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How Far In Advance Can You Book a Flight?

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When do airline tickets
go on sale?

Are you looking to buy airline tickets three months, six months or even one year in advance? Find out when airline tickets go on sale for over 600 different airlines and buy your flight tickets in advance with Alternative Airlines!

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If you're looking to buy your flight tickets several months before your date of travel, but can't find any available flights for that date, use our search form at the top of the page to search for flights from over 600 airlines and discover which airlines offer flights for your chosen route the furthest in advance.

Look to see how far out you can book flights on each airline.

How far in advance can I book a flight?

Find out how many days, weeks or months in advance you can buy flights for each airline and information on when each airline releases its schedule. 

How far ahead can I book a flight?

How early you can book plane tickets will depend on each airlines policy. Have a look at how many days in advance you can book flights on these airlines:

Air France

365 Days

Alaska Airlines

330 Days

American Airlines

330 Days

Adria Airways

212 Days


216 Days

British Airways

353 Days

Cathay Pacific

360 Days


349 Days

Delta Air Lines

331 Days


247 Days


330 Days


330 Days


320 Days

Frontier Airlines

258 Days

Fiji Airways

330 Days

Hainan Airlines

330 Days


360 Days

Japan Airlines

330 Days


12–18 Months


6—8 Months

Iceland Air

326 Days


11 Months

Korean Air

362 Days


360 Days


10 Months

Pen Air

331 Days


354 Days

Qatar Airways

361 Days


331 Days


5—6 Months

Spirit Airlines

330 Days


254 Days

Virgin Atlantic

11 Months

Please note: This only shows how early you can book a flight for some of our most popular airlines. Alternative Airlines offer flights from over 600 airlines altogether. If you don't see the airline you're looking for from the list above, use the search bar at the top of the page to search for all available airlines flying your chosen route on the date you want to fly on.

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How far in advance can I book
Alaska Airlines Flights?

Alaska Airlines allows bookings from up to 330 days out, which is the equivalent to just under 11 months or 47 weeks.

How far in advance can I book
Delta Flights?

Delta Air Lines allow you to book your airline tickets 330 days or 47 weeks in advance. This is the same as 10/11 months.

How far in advance can I book
Frontier Flights?

How far in advance that you can book Frontier flights differs from season to season. On average, you can expect to be able to make Frontier Airlines flight reservation 258 days in advance. Frontier Airlines usually extend its schedule every two months.

How far in advance can I book
Southwest Flights?

With its latest schedule release, Southwest allowed passengers to book flights 254 day in advance, which is equal to 36 weeks or just over eight months. Check the furthest away date that Southwest is currently taking bookings for and when its next schedule is released.

How far in advance can I book
Spirit Flights?

Spirit Airlines flights are released 330 days in advance. This is equal to 47 weeks or 10/11 months.