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Diabetic Airline Meals

If you suffer from diabetes, making sure you eat the right food for your health is of the utmost importance. Find out how to order a diabetic meal for your flight here.



What is a Diabetic Airline Meal?

A diabetic meal is a meal that has been prepared for sufferers of diabetes. The meal should not contain sugars, syrups, jams, cakes or chocolate. The meal should not cause an increase in blood sugar levels for the passenger.

How do I order a Diabetic Meal?

Any kind of special meal should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance of your flight. Please contact Alternative Airlines or the airline you are flying with directly to request a Diabetic Meal.

How do I know what's in my Diabetic meal?

If you are concerned about the ingredients in your meal. Call the airline in advance to check what ingredients are used in your meal before you fly. Always bring additional food with you on the plane in case there is a problem with your order.

Tips for flying with Diabetes

1. Bring snacks

In order to make sure your blood sugar levels are well regulated, consider bringing your snacks on your flight. Check out our guide to bringing your own food on the plane, to make sure you comply with rules and regulations.

2. Double-check your food

If something doesn't look right with your meal, don't hesitate to ask the cabin crew to double check that your meal does not have any ingredients that are high in sugar.

3. Book with plenty of time

Although many airlines might ask you to reserve one or two days in advance, calling them as early as possible gives staff enough time to make sure that your diabetic meal is on your flight.

5. Let the airline staff know straight away

Once on board your flight, let the cabin crew know straight away that you are diabetic. In this way, they can let you know at what times meals will be served and are aware that you require a special meal.


Other Dietary Requirements

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