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Protección de cancelación
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  • Calificado con 4.5 estrellas. Basado en 3,581 calificaciones de servicio durante el año pasado
  • Equipo de servicio al cliente dedicado para ayudar
  • Pagos seguros

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About FLN Frisia Luftverkehr

FLN Frisia Luftverkehr is an airline based in Nordeich that operates short regional services from the mainland of Germany, in Lower Saxony to the East Frisian Islands, in the North Sea. The airline was founded in 1969 offering fixed flight times to passengers wanting to travel between mainland Germany and the island towns in the North Sea. After their continual success, the airline expanded its operations In 2011 adding more destinations along the coast. The airline merged with the LFH group in 2014 to create a group of companies offering various services, with FLN being the group's airline. The airline operates the Britten-Norman Islander aircraft on their island flights and some Cessna aircraft for their scenic tours. The airline operates to 9 destinations across the Frisian Islands and mainland Germany as well as offering charter services to other destinations including the Netherlands and other neighbouring countries.



FLN operates to 9 destinations across Lower Saxony and the Frisian Islands, as of noviembre 2021 the airline's route map included:

País CITY Aeropuerto
Alemania Baltrum Baltrum Airport
Borkum Borkum Airfield
Harle Harle Airfield
Heligoland Heligoland Airport
Juist Juist Airport
Langeoog Langeoog Airport
Norddeich Norden-Norddeich Airport
Norderney Norderney Airport
Wangerooge Wangerooge Airfield



Equipaje permitido

FLN allows you to bring up to 10kg of baggage per person per flight. This is your total weight limit across hand luggage and checked baggage. It is possible to bring more luggage, going up to 20kg, but this will cost a surcharge. The airline also states that 20kg is the maximum weight limit and if this is exceeded they could refuse to allow it on board.



Travel Classes

The airline only offers an economy product on its aircraft as well as an economy or standard fare type. The seats aboard the aircraft are all the same and standard for that aircraft type, with a capacity of 8 passengers on their Britten-Norman Islander aircraft. The airline doesn't provide inflight catering as the flight duration is short enough to not warrant it. The airline also doesn't offer any other inflight services and operates solely as a basic transport method getting you from point to point at a low and competitive price.



Wifi & Entertainment

FLN doesn't have any inflight entertainment or wifi connection as the flights are not long enough. The airline additionally has decided to not install USB or charging facilities aboard their aircraft.



Check-in Information


FLN doesn't offer an online check-in facility, which means you will have to check-in at the airport prior to departure.

At the Airport

The airline only allows for check-in at the airport. Please note that they also state that they close their check-in facilities 15 minutes before departure, so please make sure to arrive before then.



Programa de viajero frecuente

As the airline is a small domestic airline offering short routes they currently haven't got a frequent flyer program.



Airline Alliances

FLN airlines aren't part of any airline alliance, both regionally, nationally or internationally. They have decided to operate as a separate entity with limited links and partnerships with other companies.



Aeropuerto Principal

The airline doesn't have a hub airport due to the nature of its business. However, Nordeich and Harle, on the mainland are two airports where the airline has the majority of its operations based at, with the airline being headquartered in Nordeich.




The airline utilises a fleet of Britten-Norman Islanders for the majority of their services, however, they also own some Cessna C 182T D-EFLO aircraft for their scenic tours.



Alternative Airlines

FLN's main direct airline competitor would be OFD, which also operate island hopper flights across Lower Saxony and the North Sea. As well as flights you can choose to get a ferry as an alternative method of transport. Eurowings, Lufthansa/Lufthansa CityLine and KLM/KLM cityhopper operate within the region with these islands being close to the Dutch border.

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