Non Lactose Airline Food

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Lactose-Free Airline Food

Worried about flying with a dairy intolerance? Find out the airlines offering lactose free meals and discover how to request a special meal before your flight!

How to request dairy free airline food

To book a lactose-free meal onto your flight. Please contact Alternative Airlines or call the airline you are flying with directly and request a NLML (Non Lactose Meal). Please see below for an outline of which airlines offer lactose meals and when to book.

Not looking for dairy-free meals? Check out what special airline meals airlines offer, and more specific dietary requirements.

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Which airlines offer lactose free meals?

Check which airlines offer lactose-free meals and find out how far in advance to order your dairy free airline food. Flying as a vegan or vegetarian? Please visit our vegan and vegetarian airline food page. For a list of airlines offering halal meals and kosher meals, please visit our Halal and Kosher meals pages.

Adria airways x 48
Aegean airlines x 24
Aer Lingus x 48
Aeroflot x 36
Aerolíneas Argentinas x 72
Aeroméxico N N
Air Astana N N
Aire báltico x N
Air Canada x 18
Air China N N
Air France N N
Air india x 48
Air New Zealand x 24
Aire serbia x 24
Air Tahiti Nui x 48
Transat de aire x 72
Aircalin x 24
Alitalia x 24
All Nippon Airways x 96
American Airlines x 24
Asiana Airlines x 24
Austrian Airlines x 24
Avianca x 24
Azul Airlines x 48
Bangkok Airways x 24
British Airways x 24
Brussels Airlines x 24
Caribbean Airlines x 48
Cathay dragon x 24
Cathay Pacific x 24
China Airlines x 24
China oriental N N
China Southern x 24
Condor Airlines x 24
Copa Airlines x 24
Aerolíneas de croacia N N
Delta Airlines x 24
Egyptair N N
emiratos x 24
Etihad x 24
Eva Air x 24
finnair x 24
Garuda indonesia x 24
Gulf Air x 24
Hainan Airlines 48
Hawaiian Airlines x 48
Hong Kong Airlines x 24
iberia x 24
Icelandair x 48
Índigo N N
Jet airways x 24
Jetairfly x 72
Jetstar N N
KLM x 48
Aire coreano N N
La Compagnie x 51
lufthansa x 24
Malaysia Airlines x 24
Middle East Airlines (MEA) N N
Oman Air x 24
Pakistan International Airlines x 24
Philippine Airlines x 48
Qantas x 24
Qatar Airways x 24
Real jordano N N
Aerolíneas escandinavas sas x 18
Shenzhen Airlines N N
Silk Air x 24
Aerolíneas de Singapur N N
Vías aéreas sudafricanas x 48
Spicejet N 24
Sri Lankan Airlines x N
Swiss International Airlines x 24
TAP Portugal x 24
Tarom Airlines x -
Aerolínea tailandesa N N
Thomson/TUI N N
Turkish Airlines x 24
Aerolíneas Unidas x 24
Líneas aéreas de vietnam x 24
Virgin Australia x 48
Vistara N N
WOW Air x 48
Xiamen Airlines x 24
XL Airways x 96

N- Not available

Dairy Free Airline Meal Code

The airline code for a dairy free airline meal is NLML (Low Lactose Meal).

Travelling with lactose intolerance

During your flight

Bring your own milk

Although some airlines will be able to provide you with non-lactose milk along with your dairy-free meal, you might want to bring your own milk onto the flight just in case. You'll be able to bring any liquids that are under the 100ml in your carry-on baggage or — if there is a good choice of shops at the airport — you can purchase it after security.

If you're travelling with a baby that is lactose intolerant, you can bring extra non-dairy milk on the flight to feed them. However, you'll need to screen this separately and they'll likely test with a test strip.

Bring food from home

Unfortunately, not every airline offers non-dairy food options. If you're flying on a short-haul flight, menus are much more limited than on long-haul flights. Luckily, there aren't as many restrictions on flying with food as there are with flying with liquids. This means you can bring your own food onto the flight and not have to worry about a lack of option.

Make Note of the Airport Toilets

It might be useful to make a note of where the airport toilets are in case something unexpected makes you ill. Find a map of the airport as soon as you get there or look on the airport's website beforehand.

During your travels

Lactose Intolerance Pills

Although they aren't always 100% effective, by taking a lactose intolerance pill, you'll be able to consume up to the equivalent of one cup of milk (give or take) without any problems. Lactose intolerance pills give you a bit of leeway and are a great option if you're travelling and don't want to constantly worry about whether the food you've just consumed contains any traces of lactose.

Build Up Your Tolerance Pre-Travel

In the weeks leading up to your flight, train your body to handle small amounts lactose by drinking small amounts of milk before you travel. This will make a reaction less likely if you accidentally consume small amounts of lactose when you're travelling. However, every persons tolerance to lactose differs, so it's important to speak to your doctor before doing this.

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