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Buy Flights in ANGOLAN KWANZA with Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines lets you book flights on over 650 airlines, using 25 different ways to pay and over 170 currency options.

Angolan Kwanza is one of the currencies you can use to book flights!

How to BOOK flights in Angolan kwanza

Use these two steps to complete your flight search in AOA.


Find and select the default currency option at the top of the page, as shown in the picture below. This opens the currency changer tool. Type in 'Angolan kwanza', and select AOA as your chosen currency.

Fill out the search form and click on 'Search flights'.

Alternative Airlines currency changer


After pressing 'Search flights', the results page will load. You will be able to scroll through all available flights based on the dates and destinations you chose. The price will be clearly highlighted in Angolan Kwanza!

All you need to do now is find the best flights for you! Then simply follow the instructions on the page to purchase your flights in AOA!

Alternative Airlines Aruban Florin search results page


The Angolan Kwanza (AOA) is the currency used in Angola. Interestingly, the currency derives its name from the Kwanza River in Angola. The Kwanza was introduced in 1999, and replaced the Kwanza Reajustado (AOK). AOA is subdivided into coin denominations of 100 centimos, and is denoted by the symbol Kz.