Cheap Domestic Flights in Argentina

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Discover domestic flights in Argentina in the search section above, or read on to learn more about Argentina domestic flights including where to go and the best airlines for domestic flights.

What is a domestic flight?

A domestic flight within Argentina is a flight that flies between destination within Argentina, for example, Buenos Aires and lands at another location in Argentina, for instance, Córdoba. As the flight doesn't leave the country, the flight will be known as a domestic flight because the two destinations are within the same country.

Those that fly within Argentina are not subject to border and immigration controls. In addition, taking your passport may not be required. However, you'll still need a valid photo Identification, therefore people take their passport anyway. Those living in Argentina or have a reference with Argentina from outside of the country can use the Aregntinaian ID or in other words the Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI) instead of using a passport to travel within the country.

Why book domestic flights in Argentina?

Argentina is home to some famous landmarks and monuments including Mount Fitz Roy, Buenos Aires Obelisk, Talampaya Canyon and much more. , including the Giza pyramids, the Great Sphinx and the ancient temples of Luxor dating back thousands of years. The country is well known for the tango dance, elegant architecture, steak, wine, and football, while legendary figures of the twentieth century came from Argentina, including Eva Perón, Che Guevara, and Diego Armando Maradona.

Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, measuring more than 1,068,296 sq mi and a population of over 42 million. Domestic flights are a great way of getting around this very large country. Many travellers choose to fly domestically within Argentina as it saves time and air travel is much quicker. Argentina's flag carrier is Aerolíneas Argentinas which many passengers choose to fly on however many passengers also fly with other airlines as well as low-cost airlines which are also listed below.

The airlines below are Argentina's airlines which operate domestic flights within the country:

- Aerolíneas Argentinas

- Andes Líneas Aéreas

- Austral Líneas Aéreas

- Flybondi


- LATAM Argentina

- Norwegian Air Argentina


Do I need to carry a passport for domestic flights in Argentina?

This may depend on the airline you're flying with. A form of ID or Aregntinaian ID (DNI) card is sufficient enough to fly within Argentina. To be extra sure it's always important to find out, so either contact us or the airline itself to see the airline's policy.

What is the baggage allowance?

The baggage allowance differs from airline to airline, the location and fare you are travelling on. Ensure to review your baggage allowance with the airline you will be flying with or you can usually find this on your e-ticket as sometimes the routes and aircraft that you may be flying on may mean the baggage allowance varies. It's also important to check the overall dimension restrictions of baggage so you aren't charged for excess baggage amount at the airport check-in.

What time do I need to check-in at the airport for domestic flights in Argentina?

Check-in timings will vary on the airline you are travelling with and the airport you are departing from. Online check-in timings for domestic flights on Aero Lineas is 48 hours and up to 55 minutes before the departure time of the flight and must be at the airport 2 hours before the departure of your domestic flight. The check-in time for domestic flights is normally a little later than it's for international flights as passengers would require less time to get through the immigration and border controls at the airport.

My domestic flight is very short. What services are offered onboard.?

If your flight lasts up to 1 hour 25 minutes, no snack or drink service will be offered; only water upon request. If it lasts between 1 hour 25 minutes and 2 hours, only a drink service is offered (tea, coffee and sodas). Whereas, if your flight lasts more than 2 hours, a drink and snack service is offered.

Can I purchase domestic flights online?

Yes, you sure can purchase domestic flights in Argentina online with Alternative Airlines. You can access and use our search bar at the top of the page to look for flights between your two chosen Argentinaen destinations and then simply you can click to search for the flights. Once you've searched for the flights, you will then be shown all available flights from various different airlines which you can then select the suitable airline for you.