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Domestic Flights within UK

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Domestic Flights in the UK

Book your domestic flights within the UK with Alternative Airlines! Scroll down to find the benefits in getting a domestic flight within the UK, and also take a look at some useful FAQ's below.

What are domestic flights?

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A domestic flight is a flight that takes off from one destination in the UK, and touches down in another destination in the UK, so a domestic flight means flying within the same country. For example, a domestic flight within the UK is London (LHR) to Manchester (MAN), which takes around an hour for a direct flight.

UK's domestic flights can be taken on many different Airlines, such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates. Airlines such as easyJet and Flybe offer a less costly alternative, although they offer a less full-service in comparison to the other airlines.


Why book domestic flights in the UK?

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Whether you're travelling with the family on a holiday, commuting to work, or visiting a friend. There are many occasions when domestic flights could be ideal for you. 

The UK as a country can be described as diverse, breathtaking and full of history. Whether you'd like to visit the astonishing National parks the UK has on offer, have a cup of tea at the Queen's Buckingham Palace, take a glimpse of  London from the London Eye or just relax on some of the UK's 700 beaches. The UK is packed full of adventure, amazing landscape views, historical landmarks, nature, food and much more.

The UK has domestic flights flying from all of its major cities, such as London, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. You may find that airports such as Glasgow Prestwick Airport and Liverpool Airport at times offer low-priced domestic flights. 


Book your domestic flight
With Alternative Airlines 

Use the Alternative Airlines website to search for affordable domestic flights that are on offer! Are you planning to travel to multiple destinations? If so then take a look at our multi-city flight planner guide. You can also check out our direct flight guide as you may want to fly direct from one destination to another without having any stopovers. 

Internal UK Flight Check-In Times

Internal UK flights check-in time varies from airline to airline. Below are a few desired airlines for UK’s domestic flights in addition to each of their airport and online check-in times.

If you would like you to find out more about each of the airlines such as their travel fares and baggage allowance, you can do so by clicking on the links below.

British Airways

Online and mobile: Available between 24 to 1 hour before flight departure.

Airport: Closes 45 minutes before departure.


Online and mobile: Available between 30 days and 2 hours before flight departure.

Airport: Closes 40 minutes before flight departure time.

Virgin Atlantic 

Online and mobile: Available between 24 hours to 70 minutes before departure time.

Airport: Check-in desks generally close 60 minutes before departure.

Thomson Airways 

Online: Available between 24 to 6 hours before departure on flights where online check-in is allowed.

Airport: Closes 45 minutes before flight departure.


Online: Available between 36 to 1 hours before departure time.

Airport: Closes 30 minutes before departure time.


Online: Available 96 hours before departure time.

Airport: Closes 30 minutes before flight departure.

Monarch Airlines

Online: Available 6 hours before departure time

Airport: Check-in opens 2 hours before flight departure time.


Domestic Flights

Do I need a passport if travelling within the UK?

No, you don't need a passport but it’s advised that you carry photographic identification with you when travelling, such as your passport or driving licence. This may be requested at certain points in your journey. Children under the age of 16 years do not require identification to travel.

How early do I need to arrive for a domestic flight in the UK?

Normally, domestic passengers wouldn't need to arrive as early as they would if they were travelling internationally. Above you’ll be able to find some of the latest check-in times for UK's popular airlines helping you plan your arrival at the airport.

How much baggage can I take on a domestic flight in the UK?

You will need to find out baggage allowance with the airline you’re flying with as it differs from airline to airline. However, when you click on the above airline links you’ll be to find out more on the baggage information for that specific airline.

Can I book domestic flights in the UK online?

The answer is yes, you can. You can book as many domestic flights in the UK online with Alternative Airlines as you want. You can simply do this by entering in your flight search in the search bar above, choose your flight and continue with the payment process.