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Buy Flights in BHUTANESE NGULTRUM with Alternative Airlines

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Search for your flights in Bhutanese ngultrum (BTN) and pay in Bhutan's national currency. Alternative Airlines offer flights from over 650 airlines, with more than 25 different payment methods and 160 different currencies to pay in.

Want to know how to pay for your flights in BTN? Follow our short guide below.

How to Book flights in BHUTANESE NGULTRUM


Use the currency changer above the search form to easily switch the default currency to Bhutanese ngultrum. 

Fill out the search form with the destinations and dates of your travel and search for flights. 

Alternative Airlines currency changer Bhutanese ngultrum


Alternative Airlines will now display all flight prices in BTN, as shown highlighted by red in the image below. 

Select the fare that you wish to purchase and continue with the booking. When prompted to pay, the transaction will go through in BTN. 

Alternative Airlines Bhutanese ngultrum search results page


The Bhutanese ngultrum is the main currency in Bhutan and is used alongside the Indian rupee. The Bhutanese ngultrum was introduced in 1974 and was the first currency created and issued out by the Bhutanese government, through the Bank of Bhutan. The Bhutanese ngultrum is currently pegged to the Indian rupee.

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