Flying with e-Cigarettes

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Flying with e-Cigarettes

Flying with e-cigarettes? Find out if you can fly with your Vape pen, where you can fly with e-cigs and how best to transport your e-hookah.

What are e-Cigarettes?

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An e-cigarette, officially known as an electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), is a battery-powered device that imitates traditional cigarettes by vaporising liquid nicotine. They usually consist of a cartridge containing the nicotine solution, a heating element and a power source for this heating element, usually a rechargeable lithium battery.

Because these are considered smoking items, and they have been proved to pose a fire risk when transported, there are rules and regulations about travelling with these items which must be followed.

Taking e-cigarettes on a plane

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E-cigarettes are generally allowed in hand luggage on most airlines, but not in the hold luggage. It is always best to ensure you check with the airline, the airport and the laws of the country you are travelling to, to make sure you are not breaking any rules. Read on for further details and any restrictions there may be for particular airlines or countries.

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Taking e-cigarettes abroad

In the UK:

In the UK, electronic cigarettes are very common and so passengers can transport these items in their hand luggage often without issues.

Passengers are not permitted e cigarettes in their checked luggage, and are more allowed to use the device on the plane as smoking is prohibited. The UK law means that passengers are allowed to use the device once off the aircraft, in a designated smoking area.

In the USA:

The USA follows the same rules as the UK, with the TSA prohibiting electronic cigarettes and vaping devices in checked luggage. They can, however, be carried in the aircraft cabin as long as they are not used. Be sure to check if you are flying between states, to check the destination state permits e-cigarettes.

Elsewhere in the world:

Not everywhere has the same rules as the UK or USA. For example in the following countries it is illegal to vape, so do not take e-cigarettes with you when travelling to these countries:

South America Argentina
Asia Brunei
África Egipto
Middle East Jordán
Saudia Arabia
Europa Lituania
Norteamérica Panamá

In addition, there are some countries where the use of vaping is restricted, for example the use of vaping with nicotine may be illegal, or importing or selling is illegal. If you are travelling to the following countries, be sure you check the regulations to ensure you comply.

Australia Depends on the state and strict laws on importation of nicotine
Colombia Laws are unclear, usually okay to vape
Hong Kong Liquid Nicotine illegal
Malasia Vaping with nicotine is illegal
Nicaragua Liquid nicotine is illegal
Panamá Illegal to import or sell vaping products
Sudáfrica Vaping with nicotine is illegal
Turquía Illegal to buy and sell e-cigarettes, but you can take and use your own devices

Using e-cigarettes at the airport

In some airports such as those in the UK, the use of e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited. There will be designated smoking areas in UK airports where these vaping devices can be used.

Look out for designated smoking areas where you will be able to use your e-cigarette. In some countries such as the UK, being outside does not necessarily mean you can smoke there.

Taking e-cigs through airport security

As the vape cartridge is a fluid, you need to ensure that you follow the regulations for transporting liquids in hand luggage.

Any e-liquid cartridges must be no larger than 100ml and placed inside a clear plastic bag, along with other liquids. It may be best to remove the vaping device from your bag, so that they can be inspected if necessary.

Flying with e-cigarettes

Can I put e-cigarettes in my suitcase?

No! The TSA reported that these devices pose a fire hazard during transport and so can not be transported in the hold luggage. Passengers wishing to travel with these items must store them within their carry-on luggage, and must be kept in the cabin.

Can I fly with a vape?

For most airlines, you can fly with a vape pen only when it is placed in your carry-on luggage and not in your checked luggage. It is always best to check with the airline, airport and laws of the destination country to ensure you do not break any rules or regulations.

Can e-cigarettes go through airport security?

E-cigarettes must go through airport security as they must be transported in hand luggage. However, you should check that the airport and the country permits e-cigarettes as you may encounter problems if they are not permitted.

Can you take ecigs in hand luggage?

Yes, if the country permits ecigs, you must transport these devices in hand luggage, not in checked luggage.

Can you smoke electronic cigarettes on a plane?

No. The rules regarding smoking applies to electronic cigarettes, so smoking is strictly prohibited on all airlines.