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Bitcoin Flights


Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency with the symbol '₿' and is a type of money that is completely virtual. It is perhaps the best-known cryptocurrency and is used by around 5 million unique users. Bitcoin was invented in 2008, and was initially released in enero 2009. Bitcoin is decentralised so is not controlled by banks or government.

Each Bitcoin is a file stored in a digital wallet, and can be sent (whole or as a part) to other people, or used to pay for goods. Each transaction made with Bitcoin is recorded on a public list, constructed using blockchain technology, which makes the history traceable, meaning it is more secure and stops people spending fake coins they do not own.

Bitcoins are originally created with a computer using a process called mining, where computers have to work to solve complex problems and are rewarded with Bitcoins when solved, but you can buy them with real money or by exchanging them for items.


Why use Bitcoin to buy flights?


Because of the Blockchain technology, purchases made using Bitcoin are anonymous. This is because the levels of encryption mean that although every purchase made with Bitcoin is traceable, they can never be associated with a personal identity. This is much like the anonymity of cash purchases.

No third-party interruptions

Bitcoin is simply peer-to-peer, with no interruptions of transactions from governments or banks. This means that if you have the funds available, paying for flights with Bitcoin is seamless and uninterrupted.

Mobile Transactions

Bitcoin users can pay with their coins anywhere they have access to the internet. This means that you don't need to have a physical wallet or card with you, and can instead simply log into your e-wallet to quickly and easily pay for flights. This is also useful if you are purchasing flights when you are not at home, or have lost your physical cards and need a way to pay for flights.


Bitcoin for Flights

Which flights accept Bitcoin?

When using Alternative Airlines to pay for flights, you will be able to search over 650 different airlines and use Bitcoin to pay for any route that you wish to purchase. In effect, this means that there are 650 airlines that accept Bitcoin as payment, when using Alternative Airlines.

How do I pay for flights with Bitcoin?

Once passengers have searched and selected their flights on Alternative Airlines, at checkout they can select the e-wallet UTRUST. UTRUST allows passengers to pay in a selection of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Alternatively, passengers can use digital wallets Skrill and Neteller, which can be pre-loaded with different currencies and Bitcoin being one of them. This means that through using Skrill or Neteller, you can use Bitcoin to pay for flights.