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Protección de cancelación
Enfermedad Reintegrable Reserva Mechanical Breakdown Emergencia
Elección confiable
  • 65,000 clientes satisfechos
  • Calificado con 4.5 estrellas. Basado en 3,581 calificaciones de servicio durante el año pasado
  • Equipo de servicio al cliente dedicado para ayudar
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Flight add ons

Do you want extra comfort, ease and satisfaction throughout your holiday? Discover some useful flight extras whether on land or on board that you can think about adding onto your next booking.

What is a Flight add on?

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A Flight add on are additional services at extra costs that can be added onto your booking to add convenience onto your trip. These extras can include extra luggage, priority boarding, airport lounges, seat reservation and travel insurance to help you customise your package to suit your needs and comfort.

Flight add ons can range from airline to airline, more low-cost airlines tend to offer some flight add ons at a cost which major airlines already have included with no extra cost. 

Before you go

It's important to plan your trip before you fly to save yourself from stress and frustration. See below on what you should add onto your trip. 

Travel Insurance

It is recommended to book travel insurance so that you're covered in regards to your health, accidents, injuries on your holiday. This can be for your yourself, family or children. If you aren't fully covered, you should then look to upgrade in order to cover yourself in any event.


Airport Extras

Start your holiday off right by pre-booking your airport parking, airport lounge, airport fast-track and staying at an airport hotel before your flight.

Airport Parking

If you don't enjoy waiting for a bus or a train and are travelling by car to the airport. You may want to keep it somewhere secure and safe and this is where airport parking comes in. There are many companies that offer parking companies and you can do this by pre-booking your parking space when you're making your booking. 

Airport Lounges

Adding airport lounges onto your booking will give yourself a stress-free start to your holiday. You can sit back in a secluded lounge, away from the busy terminal, while taking advantage of complimentary drinks and snacks, air-conditioning, showers, Spa, massage, Wi-Fi, magazines and newspapers. 

Airport Fast Track

This add on is very useful for those that don't enjoy waiting in queues. With a fast track add on you can beat the queues at the airport. After check-in, you can glide your way through the security check. At the Gate, you can be among the first boarding the aircraft. At the arrival airport, some airlines go as far as getting your suitcase unloaded first and allow your baggage to be among the first on the conveyor belt in the baggage claim area. CLEAR allows airports to fast track its passengers' past security.

Airport Hotels

Airport Hotels are a good add on to have with your flight. Airport hotels are within the vicinity of the airport which means you can forget the rushing, the traffic jams and the time-keeping stresses you would normally have. You can enjoy an easy-going journey the day before your flight departure, then relax in the evening before a pleasant night's sleep.



Flight Extras

Fly in style by upgrading, you can add extra luggage, pre-book your in-flight meal, reserve seats, 


Extra Luggage

Are the number of kilos on your reservation not enough? In that case, with this add on you can add extra kilos onto your reservation that you need in advance. By doing it this way, you save money and time, because adding the luggage weight in advance is less costly than adding it when at the airport. If you would like to book your baggage with Alternative Airlines you can do so here.

Seat Reservation

Would like to choose where you want to sit on a flight or do you want to make sure to be seated next to your travelling companion? You can then book your favourite type of seat in advance. Whether you want a seat with more legroom, a seat in the front of the cabin or a window seat. This is an add on for those wishing to stretch their legs, relax or the curious one. If you would like to book your seats with Alternative Airlines you can do so here

Onboard Meals

Onboard, you can satisfy your tantalising tastebuds with a wide range of handcrafted luxury meals prepared by high-class chefs. You can also enjoy hot and cold drinks of your choice. Pre-book your special meals so that your dietary and religious requirements are met.

Sports equipment

Avoid stress at the airport by ensuring your sports equipment is taken care of before you go. With your flight, you can book in everything from golf clubs and bikes to skis and watersports gear. Musical instruments can also be taken of.

During your Holiday

Create ease on your holiday and make it a relaxing experience renting a car on your holiday or by booking transfers from and to the airport.

Car Hire

Renting a car can be really handy on holiday. Ensure to add this onto your flight booking so that you'll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will be waiting for you when you arrive. It's good to note that by pre-booking you can avoid local rates and inflated prices that may occur when securing your transport upon arrival at the local car renting companies.

Airport Transfers

With this add on you can forget about the stress in finding a taxi. You can choose from a range of vehicles that suits your needs. A transfer will be ready for you at the airport departures to pick you up and drop you to your hotel. When your holiday time has come to an end your transfer driver will be ready to pick you up form the hotel to drop you to the airport.