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Buy Flights in Algerian dinar with Alternative Airlines

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Did you know that, along with over 70 other currencies, with Alternative Airlines you can pay for flights using Algerian Florin (DZD)?

With over 650 airlines available, and over 25 different payment options, search and book flights in DZD today!

How to BOOK flights in Algerian dinar

Follow these two steps to search and book flights in Algerian Dinar.


Locate and click on the default currency option at the top of the page, as demonstrated in the picture below. This will open the currency changer tool. Type in 'Algerian Dinar' and select DZD.

Fill out the Alternative Airlines' search form and press 'Search flights'. 

Alternative Airlines currency changer example


The flight results page will display available flights, based on the dates and destinations you entered. The price clearly highlighted in Algerian Dinar! 

Find the perfect flight for you and confirm your selection. Follow the simple instructions on the page to complete your flight purchase in DZD.

Alternative Airlines Algerian Dinar search results page

About Algerian dinar (dzd)

The Algerian Dinar (DZD) is the currency of Algeria. It was introduced 1964, replacing the Algerian Franc. The Dinar is divided into Santeem, whereby 1 Dinar = 100 Santeem. Bank notes are issued by the Central Bank of Algeria. The symbol for the Dinar is DA, and the the Arabic symbol is د.ج

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