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Buy Flights using Compound (COMP)

Search and book flights through Alternative Airlines and use Compound (COMP) and other payment methods including 'buy now, pay later', e-wallets and other cryptocurrencies.


What is Compound?

Compound is also known as cTokens, offers a decentralized finance protocol built on Ethereum. The platform allows users to lock their Cryptocurrency assets into the protocol.

What is the currency code for Compound?

COMP is the currency code for Compound.

How to buy flights with Compound

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Follow these steps to search and book your flights using Compound:

  • 1

    Use the search bar at the top of the page and type in your chosen dates of travel and destinations.

  • 2

    The flights available will then be listed on the flight results page. Take a look at all the flights available and confirm your selection.

  • 3

    Complete the passenger details and select 'CoinGate' and then select 'Compound (COMP)' to purchase your flight.

  • 4

    Once your booking is confirmed, we'll send you your e-ticket straight away.

Compound & Flights

Compound (COMP) is a decentralized, blockchain protocol running on the Ethereum network. It works as a decentralized application that enables decentralized finance (DeFi) features directly on the Ethereum blockchain. With Compound users are able to either request loans or earn interest by lending cryptocurrencies they own – all through autonomous smart contracts.

Why use Compound to book flights?

Política de privacidad

Compound uses a decentralized network and using the blockchain technology to make your transaction private. Compound behaves similarly to a bank but it is more easily accessible. Users are not required to provide personal and private information.

It’s quick and easy

Booking flights is quick and easy with Alternative Airlines! There aren't many steps when it comes to paying with Compound. Transactions are also completed almost instantly.

Safe and secure

Compound takes security as its highest priority and has invested efforts to create a protocol that believes is safe and dependable.

Compound and Flights

How can I store Compound?

You can store Compound using any Ethereum compatible wallet.

Where can I buy Compound?

You can purchase Compound (COMP) from cryptocurrency exchanges. Once you own enough Compound, you can buy flights using Compound.

What is the currency code for Compound?

The currency code for Compound is COMP

Can I use Compound to book flights?

Yes, of course, you can! You can buy flights using Compound. You need to fill in our search form and select the flight you wish to fly on. Once this is done, you can fill in the passenger details page and select 'CoinGate' and choose to pay with 'Compound' to complete the transaction.

Where can I book flights using Cryptocurrency?

You can buy flights using cryptocurrencies at Alternative Airlines. There are at least over 70 cryptocurrencies available here at Alternative Airlines including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Loopring, Polygon and many more.

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