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Book Cheap Domestic Flights within Haiti

Use this guide to find out more about all the airlines that fly domestically within Haiti. We can help you compare routes and airlines to find the flights you're after.

Book flights with Sunrise Airlines or any other airline through Alternative Airlines. Use the search form at the top of the page to begin your search.

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Domestic Airlines in Haiti

Sunrise Airways

Sunrise Airways logo

Sunrise Airways is a Haitian airline operating both international and domestic scheduled passenger flights. Internationally, the airline flies to Turks and Caicos Islands, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. If you want to fly domestically between Haiti's major cities to a smaller more remote destination, Sunrise Airways will be the airline you're looking for. Sunrise Airways operates Airbus A320/21 aircraft with a capacity between 180 and 220 passengers. Visit our Sunrise Airways page to find out more about what it's like to fly with this airline.

Domestic destinations: Cap-Haïtien (Cap-Haïtien Cap-Haïtien International Airport), Jérémie (Jérémie Airport), Les Cayes (Antoine-Simon Airport), Port-au-Prince (Toussaint Louverture International Airport) .

Domestic Airports within Haiti

Below is a list of all the airports that offer scheduled flights within Haiti. Find out where you can fly to from each airport.

Cap-Haïtien Cap-Haïtien International Airport CAP Port-au-Prince, Santo Domingo–La Isabela
Puerto Príncipe Toussaint Louverture International Airport PAP Cap-Haïtien, Jérémie, Les Cayes, Santo Domingo–La Isabela
Jérémie Jérémie Airport JEE Puerto Príncipe
Les Cayes Antoine-Simon Airport CYA Puerto Príncipe

Popular Routes

✈ Flights from Cap Haitien to Port au Prince

You can to/fly from Cap Haitien to/from Port au Prince with Sunrise Airways. The airline operates this route twice daily. The short route takes just 30 minutes

✈ Flights from Port au Prince to Les Cayes

You can fly to/from Les Cayes to/from Port au Prince with Sunrise Airways. The airline operates this route three times daily. The short route takes just 30 minutes

Domestic Flights in Haiti

What airlines fly domestically within Haiti?

Sunrise Airways is the airline for you if you're looking to fly domestically within Haiti. Flying is the fastest way to travel between major cities and more remote areas of Haiti. You can use our search form at the top of the page to begin searching for flights with this airline.

What is the domestic flights in Haiti check-in time?

We always recommend arriving as early as possible and checking the suggested check-in times stated by your airline and departure airport. This is usually 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. Sunrise Airways will close its check-in counters close 15 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights.

Where can I book domestic flights within Haiti?

As well as flights to Haiti, you can easily search and book your internal flights within Haiti through Alternative Airlines. We specialise in making it easy to book flights with major carriers and smaller regional airlines all in one place. Book your flights in English, with the support of our expert Customer Service team.

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