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Looking to buy flights but pay later? Prefer to pay airfares monthly?

So you've heard about the possibility of booking a flight ticket, taking the trip but paying off the ticket price later? Well Fly Now, Pay Later is an alternative flight booking approach, aimed at spreading the cost of flights on airlines such as United Airlines or Virgin Atlantic to destinations like Las Vegas and more.

With Alternative Airlines, you can book flights now on over 650 airlines such as United, British Airways, American Airlines and pay later with different payment plan options available. Search and book flights online to anywhere and everywhere and pay off in separate monthly payments using either Fly Now Pay Later, PayPal Credit, Affirm, PayBright or Klarna at the point of transaction.

On the go, in a hurry or catching a last-minute flight, the online flight search finds you flights on and allows you to book your flights now and pay later. See all the ways to buy flight tickets and pay later here.

What is Fly Now Pay Later?

The Fly Now, Pay Later payment methods allow customers to spread the cost of flight bookings over 3 - 24 monthly instalments with Alternative Airlines. Easy to manage and reminders are sent. You can use PayPal Credit, Klarna to buy flights now and pay later with Alternative Airlines if you are based in the UK. Or view all the options of our pay later plans for airline tickets.

To be eligible for a Fly Now Pay Later account you must:

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How does Fly Now Pay Later for travel work?

Fly Now Pay Later and Alternative Airlines logo
  • 1

    Search and select the flights you want via Alternative Airlines


  • 2

    Choose to book flights now and pay later at the Payment Page


  • 3

    Set up a Fly Now Pay Later account with basic information then pay from 3 to 24 easy to manage monthly installments



The Fly Now, Pay Later payment methods offered provide customers the option to spread the cost of flight bookings over a period of time. It can also be described as carrying out a monthly airfare process. This is one of the alternative payment methods that Alternative Airlines are proud to offer to UK customers and you can see all the different other ways to buy flights now and pay later accepted in different countries.

Flights can be booked now and the ticket value can be paid off in installments suited to you. Search any international or domestic flight through Alternative Airlines and worry about the cost later!


Where can I apply for Fly Now, Pay Later?

A fly now, pay later scheme can be applied through Alternative Airlines for a combination of airlines to fly on. At the payment checkout, select to pay for your flight booking in monthly installments and choose one of the instalment plans that is suited to your country.


How to use a Fly Now, Pay Later scheme?

If you are wanting to book flights online but pay back later, it's easy to do through Alternative Airlines at the point of purchase. Just follow these steps:

  • 1. Make an online flight search with Alternative Airlines

    First you choose whether you want to have a One Way or Return flight journey on the Search Bar at the top of this page. Then input the country or city you want to fly from in the "From" section and then choose the airport that best suits your travel arrangements. Then you have to input the destination you wish to fly to and then click "Search Flights".

    • 2. Choose the flight results suited to you

    You will then be given a range of flight results on different airlines and times. Select the flights most suited to you and then click "Confirm Selection". You will then be taken to the Passenger Details and Checkout page.

    • 3. Fill out your details 

    Fill out all the passenger details and then once you have reached the bottom of the page, click the "Fly Now Pay Later" button or select "Pay in monthly instalments" to see more monthly payment options. You then have to follow instructions where you have to input your credit details and a soft credit check will be performed - all done in a matter of seconds!

    Once your application has been accepted, then your flight booking is confirmed and you will receive your e-ticket from Alternative Airlines in your e-mail inbox.

    Booking flights with Alternative Airlines just became even easier using Fly Now, Pay Later ways!

    We hear you, you've got planes to catch but bills to pay. So buying flights now and paying them back later for them sounds ideal right? Well, Alternative Airlines is delighted to announce it accepts various Fly Now, Pay Later schemes as alternative methods of paying for any airline ticket to around the world. We understand that flights can be an expensive one-off payment but with our 'book now pay later' options available, you can find the flights you want and pay when you want, just from the point of checkout. Just search for flights on and simply select "Fly Now Pay Later" at checkout when you decide to book.

    The various options you can use with Alternative Airlines to book your flights now and pay later with, are: Klarna, Affirm or PayPal Credit. If you are just wanting to divide the payment of your airline tickets into two payments, you can choose to use Split Payment too.

    Our expert customer support centre is only a phone call away. Contact us from 9:00am - 9:00pm GMT everyday of the week for further information on using paying airline tickets off later. This also can include a range of on air travel services such as wheelchair assistance, flying with a pet and more. Whatever you need, whether it’s a flight change or a sudden need for additional luggage, with over 25 years of industry experience, your queries and requests are in very capable hands.

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    Fly Now Pay Later: A flexible way to book flights and pay later 
    (Debit card use only)

    • Give yourself more time to pay for your airline tickets and spread the cost of your holiday arrangements using a Fly Now Pay Later scheme. It's a quick and convenient flight payment instalment plan that takes seconds to apply. Alternative Airlines advises to use the Fly Now Pay Later method if you are buying a large flight ticket purchase and you can continue to pay off in monthly instalments after travel. You can see all the ways to pay for fly now, pay later schemes here.

    • Puede pagar a través de cuotas mensuales, liquidar anticipadamente en cualquier momento sin incurrir en una multa y recibir protección financiera de grado de tarjeta de crédito en su reserva.


Fly Now, Pay Later FAQs

How does Fly Now, Pay Later work?

The Fly Now, Pay Later scheme works as an alternative payment method to book flights online and pay the full ticket amount later over 3 - 18 monthly instalments. With whichever 'pay later' option you choose, the amount that is required to pay per month will be displayed. A monthly reminder by email or SMS will be sent for due payments. View all the fly now pay later schemes that Alternative Airlines also accept which include Affirm, PayPal Credit, PayBright and Klarna.

Why use Fly Now, Pay Later?

Using a Fly Now, Pay Later scheme allows you to book a flight and pay with a monthly plan that suits you. You can even find great flight prices before choosing to use Fly Now Pay Later with our Best Fare Finder. Buying flight tickets for either international, last-minute or for the family can be an expensive part of a travel trip so a great reason to use the Fly Now Pay Later methods available is to be able to spread the cost. Are you wanting to buy gap year flights to Australia but need flexibility? Interested in buying flights now to New Zealand and pay later? This means you are making monthly payments on flight tickets when booking with Alternative Airlines. The application is easy to process and the monthly payments are transparent and automatic, subject to approval. 

Where can I use Fly Now, Pay Later?

A Fly Now, Pay Later plan can be used through Alternative Airlines to repay airline ticket in separate payments. Plans available include PayPal Credit, Klarna and Affirm. Affirm is a trusted US based loan company that allows US customers to buy flights and spread the cost over time.

How long does it take to apply for a Fly Now, Pay Later plan?

Using one of the Fly Now, Pay Later methods available does not take long to set up and can be made in just a few minutes at the point of checkout. Depending on the 'Pay Monthly' option you choose, a quick, soft credit check will be carried out and provide you with an instant credit decision in just a few seconds. If your application is successful, your monthly payments will be decided for you and once a down payment has been made you are ready to fly away and pay later, whenever is convenient for you. 

Is there a credit check when using Fly Now Pay Later? 

Yes a soft credit check is carried out when using the Fly Now, Pay Later payment options. This is to determine if you are eligible to be able pay back the due payments on time. You cannot use the scheme if you have a bad credit check. The check process happens after you have selected to use it at the checkout page and applied. A credit decision is made instantly after you have submitted your application. Fly Now pay Later themselves do an eligibility check on your credit which only takes seconds! 

Can I fly now and pay later with bad credit? 

You cannot choose to use a Fly Now Pay Later scheme if you have bad or poor credit. A credit check will be made on you when you submit your application to use the Fly Now Pay Later payment option on flights. You will be notified within seconds to see if your application was accepted. If it is suspected that you have "bad" credit, your application will be rejected.

When will I receive Fly Now Pay Later booking confirmation?

The Customer Service Team at Alternative Airlines will send you your flight e-tickets and invoice to the e-mail address that you used to make your Fly Now Pay Later flight booking with us. If you have any questions regarding your e-ticket bought with a Fly Now, Pay Later scheme via Alternative Airlines, you can contact [email protected] 

What airlines accept Fly Now Pay Later?

You can buy flight tickets now and pay later from over 600 airlines with the Fly Now Pay Later service through Alternative Airlines. As an online flight search, you can find any airline with the routes you wish to go, book them and pay later. Airlines you can use Fly Now Pay Later on include Delta Airlines, British Airways, American Airlines and many more. Other airlines also include United Airlines where you can book flights and pay later.

Can I book last-minute flights and pay later?

You can use a fly now pay later payment scheme to book last-minute flights with Alternative Airlines. Depending on where in the world you are booking, this can be with Affirm, PayPal Credit, PayBright or Klarna and all subject to approval. You can then continue to pay off your airline ticket price in monthly instalments after your departure. Please note the amount of time allowed to book a flight at the "last-minute" as this is down to the airline reservation time allowance and credit checks subject to approval. You can also read information on booking flights for funeral or in the event of a death if you need to buy these quickly but want to pay for them later.

Where can I book a flight and pay later?

You can book flights now from over 650 airlines world-wide and pay later in monthly payments with Alternative Airlines, using the flight financing schemes available, which are PayPal CreditAffirm, PayBright or Klarna. Klarna can be used in a variety of currencies such as Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krone. So you can simply pay off your flights before, during and after you fly. The process does not take long and depending on the price of your flight, you will be given an indicated price of how much you need to pay off over time. It's easy, convenient and secure and you can see all the steps on searching flights with Alternative Airlines before choosing to pay them later here. Read about how Alternative Airlines is a legitimate company if you are unsure and not heard of us.

Can I book flights online now and pay later?

Yes with Alternative Airlines, you can book any flight on over 650 airlines, such as Alaska Airlines, Air Mauritius and pay later with the pay later options available. This is also described as paying monthly for flight tickets. Just search for any flight or a combination of flights and choose to pay later online with the "Fly Now Pay Later", Affirm or PayPal Credit option at the payment check out. The whole booking process is done online so you can find your flights via, choose the ones that are suitable for you and select a Fly Now, Pay Later scheme to start paying off your flights in monthly instalments.

How do I buy a flight and pay later?

To book a flight and pay back the ticket cost later is easy to do. All you need to do is search using the Search Bar above and when you have found the flights best suited to you, along with the routes and times, simply select your preferred 'pay later' option at the checkout. We offer different pay later plans depending on your country of residence. Customers from the USA can select Affirm or PayPal Credit. UK residents can choose from PayPal Credit or Klarna. No matter which option you choose, it will be easy to follow the simple steps to be guided through the simple application process.

When you choose your pay later option, such as one of our PayPal Credit payment plans, you will then be guided through a simple, safe, and transparent application process. 

Can I book flights and pay later in Pounds Sterling?

The Fly Now Pay Later scheme can only be used UK Pounds and be able to pay back in monthly installments. Other options pay later schemes available with this currency is PayPal Credit and Klarna. When making a flight search on Alternative Airlines, choose GBP in the currency filter and your flight results will be displayed in Pounds Sterling. Customers wanting to use Klarna 'Pay Later' can also be used with GBP to book flights now a pay in installments. To book flights now and pay later in US Dollars can be done with Affirm or PayPal Credit at checkout. Note that restrictions to apply.

How am I invoiced when buying flights now and paying later?

Each fly-now-pay-later service available on Alternative Airlines will send you a monthly invoice by either SMS or email. UK customers using Fly Now Pay Later as a payment method for buying flights through Alternative Airlines, will be notified by email directly from Fly Now Pay Later that your first monthly payment is due. The date that your account was created will be your due date every month for your instalments. If you are wanting to use Bill Me Later, this is now PayPal Credit, which is also accepted at Alternative Airlines and allows you to book flights at the point of purchase and pay later. Other fly-now-pay-later services include Affirm and Klarna.

Can I set up a payment plan for flights?

Yes, with Alternative Airlines, you can select a range of payment options available be able to book your flights now a pay off later on different airlines around the world. The plans do not take long to set up and they help you to book flights now and pay for them later. If you are a UK resident, you can search and select flights above and select "Fly Now Pay later" at the checkout or with Affirm, Klarna, or PayPal Credit when booking with Alternative Airlines. Fill out the simple applications that don't take long to do. This can be on airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and many more.

Is there a Fly Now Pay Later scheme for UK flights?

Yes, with Alternative Airlines, UK residents can choose to buy flight tickets and pay later with Klarna or PayPal Credit at the checkout page. These schemes work for international and domestic flights from over 650 airlines. US residents can use Affirm to book flight tickets and pay later. The great payment plans are great if you need to pay for flights in monthly instalments, such as to Australia and pay later! You can also choose to pay later or in three instalments with Klarna.

Can I spread the cost of holidays?

Yes, you can book flights for your holiday and pay later when booking through Alternative Airlines. Choose from one of our payment plan options available, which lets you travel now, pay later — handy for sorting out all your holiday expenses! If you’re looking for a ‘travel now, pay later’ vacation, Alternative Airlines has a number of payment plans that let you pay off your flights later, or in installments. Great if a Safari is on your bucket list! Your dream vacation is within reach — book your flights to the Masai Mara in Kenya for your Safari trip today!

Are there Fly Now Pay Later deals?

Yes, Alternative Airlines allows you to save money off your flight ticket monthly installment plan through our dedicated flight deals page for all the latest offers. If you’re looking for cheap airfare, Alternative Airlines can help! For example, use one of Alternative Airlines’ exclusive PayPal voucher codes and enjoy discounted ticket prices when you book your flights using PayPal Credit. We advise to check in with this page now and again or subscribe to our mailing list to find out the latest news, offers and fly now pay later voucher codes.

Can I reserve my flights now and pay later?

To be able to reserve your flight and pay the ticket price later, all you need to do is use the Search Bar and input the depature and destination you wish to fly to and from. Then select either "Fly Now Pay Later", Klarna, PayPal Credit or Affirm at the checkout and it will take you through to their individual application pages. This is where you will find out how much you will need to pay in monthly installments on your airfares. A credit check will be performed on you and once approved, you can then fly away and pay another day! Please note that a deposit may be required first when you book your flights. You will also be able to use PayBright if you are based in Canada. Read here on all the ways to spread the cost of flights.

Can I use Fly Now Pay Later to fly to America?

Transatlantic flights to destinations like New York or even to Patagonia can be booked using a Fly Now Pay Later plan and pay off later in installments, if you are unable to pay your flight bookings off in one transaction. Your flight reservation must depart from a UK airport and return to a UK airport. A deposit may be required first before you can begin paying your flights off later. For example, you can book Delta flights and pay later with other options such as PayPal Credit after making a Fly Now Pay Later reservation with Alternative Airlines. U.S customers can book any airline ticket for example and pay the price over time with Affirm. This can include airlines such as Ying'an Airlines, Wizz Air and US Airways.

Are airfare payment plans available?

You can choose from a selection of airfare payment plans to pay for either international or domestic airline tickets in instalments with Alternative Airlines, on airlines such as Frontier airlines, Volaris and more. Plans include Affirm for travelers based in the US, PayBright in Canada, or Fly Now Pay Later and PayPal Creedit if you are based in the UK. It is a flexible way to reserve flights and be able to pay off your travel expenses for you and family or even corporate travel. If you fancy a holiday to Egypt, you can fly on Air Cairo combined with other airlines and pay off the airfare with the Fly Now Pay Later payment plans offered. Please note that each payment plan have different eligibility rules.

Can I buy flights in monthly instalments?

Yes. You can buy flights now and pay later in 3, 6, 12 or 18 monthly instalments if you choose to use PayBright, Fly Now Pay Later, Affirm or PayPal Credit when booking with the travel agency Alternative Airlines. The airline tickets can be paid off before, during or after your trip. Please note that the monthly instalments quoted to you are dependent on the airline ticket price that you have chosen to purchase. So the higher the price of the ticket, the more you will have to pay back each month but it still allows you to reserve your flights and pay later. Please note that an deposit may be required first before you can begin paying off flights in installments. You can see all the information on pay later schemes with Alternative Airlines. 

Can I pay for flights in two instalments instead of spreading the cost?

You can pay for plane tickets in monthly instalments with Fly Now Pay Later or other 'book now pay later' options available. So you can choose when or how often you want to pay off your flight payments. You can also divide the cost of your airline tickets into two by using Split Payment, when booking via Alternative Airlines. With Split Payment, you can pay for your flight tickets with two payment types, either with card and PayPal, in one transaction. Or divide with a friend at the checkout. 

Can I buy flights to go outside of the UK and pay later?

Yes. When booking flights with the travel website Alternative Airlines, you can either pay in a one off transaction or buy flights and pay later in monthly installments. You can book flights to fly from the United Kingdom and pay off later if you choose to pay with the Fly Now Pay Later scheme. Other flight payment installment options that are accepted are Klarna, PayPal Credit and Affirm. You can buy flights flying internationally from the UK and pay off later such as flights to India or to anywhere else in the world with Fly Now Pay Later. Indian airlines include Air India, Air India Express and even the low cost Indian airline SpiceJet. Please ensure that you are flying from the UK and returning so that these are connecting flights. If you are based in India and paying your flights via mobile smartphone, you can also use airtel when booking via Alternative Airlines.

Can I pay off flights that are expensive later?

Yes. Alternative Airlines understand that buying flights can be a big transaction and you have your whole family to think of including the rest of the holiday expenses! So Alternative Airlines helps you with offering the chance to book flights now and pay later. You want to fly in Business Class in Emirates but prefer to pay later? Then paying with Fly Now Pay Later gives you the options to upgrade airline classes. Fly any long or short-haul flight, try out Business or Premium Class and pay the flight price off later. You can even buy Virgin Atlantic flights or flights to Canada or Australia now and pay later.

Can I repay back my flight ticket monthly payments early?

Airline tickets monthly payments can be paid back earlier than the final date for full payment is required, when choosing Fly Now Pay Later as a payment method. There is no extra charge to do this. Or you can choose to continue paying the monthly instalments on the chosen date that you withdrew the loan for flights if it feels easier for you. This also applies to other fly now later plans accepted by Alternative Airlines. Please note that the repayments must be made back to the finance program you have chosen and soft credit checks are carried out to determine if you are eligible to buy your flights now and pay later.

Can I use Fly Now Pay Later with different airline tickets? 

You can choose to use Fly Now Pay Later on a wide range of airline tickets, from over 650 airlines, when searching and booking flights with Alternative Airlines. You can even choose to buy a mixture of tickets if you do a multi-city search. Example airlines that you can use the fly now pay later schemes include Southwest Airlines, US Airways or even used to pay off your flights in monthly instalments to the Caribbean and fly on either Flycana or Caribbean Airlines


¿Puedo reservar vuelos solo con Fly Now Pay Later?

When using the Fly Now Pay Later scheme, you can also reserve all your travel-related needs on top of booking your flights, such as adding seats and baggage, and be able to pay them back in instalments.

Can I buy flights to Australia and pay later?

Yes. You can search and buy any flight to Australia and pay using Fly Now Pay Later with Alternative Airlines. This is great for gap year students who are thinking of venturing off and want to spread the cost of their flight travel. Please ensure that you are departing from and returning to the UK and searching with GBP to be able to use the Fly Now Pay Later scheme at the payment page. You can use PayPal Credit too to spread the cost of flights to Australia and any onward journeys.

Can I fly to Canada now and pay later?

Yes. Canadian customers can pay for their air travel in monthly instalments with PayBright in Canadian Dollars (CAD). UK customers can buy flights to Canada with the flight search Alternative Airlines and pay later when selecting Fly Now Pay Later, PayPal Credit or Klarna at the checkout page. US customers wanting to buy flights to Canada and pay later, you must select Affirm at the payment page. It's a convenient option if you are looking for flights to Canadian destinations such as Calgary or Edmonton and pay off the ticket prices later.

Can I book flights to Vegas now and pay later?

So you're looking to go see the bright lights and sites of Vegas? Well with Alternative Airlines you can buy flights now to Vegas or many other destinations around the world and pay later. Use the Search Bar to choose your departure airport and select McCarren International Aiport (Las Vegas airport) as your destination and once you have selected the flights that suit your dates and timing, then select Fly Now Pay Later (if you are a UK resident). US customers can choose Affirm to fly to Las Vegas now and pay later too. You can book all your future trips to Vegas or other destinations, whether international or domestic, with Fly Now Pay Later or with the variety of payment plan options available.

When will I receive my Fly Now Pay Later flight instalment statement?

You will be given a due date to pay your monthly payments of your airline tickets directly from Fly Now Pay Later via email. The email will have details of the amount that is required to be paid back each month. The first monthly payment is due one calendar month from the date your account was created. This is the date you booked your airline ticket transaction with Alternative Airlines. After this, all statements will be on the same day of each month, otherwise known as the due date. 

Can I pay off somebody else's flights later if I'm not the account holder?

Yes, the Fly Now Pay Later account holder doesn't have to be the passenger that is traveling. You can still search and select the flights that you need, insert the details of the passenger flying, then choose to book the flights and pay later at the checkout. Please note that the account holder is responsible for the terms and conditions of the Fly Now Pay Later payments that are due. You can read about how to buy flights as a gift for someone else.

What is the spending limit to Fly Now, Pay Later?

The spending limit is dependant on the fly now, pay later option you choose to make for flight a ticket purchase. For example, Affirm loans can provide up to $15,000 and PayPal Credit is the line of credit that you require for your purchase amount. So you can book your flights now with Alternative Airlines, pay later without feeling that your bank account took a huge hit! When you have selected one of the Fly Now Pay Later schemes as a method of payment at the checkout, then you will be offered instant finance to help you spread the cost of your airline tickets over 3 - 18 months. You will then be issued your e-ticket and invoiced monthly with full information of your due monthly payments.

Can I book a Delta airlines ticket and pay later?

Alternative Airlines offers the option to book Delta tickets and pay later with a range of fly now pay later schemes. We offer a number of Delta payment options: at checkout, choose from Affirm (US customers only), PayPal Credit, Klarna (UK) or PayBright (Canada only). Start searching for your Delta flights to spread the cost of pay later for your Delta tickets with Alternative Airlines.

Can I book American Airlines tickets and pay later?

Yes. With Alternative Airlines, you can choose to use various alternative flight payment options to pay for your American Airlines flights. If you choose Fly Now Pay Later, you have to be a UK resident and depart and return to the UK. However, you can also choose to use Affirm or PayPal Credit to book American Airlines tickets and pay later if you are based in the USA. This also applies to any other airline based in USA and from over 650 airlines. For example you can buy United Airlines or Skymark Airlines flights now and pay later with Alternative Airlines. This allows you affordability and flexibility for your travel. 

What travel agencies accept Fly Now Pay Later?

Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency that allows you to book flights now and pay later, all at the point at checkout. For example, you can buy airline tickets on Delta, Spirit and many more and be able to pay back the ticket price in later. The fly now, pay later plans available are Klarna, PayPal Credit, Affirm or PayBright (Canada only). Once you have selected the flights you want, choose to buy them in easy installment payments and the travel agency will email you your booking confirmation.

What travel websites accept Fly Now Pay Later payments?

Alternative Airlines is a travel site that offers many Fly Now Pay Later plans at the checkout to allow you to spread the cost of airline tickets or purchase flights on layaway. This works by first making a flight search from and to places around the world via then select "Fly Now Pay Later" button or see other options for paying in monthly instalments at the checkout. This will open a window dedicated to Fly Now Pay Later where you make an application and then a credit check is made. Each application includes a soft credit check to see if you are eligible to buy flights now and pay in monthly instalments. Once the processes are completed, your airline tickets are sent to you as an e-ticket and you can then begin paying back your flight tickets in a monthly plan that you have chosen. Non-UK resident customers can see all the financing flight ticket options that Alternative Airlines offers for travelers.


Does Alternative Airlines offer fly now pay later payment plans?

Alternative Airlines does offer airfare payment plans for a range of airline tickets around the world. These are options to pay back on a month by month basis. Once you have chosen the flights you have searched for and wish to fly on, you can set up a Fly Now Pay Later payment plan, or choose from the other flight ticket plans available. This allows customers to pay off the airfare price in monthly instalments. Example airline tickets that you can buy now and pay later can include Eurowings, Virgin and American Airlines. 

Buying flights now and being able to pay back later makes the expenses for your air travel easy and convenient and your trip more enjoyable.

I have other questions about buying flights and paying later - who do I ask?

If you have any other questions about paying off flight tickets in monthly installments, our dedicated Customer Service team are only a phone call away and will be happy to help you. Our office is open 8:00am to 20:00pm GMT every single day. Call us on +44 1293 874 921 or find our other payment information which include DiscoverPayPal, JCB, Android Pay and even Google Pay! If you are wanting to know more about paying flights for flights with PayPal, you can read our 10 reasons why to use PayPal blog!

If you are unsure about using Fly Now Pay Later as a flight payment option, you can also look at our other choice of financing airline ticket options. We also offer the US based loan option Affirm and PayPal Credit to book flights and pay later.

Acerca de Fly Now Pay Later

Fly Now Pay Later was launched by Jasper Dykes in 2015, with the idea of a financial travel company that gave everyone the opportunity to make going on their dream holiday possible. Fly Now Pay Later, previously known as Travelfund, pays the travel provider you book with straight away, keeping your flight booking secure. All other payment plans available where you can book flights now and pay later can be found here.



Fly Now Pay Later News

15 mayo 2018

Vuele ahora Pague más tarde aumente su límite de gasto

Fly Now Pay Later have rewarded their loyal and ever-growing customers by raising their borrowing limit. This is excellent news for people booking flights online for multiple passengers to long-haul destinations, as they can surely add up! This spend limit increase is a possible comment on the growth of the Fly Now Pay Later brand, which will hopefully continue to develop in a similar fashion. At Alternative Airlines, we love having the opportunity to provide our UK customers with a way of booking flights online and paying later!


Fly Now, Pay Later reviews

Check out the Fly Now Pay Later reviews when used with Alternative Airlines:

Why Use Alternative Airlines to Book Flights and Pay Later?

Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency that specialises in finding you flights from over 650 airlines, from the lesser known to the well-known. What's more is that you have the option to book flights and pay later. So you can book your flights from a wider choice of airlines with support by a team of customer service and travel specialists for help and advice on your travel plans. If you choose to book your flights and pay later with either PayPal Credit, Klarna or Affirm, you will go through a dedicated page for the application and soft credit checks.

We also specialise in finding the best available fares with prices in the currency of your choice. So you can buy flights with us in over 160 currencies, including Euros, Pounds Sterling and even Polish Zloty!

Alternative Airlines also accepts over 25 payment methods including American Express (AMEX), Diners Club, M-Pesa, MasterPass and Apple Pay to book flights online. There are a wide range of promo codes to use on flights if you pay with PayPal or PayPal Credit.

We also have Black Friday 2019 Flight Deals for other payments methods as well as PayPal flight coupons.

why use alternative airlines travel person in middle on laptop currencies to choose from


You can check out our reviews or what our customers say about us on Feefo. If you want to know a little bit more about us, read our blog for our alternative travel secrets and stories. 


Sentencia legal

Fly Now Pay Later Limited actúa como intermediario de crédito y no como prestamista, y está autorizado y regulado por la Autoridad de Conducta Financiera bajo el número de registro 726937.

Declaración reglamentaria

Las cuentas de crédito son proporcionadas por Travelfund Limited, que están autorizadas y reguladas por la Financial Conduct Authority bajo el número de registro 672306. Oficina registrada de Travelfund Limited: Eighth Floor, 6 New Street Square, Londres, EC4A 3 AQ, Reino Unido. Registrado en Inglaterra y Gales No. 09020100. Fly Now Pay Later ® y Travelfund ® son marcas registradas de Limited.

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