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Domestic Flights within Canada

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Domestic Flights in Canada

Use Alternative Airlines to find domestic flights within Canada! Below you can find the advantages in getting a domestic flight, and also view some useful Frequently Asked Questions below.

What are domestic flights?

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A domestic flight is a flight that flies from one destination to another, all within the same country. A domestic flight can operate in any country, but most domestic flights fly in larger countries such as Russia, USA, and Australia. Domestic flights are also known as short haul flights and usually have a flight duration time of between two and four hours.

Canada’s domestic flights can be accessible on a number of different Airlines, such as Air Canada, WestJet and Delta Airlines. Airlines such as Air Georgian offer a less costly option, however, they offer a less full-service in comparison.


Why book domestic flights in Canada?

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Travelling home for the holidays? Travelling for work? Or booking a holiday? There are many occasions when domestic flights could be ideal for you. 

As a country, Canada can be described as multicultural, jaw-dropping and land of nature. From the surreal view of Toronto's former world's tallest building reaching nearly 2,000 feet, the CN Tower, to the famous Niagra Falls and Canadian Rockies. Canada is full packed with adventure, amazing landscape views, nature, history, food and much more.

Canada has domestic flights flying from all of its major cities, such as Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, Toronto, and Calgary. You can find that smaller airports such as Kelowna and St. John’s offer low cost domestic flights.


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Browse on the Alternative Airlines website to find cheap domestic flights that we have on offer! Have a look at our multi-city flight planner if you decide on travelling to multiple destinations. Also, check out our direct flight guide as you may want to travel direct from one destination to another without having any layovers.

Airlines that offer Domestic Flights within Canada

Whether you need a passport to travel on a domestic flight within Canada will depend on the airline that you’re flying on. However, you’ll normally only need a form of photo identification, such as a passport or a driver's licence. The internal flight check-in time for domestic flights in Canada also differs from airline to airline.

Check out the list below on the domestic airlines within Canada. By clicking on the links below, you can learn more about each of the airline carriers such as their travel class fares, baggage allowance and the domestic destinations they fly to.

Air Canada

Check-In Online: Available between 24 hours-1 before flight. 

Check-In Airport: 45 minutes before flight (20 minutes for Toronto City Airport YTZ).

Is a Passport Required: You will need two pieces of valid government-issued non-photo identification with matching names, as long as at least one piece also includes the date of birth and gender; or one piece of valid government-issued identification with photo showing the name, date of birth and gender.


Online: Available between 24 hours—45 minutes before flight.

Airport: Closes 45 minutes before flight. 

Is a Passport Required: All passengers, including children and infants, are required to provide two pieces of valid (not expired) government-issued non-photo ID (one of which must show name, date of birth and gender). The names on the two pieces of ID must match.

Air North 

Check-In Online: Available between 24 hours—60 minutes before flight.

Check-In Airport: Allow 90 - 60 minutes before flight.

Is a Passport Required: All passengers, including children and infants, are required to provide ID on domestic flights in Canada. ID can include a passport, driver's licence, or birth certificate.   

First Air 

Check-In Online: Available between 73 hours—1 hour before flight. 

Check-In Airport: Closes 45 minutes before flight. 

Is a Passport Required: All passengers, including children and infants, are required to provide two pieces of valid government-issued ID without a photo. One of the two pieces must include name, date of birth, and gender. One piece of valid government-issued photo ID that includes name, date of birth, and gender.


Domestic Flights

Do I need a passport if travelling from Canada to the US?

Entry into Canada: Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry both proof of citizenship and proof of identity. A valid U.S. passport, passport card, or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens.

Do I still need to go through security if travelling on a domestic flight in Canada?

Those travelling on domestic flights are still required to follow all airport security policies, and are still subject to screening before boarding. Nevertheless, passengers do not need to go through Immigration or customs prior to boarding. On arrival, travellers can skip customs and immigration and go straight to baggage reclaim.

How much baggage can I take on domestic flights within Canada?

Most airlines in Canada offer free hand luggage when flying domestically. It is always important to confirm with each airline carrier to find out more!

Air Canada: All WestJet passengers may bring 1 bag standard. The maximum weight per bag is 23 kg and the total allowable dimensions are 158 cm.

WestJet: All WestJet passengers may bring 2 bags standard, up to 4 bags maximum (3 bags maximum on WestJet Encore flights). The maximum weight per bag is 23 kg and total allowable dimensions are 158 cm.

Air North: Starter fares include a baggage allowance of two carry-on items weighing up to 7kg. For additional carry-on weight, you will need to purchase a Flex bundle or Business Class fare. All check-in baggage will need to be purchased.

First Air: The amount of hand baggage permitted by Airnorth's baggage allowance depends on the aircraft being used. On the E170 Jet aircraft, passengers are allowed a bag weighing no more than 9 kg and measuring a maximum of 56 x 36 x 23 cm, with its total linear dimensions not exceeding 115 cm.


Can I book domestic flights in Canada online?

Check out Alternative Airlines domestic flights and book online.

Click here to find and book your domestic flights with different airline carriers to locations around Canada.