Christmas Flights 2023

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Buy Christmas Flights

Looking to book flights for the Christmas period? This guide provides information on getting the best deal for Christmas Flights 2023, with tips for travelling over the festive period.

Flights for the Christmas Holidays

Whether you are looking to buy domestic flights to fly back home to spend Christmas with family, get away for an exotic vacation away from the stress of the holiday season, or looking for some extra festivities by visiting an alternative Christmas market, Alternative Airlines has the right flights for you.

Christmas flights are not just those which fly on Christmas Day (25 diciembre). They can be flights departing anytime over the Christmas Period, generally the two weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year. In 2023, this period will fall from Monday 18 diciembre to Monday 1 enero.

When is the best time to fly over Christmas?

For Cheap Christmas flights

There is an urban myth that means people often believe Christmas Day is the cheapest day to fly over Christmas, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, Christmas Day is often the most expensive day for flying, depending on where you are travelling. If possible, try to avoid the busiest peak travel dates, from 24th to 28 diciembre for cheaper flights. We suggest using Alternative Airlines’ best fare finder to find the cheapest day and time to fly within a week’s period.

Tip: check out our cheap flights in December page for more tips on how to find cheap flights during the month.

For quieter Christmas flights

If you want to avoid the busiest flights over the Christmas period, the 17th of the month is said to be the quietest day for travel. The Saturday directly before Christmas is said to be the busiest day for travel, so make sure you avoid this date if you are looking to avoid hectic airports. In 2023 this date will fall on Saturday 23 diciembre.

When's the best time to buy Christmas Flights for 2023?

Based on previous years, the first week of November is considered the cheapest time to book Christmas flights. Therefore, the week commencing the 1 noviembre to the 8 noviembre 2023. Make sure you read our blog on the cheapest day to buy flights to find out more top tips about getting the best deal for your Christmas flights with Alternative Airlines. Why not make the most of Black Friday this year and buy a flight for Christmas with Alternative Airlines’ Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals, or take a look at our offers page?

Top Tip: Why not make use of our calendar to find the cheapest day to fly during the festive period.

Gifting Christmas Flights

With Alternative Airlines, you can buy a flight for someone else such as for a Christmas present, or an early surprise so that you can spend the holidays together. Find out how to buy flights as a gift with Alternative Airlines here.

Tips for travelling over the Christmas period

Top Destinations for Christmas

Nueva York

There’s a reason this magical city is often featured as a filming location in Christmas films. Fly here with JetBlue Airways or American Airlines.


Fancy visiting a traditional Christmas market this December? Airlines that fly to Berlin include Eurowings or Germania.

Alternative Christmas Markets

Prefer Christmas markets which are unique or away from heaps of tourists? Read our blog on weird and wonderful Christmas Markets around the world, complete with airlines to get you there.


Experience a different Christmas with a BBQ on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach. Fly there with Jetstar Airways or Qantas.


Escape here for some winter sun, where December temperatures average a comfortable mid-to-high 20°Cs. Find flights here with flydubai or Emirates.


For a cheaper alternative European destination to enjoy the ski season and mountain views. Fly to Slovakia with Ryanair.

Preguntas frecuentes

Can I pack party poppers or crackers in my luggage?

Party poppers are not permitted on any airlines in wither hold or hand luggage. Christmas crackers which are purchased from a store may be permitted on some airlines, but airlines operate different rules as to where they can be stored, and how many you can take. It’s best to check with the airline before flying to avoid having to bin them. You should also check the rules of the airports you are travelling through, because most UK airports won’t allow them in hand luggage in security, regardless of the rules of the airline. Similar rules apply in the US, where they aren’t permitted in either checked or hand luggage.

Can I take snow globes in my hand luggage?

Unless snow globes display the measurement marking on the container, they will not be permitted through security as hand luggage as the liquid can not be proved to be under 100ml. Therefore, it is best to pack this safely in your checked luggage.

Can I take a frozen turkey or ham on a flight?

Although the rule is that you should check with the airline you are flying with, and check the rules surrounding transporting goods of the countries you are departing and arriving at, you usually are permitted these. It is recommended that you properly pack this according to the regulations, for example, some airlines only permit a certain amount of dry ice, and freezer blocks must still be frozen and not liquid at the time of travelling. Also bear in mind any stopovers you may have which may increase the length of your flight - the turkey may have to sit in hot temperatures for a long time during a stopover. Read more about what foods you can fly with here.

Can I fly with presents?

Presents are usually best transported in checked luggage, or unwrapped in hand luggage in gift bags. See above for more information in our tips for flying over the Christmas period.

Best time to buy and book Christmas flights?

The best time to buy flights is usually around 6 weeks before you go. For Christmas flights, the best time to book Christmas flights is usually the first week in November. Read above for more information on getting the best deals for your Christmas flights.

When do Christmas flights go on sale?

Different airlines have different times that they put their tickets on sale. Generally, these go on sale around a year before departure, meaning you can book in advance to get better deals.

Are Christmas flights expensive?

Christmas flights can work out quite expensive because there is so much demand for them. Using Alternative Airlines can help get you the best deal with out Best Fare Finder and offers and vouchers including our Black Friday Offers.

Where are the best destinations for skiing?

Looking to do some skiing over your Christmas break? Take a look at our blog, the best resorts for skiing, for lots of inspiration and top tips.