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About China United Airlines

China United Airlines is positioned as a mass-market economy airline, and is a low-cost carrier with headquarters in the Fengtai District of Beijing.

China United Airlines was originally founded in 1986 as part of the Chinese military but ceased flying between 2003-2005. It began operations again in 2005 with Shanghai Airlines as it's primary stakeholder. Although the airline is no longer related to the Chinese military, it still is able to use a number of military airports. China United Airlines became a low-cost airline in 2014 in order to keep up with the latest trends in the aviation industry.

In octubre 2010, Shanghai Airlines underwent a joint reorganisation with China Eastern Airlines. Today, the airline is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines.

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Ciudad Aeropuerto IATA
Fuyang Fuyang Airport FUG
Hefei Hefei Xinqiao International Airport HFE
Beijing Beijing Daxing International Airport Hub PKX
Fuzhou Fuzhou Changle International Airport FOC
Longyan Longyan Guanzhishan Airport LCX
Guangzhou Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport PODER
Foshan Foshan Airport FUO
Shenzhen Shenzhen Baoan International Airport SZX
Jieyang Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport SWA
Zhanjiang Zhanjiang Xiting International Airport ZHA
Sanya Sanya Fenghuang International Airport SYX
Nanyang Nanyang Jiangying Airport NNY
Changsha Changsha Huanghua International Airport CSX
Baotou Baotou Airport BAV
Hailar Hailar Dongshan Airport HLD
Hohhot Hohhot Baita International Airport HET
Ordos Ordos Airport DSN
Wuxi Wuxi Shuofang Airport WUX
Lianyungang Lianyungang Baitabu Airport LYG
Nanjing Nanjing Lukou Airport NKG
Ganzhou Ganzhou Airport KOW
Yulin Yulin Airport UYN
Linyi Linyi Airport LYI
Llevar a la fuerza Aeropuerto Internacional de Shanghai Hongqiao SHA
Llevar a la fuerza Shanghai Pudong International Airport PVG
Chengdu Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport CTU
Ürümqi Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport URC
Hangzhou Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport HGH
Quzhou Quzhou Airport JUZ

Equipaje permitido

Asignación de equipaje de mano

The hand baggage allowance for your China United Airlines flight will vary according to the class fare purchased. To find out your baggage allowance for your China United Airlines flight, please consult your travel itinerary. But as a guide, in most instances, passengers are entitled to 10kg of free carry-on.

Equipaje facturado

A passenger's baggage allowance will vary according to the ticket fare and destinations. But in general, economy passengers will need to pre-purchase checked baggage - or purchase allowance (additional fees) at the airport. Checked baggage will have to fit within maximum dimensions of no more than 40cm x 60cm x 100cm.

Información de registro

Web Check-in

Online check-in is only available for flights departing from Beijing Airport. This can be completed through the China United Airlines webpage. Note that sometimes the airline will close its online check-in function - when this happens, check-in will need to be undertaken at the airport.

For all other routes, online check-in is not currently available, and will need to be completed at the airport.

Check-In at the Airport

Passengers flying with China United Airlines are recommended to arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to flight departure to make sure they have plenty of time to check-in for their flight. Check-in closes 40 minutes before departure.

Clase Económica

The airline is a LCC, meaning services such as checked baggage and in-flight meals will have fees.


There is an in-flight magazine for entertainment, with on-board duty-free shopping available. On-board WiFi is not available.


Water (bottled) is available for free on flights. There is no complimentary meal. Depending on the route, a number of meal options are available for purchase. Passengers can bring their own snacks on-board. There are no special meal options available.

What are Seats Like?

Seats are basic but comfortable, with padded headrests and armrests and drop-down trays. Seats are configured in a 3-3 formation.

Selección de asiento

Online seat selection is available for some flights on certain routes from Beijing Airport. This will be confirmed during the booking process.

China United Airlines Fleet

The China United Airlines fleet includes 8 Boeing 737-700 and 29 737-800 aircraft. Previously, the airline operated 2 Tupolev T-154M aircraft.

Boeing 737-700 8 126 8
Boeing 737-800 41 186 n/a

China United Airlines Hub Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport

China United airlines was the only airline that used Beijing Nanyuan Airport as its hub. The airport is a military airbase that is also used as a secondary airport for the city of Beijing. Airlines that will operate out of Beijing Daxing include Xiongan Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines.

Alianza de aerolíneas

China United Airlines is not part of an airline alliance.

Programa de viajero frecuente

China United Airlines does not offer a frequent flyer program.

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