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About Cambodia Angkor Air

Cambodia Angkor Air is the national flag carrier airline of Cambodia, headquartered in Phnom Penh.

The Airline flies to 14 destinations throughout South-East Asia, including Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Singapore and Bangkok. The airline carrier plans routes to Japan, Seoul, Hong Kong, Danang, Sihanoukville and Hanoi. Cambodia Angkor Air also operates charter flights to Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Seoul.

The airline established operations in julio 2009 with the intention of becoming the leading airline offering safe and comfortable air travel within Cambodia, and internationally through our partners.

The airline is owned by the Cambodian government and Vietnam Airlines and has a codeshare agreement with the airline.

Cambodia Angkor Air's fleet consists of Airbus A321 and ATR 72.





Blue icon baggage   Cambodia Angkor Air allows each passenger to carry onboard a free baggage allowance: two pieces for Business class passenger and one piece for Economy class passenger. Each piece has a maximum weight of 7kg and the sum of three dimensions shall not exceed 115cm (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm) or (22 x 14 x 9 inches). 


Mapa de Ruta

Cambodia Angkor Air route map



Rutas Populares

Phnom penh Plane icon Hanoi


Vientiane Plane icon Phnom penh


Hanoi Plane icon Vientiane


Ho Chi Minh Plane icon Vientiane


Siem Reap Plane icon Guangzhou


Phnom penh Plane icon Llevar a la fuerza

Front facing plane icon


Economy Class

Economy Class Facilities

Economy class takes up the majority of seats in the planes. Onboard, passengers can choose to purchase items of food and drink from the meals served to keep them refreshed during the flight.

Economy Class Seating

Seats are standard, with enough leg room and spacing between chairs to keep your flight enjoyable.



Premium Economy Class

Passengers travelling in this class will receive a greater level of service on board their flight, but also before travelling to the airport.

Premium Economy Class Facilities

Passengers will enjoy priority boarding onto the plane, and also access to the premium airport business lounge when flying internationally. They will also have their own dedicated check-in counter, meaning that there is less time spent queuing in the airport. Passengers in this class will also have more free baggage allowance compared to passengers in economy class. The inflight service is the same as economy passengers, meaning they will receive the same food, drinks and entertainment.

Premium Economy Class Seating

With premium economy seats, passengers can receive extra legroom and wider seat for more comfort and relaxation.



Airbus A321- 200







ATR 72-500










Cambodia Angkor Air Hub Airport

Aeropuerto Internacional de Phnom Penh 

El aeropuerto internacional de Phnom Penh es el centro de Angkor Air en Camboya y es el aeropuerto más grande de Camboya. Las aerolíneas que utilizan el aeropuerto internacional de Phnom Penh incluyen AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, China Airlines, EVA Air, Korean Air, Cambodia Angkor Air y Thai Airways. El aeropuerto tiene 1 fuera de control y tiene una capacidad de diseño de 2 millones de personas por año, con dos edificios terminales, uno para operaciones internacionales y otro para operaciones nacionales.  

Other airlines that operate from Phnom Penh International airport include Cambodia Angkor Air, Bassaka Air, Cambodia Airways, Cambodia Bayon Airlines, JC International Airlines, KC International Airlines, Lanmei Airlines and the upcoming Cambodia MJ Airlines.


Aeropuerto Internacional de Phnom Penh