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About Finnair

Finnair is the flag carrier and largest airline of Finland, with its headquarters in Vantaa and its main hub at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Finnair flies to many destinations including Helsinki, Ivalo, Joensuu, Jyvaskyla, Kajanni, Kuusamo, Kem, Kokkla, Kittila, Kuopio, Mariehamm, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Turku, Tampere, Vaasa, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Miami, New York, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, Delhi and many others.

The airline's major shareholder is the government of Finland and member of the Oneworld airline alliance. In addition to the Oneworld alliance, Finnair has codeshare agreements with Aeroflot, Air China, Air France, Bangkok Airways, Belavia, Czech Airlines, Flybe, Jetstar Asia Airways, Nordic Regional Airlines, Icelandair, Rossiya and TAP Portgual.

 Finnair y sus subsidiarias dominan los viajes aéreos nacionales e internacionales en Finlandia. La Flota de la aerolínea se compone de muchos aviones, incluidos Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A330, Airbus A340 y ATR 72 s.


Finnair Seat Selection

Alternative Airlines lets you choose your preferred seat for your Finnair booking. When booking with Alternative Airlines you have the chance to choose the seat you want before check-in so that you can have the most comfortable journey possible. We show you the seat availability every time you reserve a Finnair flight with Alternative Airlines. Visit our airline seats page to find out how to book your Finnair seats.


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Reserve your Finnair flights in English with Alternative Airlines. Don't worry about misunderstandings during the booking process and book with Alternative Airlines for a smooth and straightforward reservation. We also offer people the opportunity to book their flights in multiple currencies and even with Paypal.


Book Finnair Seats

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Finnair Food

Finnair Meal Options

Passengers travelling Intercontinental on Business Class can experience two world-class meals. The main meal will comprise a starter, bread, choice of main course, cheese and dessert. Alternatively, you can opt for an express meal service, consisting of an appetizer, soup and cheese platter.Snacks and sweets served throughout the flight, with some aircraft having a separate snack bar. Passengers can pre-order their choice of main course on most flights.

For passengers travelling Intercontinental in economy class, passengers can enjoy snacks and a tasty hot meal. Additional snacks can be purchased in flight.

For flights within Europe and the Middle East, passengers in business class receive a high quality meal, although what is offered will vary on your route travelling. Passengers in economy class can choose to pre-purchase a meal from the bistro menu, ranging from fresh sandwiches to salads or hot meals. Additionally, passengers can choose to purchase meals on board their flight.


Finnair Special Dietary Requirements

Passengers can pre-order a meal for special dietary requirements where a meal is included in the ticket price from the Finnair website, up to 24 hours before departure. The meals available are:

  • Bland Diet (BLML)
  • Low sugar and low fat diet (DBML)
  • Gluten Free diet (GFML)
  • Low calorie diet (LCML)
  • Low cholesterol/fat diet (LFML)
  • Low sodium diet (LSML)
  • Low lactose (NLML)
  • Hindu Diet (HNML)
  • Asian Vegetarian diet (AVML)
  • Kosher diet (KSML)
  • Moslem diet (MOML)
  • Childrens meal (CHML)
  • Fruit Platter (FPML)
  • Raw vegetariam (RVML)
  • Seafood meal (SFML)
  • Non-diary vegetarian diet (VGML)
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (VLML)


Finnair Drinks & Alcohol

Intercontinental Business Class passengers can enjoy beverages including award-winning wines with their meal, and tea and coffee throughout their flight. International Economy passengers (flights to Bangkok, Goa, Havana, Ho Chi Minh City, Krabi, Phuket, Puerto Plata and Puerto Vallarta) will receive free soft drinks, with beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages available to purchase. Passengers on flights to the US will receive a drink with their meal, and can purchase additional beverages at other times in their flight.


Finnair In-flight Entertainment

Finnair offers an excellent range of entertainment services for its passengers including TV series, music and games. Sit back and relax with Finnair's Nordic Sky Entertainment System.

Finnair TV

Finnair passengers can enjoy their favourite series such as Empire and American Horror Story on board their Finnair flight. Find sitcoms, documentaries and kids shows to keep everyone entertained with Finnair.

Finnair Movies

From Finnish classics to stunning new releases, you can find a movie to enjoy on board your Finnair flight. There's something for all the family with animated films for the little ones and action packed blockbusters for all the family to enjoy.

Finnair Discounts and Promo Codes

If you book through Alternative Airlines, you can get a Finnair discount buy using a Finnair discount code that is in all our flight voucher codes! Grab a Finnair discount with our great offers and promotions!

Pay your Finnair flight with PayPal and also save money with a PayPal discount code.


Finnair Frequent Flyer Programme

Finnair opera un programa de viajero frecuente llamado My Finnair Plus para recompensar a los viajeros habituales con la aerolínea.

Los pasajeros ganarán puntos por todos los vuelos regulares de Finnair y de otras aerolíneas de Oneworld, así como por los servicios de otros socios.


Finnair Baggage Allowance


Para equipaje facturado, en vuelos hacia y desde Asia, Finnair permite a los pasajeros:

Clase ejecutiva: 3 piezas de equipaje

Economía pro / flexible - 2 piezas de equipaje 

Valor Económico / Básico - 1 equipaje en y desde y hacia América del Norte 2 piezas de equipaje para Clase Ejecutiva y 1 equipaje para todos los tipos de Clase Económica.

Las entradas InterContinetal Finnair Business Class incluyen Priority check-in y Priority boarding, prioridad de seguridad, acceso a salas de negocios, tres piezas de equipaje con un peso máximo de 23 kg cada una, comidas exclusivas Business Class, vinos y snacks de demanda y kit de servicios con productos de marca de alta calidad.

Además, Business Class tiene asientos totalmente planos disponibles en todos los aviones Airbus A330 y A340.


Finnair Fare Classes

Finnair offers passengers the choice between a Business Class and Economy Class service. Find out more about the different services offered on your Finnair s

Finnair Economy Class

Finnair are proud to offer comfort and convenience in Finnair's Economy Class. For the budget traveller but still with a comfortable setting. There are many benefits to enjoy in Finnair Economy Class on both intercontinental flights and flights to the Middle East and Europe.

Finnair has two Economy classes: Economy and Economy Comfort


Finnair Economy Class Facilities

Finnair Economy Class facilities and amenities include:

Intercontinental Flights

1 piece of checked baggage (Japan journeys allow 2 pieces for flights there and returning).

Carry-on baggage - max 8kg

Choice of teas, coffees and beverages that are complimentary

In-flight entertainment and internet access for a small fee.


Middle East and Europe Flights

Seat and meal packages available (note on selected routes only)

1 piece of checked baggage. Light tickets do not allow 1 checked baggage.

Carry-on baggage - max 8kg

Complimentary choice of teas, coffees and beverages are available. 


Finnair Economy Class Seating

Seat sizes are 31 inches in Finnair Economy Class

Intercontinental Flights

Wide space, Economy comfort seating is available complete with a Marimekko design pillow and blanket on your seat ready. USB plug is available as well on A350 aircraft and you don't need an adaptor!


Middle East and Europe Flights

Lots of roomy seat space to enjoy!


Finnair Economy Comfort Class Seating

Seats are measured from 34 - 36 inches in Finnair Economy Comfort Seating.


Finnair Premium Economy

Finnair is yet to offer a Premium Economy service. Passengers wishing to upgrade may wish to purchase a Finnair Business Class fare.

Finnair Business Class

Whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure, Nordic Business Class is the ultimate way to travel. Finnair offers its Business Class Passengers full flexibility, top-class service and extreme comfort from the moment they arrive at the airport to the moment they arrive at their destination.

Finnair Business Class Facilities

Your Finnair Business Class ticket includes priority check-in, two or three pieces of baggage, exclusive in-flight Business Class meals as well as other benefits.

What are Finnair Business Class Seats like?

Finnair's priority is to make its customers have the best experience during their flight and Business Class seats are designed for passenger's to have the best and most comfortable flight experience.



Mapa de Ruta 


finnair route map europe



Rutas Populares




Londres dark grey plane icon  Estocolmo


Manchester   dark grey plane icon  Helsinki


Londres dark grey plane icon  Helsinki


Londres  dark grey plane icon  Bostón


Londres   dark grey plane icon  Nueva York 


The Finnair Fleet












Embraer e170 






Embraer e190




Hub Airport - Helsinki Airport


Helsinki Airport is the main international airport of the Helsinki metropolitan region and the whole of Finland with about 16 million passengers annually. It serves as the hub for Finnair, the Finnish flag carrier, as well as a base for Blue1, Norwegian Air Shuttle and Nordic Regional Airlines. 


The airport is located in the city of Vantaa. Helsinki Airport is the leading long-haul airport in Northern Europe and a popular transfer point. A number of other airlines also operate services in and out of this airport, including Czech Airlines, Vueling, Transavia and previously NextJet, before its rebranding to Air Scandic.



helsinki vantaa airport finland



oneworld alliance logo




Airline Alliance - Oneworld

Oneworld alliance is a leading global airline network, with 15 member airlines.

Oneworld alliance was founded and now consists of member airline such as Cathay Pacific, Finnair, LAN, TAM, Malaysia, Qantas, Qatar, SriLankan Airlines, Iberia, British Airways, American Airlines and many others.

La alianza Oneworld cubre más de mil destinos en 155 países.



Finnair News

12 junio 2018

Finnair y Cathay Dragon expanden el acuerdo de código compartido

Finnair y Cathay Dragon ampliarán los servicios de código compartido, compartiendo varias rutas nuevas este verano. Desde 15 junio 2018, Cathay Dragon operará servicios desde Hong Kong a numerosas ciudades en el sudeste asiático en nombre de Finnair.


Aquí está una lista de los vuelos de Finnair operados por Cathay Dragon:

  • Aeropuerto internacional de Hong Kong (HKG) al aeropuerto internacional de Da Nang (DAD)
  • Aeropuerto internacional de Hong Kong (HKG) al aeropuerto internacional de Noi Bai (HAN)
  • Aeropuerto internacional de Hong Kong (HKG) al aeropuerto internacional de Phnom Penh (PNH)
  • Aeropuerto Internacional de Hong Kong (HKG) al Aeropuerto Internacional de Siem Reap (REP)
  • Aeropuerto internacional de Hong Kong (HKG) al aeropuerto internacional de Yangon (RGN)



5 junio 2018

Finnair lanza el servicio Kittila -Tallin 

Finnair ha expandido su red esta semana, agregando un nuevo servicio estacional entre Kittila y Tallin desde el invierno 2018, así como un nuevo servicio Helsinki- Hannover para el verano 2019. La aerolínea volará entre Kittilá y Tallin todos los viernes y Hannover a Helsinki la friolera de 5 veces por semana. Finnair espera hacer esto diariamente por junio 2019. 


17 mayo 2018

Finnair fly to more destinations in Norway through expansion on codeshare agreement with Widerøe

Finnair está profundizando su conexión con Widerøe al agregar nueve nuevos destinos en los que Widerøe operará a nombre de Finnair. Estas rutas serán enviadas desde los destinos actuales de Finnair en Noruega, que incluyen Tromso, Bergen y Oslo. Esto proporcionará a los pasajeros de Finnair más opciones cuando viajen a Noruega, además de proporcionarles nuevas conexiones a otros destinos. 


The new codeshare agreement will be active from 25 mayo and will serve the following routes from Oslo:

  • Floro
  • Ostra-volda
  • Svolvær
  • Leknes
  • Stokmarknes


De Tromso:

  • Kirkenes
  • Stokmarknes


De Bergen:

  • Tromso
  • Bodo
  • Kristiansund
  • Molde
  • Floro
  • Billund


Hablando sobre el asunto, CCO de Finnair, Juha Javinen, declaró que las aerolíneas se complacen en extender su acuerdo de código compartido con Widerøe. Él cree que la nueva conexión entre las dos aerolíneas beneficiará a los pasajeros asiáticos y finlandeses que viajan a Noruega, así como a los clientes de Norweigan con mejores conexiones a su red de destinos.