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Acerca de Gol Airlines

GOL Transportes Aéreos (also known as VRG Linhas Aéreas) is a Brazilian airline headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.The airline operates a growing domestic and international scheduled network – its main hubs are Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. In addition, GOL Airlines has focus operations at Belo Horizonte, Porte Alegre, Salvador da Bahia and Punta Cana. To find out more about Salvador da Bahia and plan your trip to Brazil, see our Salvador da Bahia travel guide.

The airline is the 2nd largest Brazilian airline by market share. Born in the dynamic Brazilian city of Sao Paulo in 2001, the airline has grown over 10 years into a giant low-cost airline with 138 aircrafts flying to 62 destinations.

GOL currently offers the most extensive and convenient route network in South America and the Caribbean, with almost 900 flights a day to 62 destinations, domestic and international, in 13 countries. Combined with operational partnerships with foreign and domestic companies, the airline's route network is among the best for clients that want to travel to Brazil, within Brazil, or from Brazil.



The airlines' fleet is constantly adapting and changing but currently includes Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737 Next Gen Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737- MAX 8, Boeing 767, Boeing 767-200 and Boeing 767-300 aircraft. 




Equipaje de Mano

Passengers may travel with a bag up to 10kg (22lbs), as well as a personal item, such as a laptop or duty-free shopping bag.


Equipaje Facturado

Checked baggage should not exceed more than 23kgs (51 lbs).

Dimensiones máximas: 50 x 28 x 80 cm (20 x 11 x 31 en )

Passengers travelling under different fare classes different free baggage allowances. These are the necessary requirements:


Promoción : No incluye equipaje facturado gratis.

Ligero : No incluye equipaje facturado gratis.

Más : 1 S t   la bolsa se puede verificar de forma gratuita.

Max : 1 S t   y 1} Dakota del Norte   las maletas se pueden revisar sin cargo.

Prima*:   1 S t   y 1} Dakota del Norte   las maletas se pueden revisar sin cargo. (*vuelos internacionales)




Check-in en el aeropuerto

Para vuelos nacionales, los pasajeros deben completar el check-in en el autoservicio en el aeropuerto al menos 2 horas antes de la salida. Para vuelos internacionales, los pasajeros deben facturar 3 horas antes de la salida. 


Web Check-in

The airline provides online check in for its customers on its website. 


Class Fares

The fleet of planes are configured with two cabins: Premium Economy Class (known as Comfort Class) and Economy Class.



Economy Class

Economy Class Facilities

Depending on the length and destination of your flight, the airline offers a variety of menu choices to make your trip even more enjoyable. This includes complimentary beverages on all flights, and meals or light meals on international flights.

What are Economy Class Seats Like?

Economy offers comfortable new seatining. You are able to choose your seats when you book online. On flights classed as medium to long distance, the airline also provides comfort items like blankets, pillows and dental kits.



Premium Economy

From the time you check in to when you disembark,Premium Economy brings you convenience and exclusive benefits on your international flights.

Premium Economy Facilities

Get exclusive customer service and preferred check-in and boarding, in addition to having your baggage tagged as priority. You have 2 free bags weighing up to 23 kg (51 lbs) each

On board, in the Premium Economy, you will have reserved baggage compartments, will receive a blanket, pillow and a personal toiletries kit. Receive a welcome drink and enjoy an exclusive complimentary menu with hot meals and snacks, in addition to wines and other beverage options.

What are Premium Economy Seats Like?

When you fly Premium Economy, you will enjoy comfort and privacy. Seats recline 50% more, the middle seat is blocked and there’s more legroom.




Alternative Airlines

Haga clic en los logotipos a continuación para obtener más información sobre las aerolíneas que vuelan rutas similares a Gol Airlines:


Logotipo de Avianca Logo de TAM Logo de Copa Airlines




Aeropuerto Principal 

Aeropuerto de Sao Paulo-Congonhas

El Aeropuerto de Sao Paulo-Congonhas es uno de los tres aeropuertos comerciales que sirven a Sao Paulo, Brasil y actúa como el aeropuerto central de LATAM Airlines (anteriormente TAM Airlines ) y GOL Airlines. Otras aerolíneas que vuelan desde y hacia el aeropuerto de Sao Paulo incluyen Avianca Brasil, Gol Airlines y LATAM. El aeropuerto tiene dos pistas y puede manejar casi 20 millones de pasajeros cada año.

Aeropuerto Sao Paolo Congonhas

Photo credit: Valter Campanato/ABr, Agência Brasil



Codeshare Agreements

GOL Airlines tiene acuerdos de código compartido con las aerolineas siguientes  :

Copa Airlines , Aire Francés , Aerolíneas delta , Qatar Airlines , Aerolíneas Argentinas , Aeroméxico , Emiratos , KLM, TAP Portugal , Air Canada


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With Alternative Airlines, you can easily pay for your flights with Boleto! Boleto is a Brazilian payment method that works in a similar way to a voucher or invoice. Simply select Boleto at checkout and pay using your online banking service or in your local branch.


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Mascotas, animales de apoyo emocional y animales de servicio.

All information on flying with a service animal, pet, emotional support animal is provided by Alternative Airlines. Thinking of flying with either a service animal, pet, or an emotional support animal, see all information and advise by Alternative Airlines about taking an animal on a plane.




Rutas Populares


Miamiicono de plano gris oscuro Rio de Janeiro


Sao Paulo icono de plano gris oscuro Orlando


Puerto alegreicono de plano gris oscuro Brasilia


Goiania icono de plano gris oscuroBelo Horizonte


Vitoria icono de plano gris oscuro Brasilia


Rio de Janeiro icono de plano gris oscuroOrlando



Mapa De Ruta de Gol Airlines

Mapa De Ruta de Gol Airlines




30 agosto 2019: GOL Airlines new routes

(The airline) has announced two new routes to Porto Alegre and Punta del Este


8 noviembre 2018: GOL Airlines returns to US

(The airline) has announced its return to the US market, with new flights to Orlando and Miami.

La aerolínea voló por última vez a América del Norte en 2016.


4 junio 2018: GOL Airlines confident in growth despite the price of fuel

A pesar de las fluctuaciones monetarias y el aumento del costo del combustible en Brasil, GOL Airlines confía en que sostendrá esas dificultades económicas y seguirá creciendo como empresa. 

(The airline) has recently released a report that states it saw a 10.7% increase in revenue for Q12018, as well as a 13% rise in average fares. Gol Airlines  — which are Brazil's largest carrier — predict a capacity growth of flat—2% for 2018. The airlines have said that it might need to slightly raise its ticket prices to accommodate for the higher price in fuel in Brazil, but they're confident that the country's growing demand in air-travel will allow them to do so.