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Buy Flights using Ravencoin

If you're looking for a flexible payment option for your flights, we have multiple options for you. From buy now pay later, e-wallet to cryptocurrencies, there are plenty of options. In fact, we have more than 70 cryptocurrencies for you to choose from including Ravencoin (RVN).

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What is the Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a protocol that is based on Bitcoin technology and offers the Ravencoin blocked the capability to offer tokens. Its aim is to increase the processing time of transactions and increase security and privacy using a decentralised platform.

Ravencoin was launched in enero 2018. It focuses on transferring assets from one party to the other. All transactions are processed instantly regardless of where you're located.

Not only is the transactions being processed quicker and more secure, there's also more coin supply for users.

What are Ravencoin tokens?

Ravencoin tokens are coins that are used specifically on the Ravencoin blockchain that supports all the transactions.

How to buy flights with Ravencoin

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Want a fast, easy and convenient flight booking experience? Follow the steps below to find your next flight:

  • 1

    Use our search form at the top of the page to find the best flight available to you. Simply fill in the departing and arriving airport to start the flight search.

  • 2

    All the flights available for your route will be presented to you on the flight results.

  • 3

    Enter the passenger details page and select to pay with Ravencoin (RVN).

Ravencoin and Flights

How can I store Ravencoin?

You can store Ravencoin in any Ethereum compatible wallet. There's also an official Ravencoin wallet on both desktop and mobile for you to use.

Is Ravencoin safe to use?

Yes, Ravencoin is safe to use. It uses the blockchain technology to ensure that transactions are anonymous and secure. So no one will know who made the transaction and to who.

How can I aquire Ravencoin?

You can buy Ravencoin at both non-custodial and custodial exchanges. You can acquire Ravencoin using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.

Can I use Ravencoin to book flights?

Of course, you can. Thanks to our partner CoinGate, you can now book flights with us using Ravencoin. It can be used on any flights from 600+ airlines that we offer including American Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, United Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and many more.

What other cryptocurrencies can I use to book flights through Coingate?

Thanks to our partner CoinGate, we're now offering more than 70+ cryptocurrencies for you to book flights with. These include Cardano, Ethereum, Loopring and many more.