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Why Alternative Airlines?

Family and Couples

Travelling with your family or as a couple? Search for cheap family flights and couples flights with Alternative Airlines and find great prices!

Family flights

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Looking to take your family away? Alternative Airlines offer cheap family flights to both major family-friendly destinations, as well as off the beaten track. Whether you're after international flights taking you from your home to your holiday or a domestic flight giving you travel once you get there, Alternative Airlines has you covered — we offer flights from over 600 airlines worldwide and can take you and your family to wherever you want to go!

Travelling in a large family

If you're travelling with a large family and want to make sure you all get on the same flight, you can make a group booking. Group bookings are available when booking for 10 or more passengers and will guarantee you and your family can all travel together.

Split your payment between your family

Did you know you can Split Your Payment into two payment methods with Alternative Airlines? Split Your Payment allows you to divide the full price of your reservation into two different payment methods or between two people!

Split Your Payment is great if you're travelling with two separate families and want to split the price of the reservation between each family!

Family Flights

Are family flights cheaper?

Yes, family flights can be cheaper. Making a flight reservation with multiple travellers can often get you a cheaper rate than booking a flight for just one person. Why not book flights for a family reunion and find great deals?

How to get family flights?

You can get family flights with Alternative Airlines by using the search bar at the top of the page. Simply enter the details of the destinations you're flying between along with the number of travellers in your family and click 'search flights'.

How to survive a long-haul flight with children?

Surviving a long-haul flight with children can be a rewarding adventure with the right preparation and mindset. Check out for Tips for Flying Long-Haul with Kids blog to find helpful tips and tricks

Will we be sat together on our family flight?

Alternative Airlines can't guarantee your family will be sat together on all flights, however, when a booking is made with more than one person, the airline will always try and sit you together. If you want to 100% guarantee your family is sat together, we offer seat selection for a small fee at the time of booking on some airlines. Otherwise, please make sure you check-in as early as possible to give you the best chance of sitting together as a family on the aircraft. You can also contact Alternative Airlines after you've made the booking and we will try our best to get your family sat together by contacting the airline.

Can I get family bereavement flights?

Some airlines offer family bereavement flight discounts in the unfortunate event that you need to travel last minute because of the death of a family member. Visit our page on flight assistance for funerals and coffins for more information.

Worried about
flying with children?

Taking your family on holiday gives you a lot to think about — especially if you're flying with little ones! Visit our page on 'Flying With Children' for information and tips on flying with children, an infant or a baby!

Couples travel

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Travelling is always more fun when you have someone to share it with and with Alternative Airlines, you can find some amazing prices on airline tickets for couples. Use our search bar at the top of the page to search for flights for two and start planning your next getaway.

Couples Flights

Are couples flights cheaper?

Couples flights can be cheaper than booking individual airline tickets. When you buy flights for multiple people at once, the fare is often at a better rate than when you book for just one person. You can also save on a family group booking with Alternative Airlines' available offers. Check out how much you can save your tickets here.

Where can I buy flights for couples?

You can get couples flights at Alternative Airlines! Just use the search bar at the top of the page and select to search for 2 travellers under 'Cabin Class & Travellers' to search for flights for couples

Check out our First Class Flights for Couples to find out the best airlines to fly with for a luxuary experience.

Will we be sat together on our couples flight?

When you book flights for two people, you'll most likely be sat together on the plane as a couple. Airlines will always try to sit people within the same booking together, however, they also fill up the plane on a first come first serve basis, so if you leave check-in to the last minute, you might be sat apart. We offer seat selection for a small fee on some airlines if you want to 100% guarantee that you're sat together on the aircraft. Otherwise, check-in as early as possible to make sure you're sat together on your couples flight.

Can unmarried couples visit Dubai?

Yes, unmarried couples can visit Dubai. Technically, it's illegal in Dubai for unmarried couples to stay in the same hotel room. However, many hotels don't enforce the rule and almost every tourist hotel or resort will allow you to stay in a hotel room together as an unmarried couple. Find more information about visiting Dubai and search for flights to Dubai.

Going abroad for your

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