search to see if it will be operated with a Boeing 747. You can visit our page 'what aircraft will I fly on?' for more information on how to do check which aircraft you will be flying on.


How many Boeing 747 are there?

1,544 Boeing 747 have been delivered. It was the world's leading widebody aircraft, until being overtaken by the Boeing 777, which reached 1,547 deliveries in 2019.

Which is bigger the Boeing 777 or Boeing 747?

The 777 is a 2 engined commercial wide-body airliner also made by Boeing. The 747 is larger and offers a premium space for passengers. Onboard experience is comparable on both the 777 and 747, but being more fuel efficient makes the 777 perfect for high demand routes. The 777x-9 has been designed to replace the Boeing 747.

How safe is the Boeing 747?

The Boeing 747 is one of the safest aircraft that has ever been produced and among Boeing's safest planes. It has widely been reported to be one of the safest aircraft in the world.

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