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Search and Buy
Morning Flights

Search and buy evening flights at Alternative Airlines. Our flight search filters allow you to easily choose which time of the day you'd like your flight to arrive/depart and can find you an evening flight with the click of a button.

What are evening flights?

An evening flight is a flight that departs any time in the evening (18:00–00:00). When defining an evening flight, only the departure time is important. An evening flight doesn't have to arrive at your destination in the same evening, it can arrive in the night, the next morning or next afternoon and still be classed as an evening flight.

At Alternative Airlines, you can use our evening flight filter within our flight search results to quickly and easily see all evening flights for your flight search.

Evening flights are perfect for travellers that don't want to disrupt their day or — if they're not bothered about their arrival time — want to find a cheap price for their flight ticket.

How to buy
evening flights

Thanks to our 'Departure Time' flight filter, finding and buying an evening flight with Alternative Airlines is really straightforward. Here's how you do it:


Enter the destinations for departure and arrival, the dates that you want to fly on and how many people are flying. Click search flights when you're ready.

Alternative Airlines Flight Search Form LGW to BER - 23/03/21 - 1 Adult


We'll now show you all flights that are available on the date and for the destinations that you've selected.

Alternative Airlines Flight Search Results LGW to BER - 23/03/21 - 1 Adult


On the side of the screen, you'll find all the different ways that you can filter your flight. To filter your flight by time, open the 'Departure Times' set of filters.

Please note: If you're searching for flights on mobile, you can find the evening flight filter by clicking on the 'filters' button at the top of the page.

Alternative Airlines Flight Search Results LGW to BER - 23/03/21 - 1 Adult - Departure Time Filters


Click on the 'Evening' filter to display all flights that depart in the evening.

Alternative Airlines Flight Search Results LGW to BER - 23/03/21 - 1 Adult - Evening Flight Filter


Click on the flight that you want to buy and then click 'confirm selection'.

All that's left to do is enter your passenger details and confirm payment on the next page.

Alternative Airlines Flight Search Results LGW to BER - 23/03/21 - 1 Adult - easyJet Flight Selected

Evening Flight

Evening flights have several advantages. Take a look at some of the top reasons for booking an evening flight...

Go about your day as usual

By booking an evening flight, your day won't be interrupted. This means that you can do everything that you would normally do in the day before taking your flight in the evening. An evening flight allows you to save on holiday allowance from work and is the least disruptive time of day that you can fly.

Cheaper flights

If you travel late evening, often, flights are cheaper than at peak times of the day. Although, early evening flights can be some of the most expensive flights of the day.

Less busy

Again, a late evening flight is off-peak. Therefore, by taking a late evening flight, you'll find that the airport and the flight itself is generally less busy than at earlier times in the day.

Start the following day fresh

One benefit of an evening flight over a morning or day time flight is that you can start the day fresh the next morning, having already arrived at your destinations without having to travel. Particularly if your flight is short-haul.

If you're travelling for business, an evening flight before the day of a conference or an important meeting is the perfect way to make sure that you're prepared for the day ahead. And, if you're travelling for leisure, it means more time exploring or relaxing and less time travelling.

Evening Flights

Are evening flights better?

Whether an evening flight is 'better' completely depends on your preferences. An evening flight might be better if you're looking to save an extra day of holiday from your holiday allowance at work. Or, if you're travelling for business, it allows you to be fully prepared for the following day.

Are evening flights cheaper?

Evening flights aren't always cheaper. If you fly late-evening, you're likely to find that your flight is cheaper than a flight earlier in the day. However, if you fly early evening, your flight will likely be one of the more expensive flights of the day for your route.

Are evening flights less busy?

Similar to price, late evening flights tend to be less busy as it's an off-peak time of day. However, early evening is one of the more popular times of day to fly. So, it depends when in the evening you decide to fly.

Are there fewer delays on evening flights?

No, there's no data to back-up that there are fewer delays on evening flights. Although there's generally less air traffic late in the evening, this doesn't always result in fewer delays. If there's been a big delay earlier in the day, it might affect flights for the rest of that day and therefore your evening flight might still get delayed.

That's not to say that evening flights experience more delays than any other time in the day. However, if you're number one priority is to not experience any delays, we suggest flying on the first flight out in the morning, as these are almost never delayed significantly.

Do evening flights have less turbulence?

There are tons of rumours and tips on the best time of day to fly to avoid turbulence. However, turbulence is determined more by weather and route conditions than the time of day flown.