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Coconut Airways


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We hope you enjoyed our 2019 April Fools campaign!

Sadly, Coconut Airways isn't a real airline and there aren't any airlines that offer onboard swimming pools...yet! If you'd like to fly from London Gatwick to Barbados, you can find flights with British Airways.


Coconut Airways is a new airline which will be flying from London Town through the Barbados sky to Bridgetown, Barbados. The airline was originally founded in 1975 but will begin its flying schedule in abril 2019. The maiden voyage, Flight 372, will be flown by experienced flyer, Captain Tobias Willcock. The journey will be made with an airspeed of approximately 600mph, whilst flying high at a height of 32,000ft.


Barbados has much to offer visitors, with average temperatures reaching 90 degrees, blue skies and palm trees, making it the perfect place to visit with your girlfriend. Woah, if this sounds like your type of holiday, why not book your Coconut Airways flights with Alternative Airlines today!


This airline offers its passengers an experience like no other, with a coconut-themed interior, pool on board and complete with a pool bar (exclusive for Loco For Coco frequent flyer members), it’s sure to get you ready for your vacation in Barbados. The cabin crew dress code is beach-themed, complete with flower-patterned shirts, flip-flops and sunglasses. The flight experience allows you to relax in your coconut-styled inflatable chair, making you feel glad you’ve left rainy Brixton behind for this Typically Tropical once-in-a-lifetime experience.


palm tree and aeroplane graphic

The fleet currently consists of one COCO 19-75

Frequent Flyer Programme

Loco for Coco Frequent Flyer Programme logo

Whooo, you’re going to Barbados; ahhh, you’re going home again; whooo, you’re going to Barbados; ahhh, you’re going home again. If you love Barbados as much as us, and find yourself constantly traveling back and forwards, you’ll be pleased to hear that Coconut Airways offers a frequent flyer programme: Loco for Coco!

Loco for Coco benefits:
-Collect and redeem points
-Exclusive Carribean themed lounge
-Dedicated Customer Service team
-Priority Boarding
-Complimentary Tropical Wear

Popular Routes

Coconut Airways operates one daily nonstop service between London Gatwick and Bridgetown, Barbados. For those travelling from Brixton, London, Coconut Airways organise a free airport shuttle, or ‘fun bus’, which transports passengers between Brixton underground station and London Gatwick.

Route map

Coconut Airways Route Map

Food & drink

Coconut cocktails

Refreshments will be served after take-off.

Coconut airlines offers complimentary refreshments throughout your journey. Because the journey is just as important as the destination, unlimited pina-coladas are served as soon things get cruising. Or choose a nice fresh coconut, with straw, and arrive suitably hydrated.

For those who take their coconuts seriously, the airline also offers all passengers a gourmet on-board meal service. Designed and developed by specialist chefs, using only the ripest, individually selected, 100% Carribbean coconuts. Celebrate the versatile fruit with Coconut Airways.

Inflight Entertainment

The latest blockbuster hits? Classic TV shows? Video games? No. Coconut Airways’ inflight entertainment system is an experience like no other.

From the moment the plane takes off, Coconut Airways’ blasts out the classic 1970s track ‘Barbados’ by Typically Tropical from the aircrafts Hi-Fi surround sound system speakers.

The legendary track then plays on loop for the entirety of the flight, with no interuptions.

What’s more, the music video for Barbados is played on Coconut Airways’ 27 inch 4k Ultra HD LCD TV monitors, with one screen fitted to each seat on the aircraft.

Please note: this special version of the Barbados music video comes with Karaoke subtitles. Participation is encouraged.

Amenity Kit

Coconut Airways Body Lotion

Coconut Airways provides its passengers with a complimentary amenity kit. This includes coconut-scented toiletries such as body wash and lip balm to leave you smelling tropical. Passengers can also request a pillow and blanket for their flight, made with ‘coir’ (the brown and fuzzy hair found on the shell of a coconut) and infused with coconut oil to keep you refreshed during your flight.

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