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Search and buy flights with Fawry

Search for flights with a choice of over 650 airlines and pay with Fawry at checkout.

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Book Flights with Fawry

Use the Egyptian payment method, Fawry, to pay for your flights at Alternative Airlines. Fawry is the most popular payment method in Egypt and at Alternative Airlines, you can make a flight reservation and pay with Fawry's cash/voucher payment method.

Once you've chosen the flight that you want to purchase and have confirmed your booking by selecting Fawry at checkout, you'll be given a unique reference number. Take this voucher code to one of Fawry's payment points, pay online or use your mobile wallet to finalise the flight payment and secure your flight.

*Please note that your voucher/reference number has an expiry date. You must make your payment before 11:59 pm on the same day that you confirmed the flight. Failure to make payment before this time will result in you losing the reservation.

Why use Fawry to buy flights?

Variety of ways to pay

Once you've confirmed your flights with Alternative Airlines and have received your voucher code, there's a variety of different ways that you can pay for your flights. You can choose to pay in person at one of the payment points located at retail outlets, post offices and banks. Or, you can pay online through MyFawry Online or through your mobile wallet.

125,000 locations

Fawry payment points can be found at over 125,000 locations across Egypt, so you'll never be too far away to pay for your flights.

Pay in cash or with card

Fawry is a great way to pay in cash. If you choose to pay in person at one of Fawry's payment points, you'll be able to pay for your flight in cash. Or, if you'd prefer, you can pay with card too. Card payment is also available through MyFawry Online and mobile wallet payment.

About Fawry

Fawry is a popular Egyptian electronic payment network and payment method that offers cash, card and mobile wallet services. Fawry offers Egyptian people a safe and easy way to pay for goods and services through a variety of different channels, including online payment, ATMs, mobile and at Fawry in-person payment points.

Fawry is used by over 24 million Egyptian people nationwide, processes 2.5 million transactions a day and has more than 125,000 payment points.


How do I pay for flights with Fawry?

To pay for flights with Fawry, find a flight with Alternative Airlines and select Fawry at checkout.

Once you've confirmed your flight booking, you'll be given a unique voucher code.

Take your voucher code to one of Fawry's 125,000 payment points or login to your MyFawry Online account to finalise your payment and pay for your flights. You can also use your mobile wallet to complete your payment with Fawry.

*Please note that your flight purchase has an expiry date. If your payment isn't completed by 11:59 pm on the date that you purchased the flight, you'll lose your booking.

Can Fawry be used outside of Egypt?

No. Farwy is only available as a payment method to passengers in Egypt that are paying in Egyptian pound.

Which airlines accept the payment method Egypt?

You can use Fawry to pay for flights on over 650 airlines at Alternative Airlines. This includes airlines all over the world but also Egyptian airlines such as Air Arabia Egypt, Air Cairo, Air Sinai, EgyptAir and Nile Air.

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