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Cheap Domestic Flights in Mongolia

Search and book flights within Mongolia at Alternative Airlines. We offer flights from airlines that cover all domestic routes within the country.

What are internal flights in Mongolia?

Internal flights are also known as 'domestic flights', it is flights that do not leave the country of origin. This means flights are flying within Mongolia.

The longest duration of a domestic flight in Mongolia is an hour-long, which is from Ulaanbaatar (ULN) to Ölgii (ULG).

Why book domestic flights in Mongolia?

Mongolia is located between Russia and China, it is a landlocked country in East Asia. The country is full of nomadic culture and the majority of the people are Buddhists.

Flying between Ulaanbaatar to Ulgii will make a 23 hours drive to an hour flight. Hence, air transport plays an important role in the country.

You can start searching for your flights within Mongolia in the flight searching box on the top of the page, or on our home page.

Which Airlines Fly within Mongolia?

Aero Mongolia logoHunnu Air

Aero Mongolia and Hunnu Air are the two airlines that fly internally, but they are not the only airline that is based in Mongolia. Other airlines based in Mongolia include Eznis Airways. MIAT Mongolian Airlines is an airline that is based in the country but only flies internationally.

The busiest airports in Mongolia?

Chinggis Khaan International Airport

Chinggis Khaan International Airport (ULN) is the busiest airports in Mongolia. This airport is due to be replaced by the New Ulaanbaator International Airport (UBN), but the opening of the new airport has been repeatedly postponed. Aeroflot, Aero Mongolia, Air Busan, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Hunnu Air, Korean Air, MIAT Mongolian Airlines and Turkish Airlines are the airlines that the airport serves.

Domestic Airports

In the table below you can discover which airlines fly to/between the most popular airports in Mongolia.

Altai LTI Altai Airport Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Air
Choibalsan COQ Choibalsan Airport Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Air
DALANZADGAD DLZ Dalanzadgad Airport Aero Mongolia
Khovd HVD Khovd Airport Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Air
Mörön MXV Mörön Airport Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Air
Ulaanbaatar ULN Chinggis Khaan International Airport Hunnu Air
Ulaangom ULO Ulaangom Airport Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Air
Ölgii ULG Ölgii Airport Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Air
Uliastai ULZ Donoi Airport Hunnu Air

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