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Alternative Airlines, the online flight search, accepts over 40 different payment methods to choose from. Choose to pay for your flights in over 160 different currencies and select the payment method that suits you.

Click on our most popular accepted payment methods to find out more:

Credit and Debit Cards

Buy Now, Pay Later


Bank Transfer & Mobile Payments



Book flights with PayPal


Alternative Airlines acepta PayPal y PayPal credit,  para una compra de vuelo más fácil y más segura.

PayPal or PayPal Credit can be used to pay for your flights when booking through Alternative Airlines. Just search and select the flights and routes suited to you and simply select PayPal or PayPal Credit as your payment method when you decide to book. You can either sign in to your PayPal account or pay as a guest.

Spread the cost in GBP or USD with PayPal Credit.

And if you are looking for money off your airline tickets, check out all the Alternative Airlines promo codes!

Book flights with Affirm

Icono de afirmacion

Pague sus vuelos en cuotas mensuales usando Affirm  .

Affirm allows you to pay for your flights over time in monthly installments over a 3, 6 or 12 month period or in 4 payments with Split Pay. Affirm can be used to buy airline tickets with a value of up to $15,000 USD. Qualified customers can pay 0% APR over 6 months.

As an example, you might pay $43.96/mo based on a purchase price of $500.00 at 10% APR for 12 months. A down payment may be required.
*Only available for US customers.

Book flights with Debit or Credit Cards

visatarjeta mastercard

Pague sus vuelos con Visa , la tarjeta de débito Visa, tarjeta MasterCard , Mastercard Débito o Maestro .

When using credit or debit cards with Alternative Airlines, some banks may block some transactions. If you receive an error message and unable to complete your online payment, we advise you to contact and check with your bank immediately to see if there have been any restrictions made on your card.

Book flights with Klarna

Logotipo de Klarna

Pague sus vuelos usando Klarna .

Klarna allows you to pay for your flights in different options to suit you:

Pay Now - pay instantly at the time of purchase with Sofort or Debit card.

Pay Later - pay back the cost within 14, 30 or 60 days.

Pay in 3 - pay in 3 equal monthly payments.

Pay in 4 - pay in 4 interest free payments every 2 weeks. (US and Australian customers only).

*Klarna is only available with Alternative Airlines for customers in: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Spain and Denmark.

Discover the reasons to use Klarna to pay for flights.

Book flights with
Union Pay

Union Pay logo

Buy your flights with your Union Pay debit or credit card.

Union Pay is a popular bank card service that is popular in China and other parts of the world. At Alternative Airlines, you can use your Union Pay card to buy flights in USD and several other currencies.

Book flights with

Uplift logo

Buy flights using Uplift.

With Uplift, you can pay for your flights in affordable monthly payments so that you can easily budget for your trip. Uplift offers flexible monthly payment plan options of 3, 6 and 11 months. Uplift is available to US and Canadian residents, booking flights in USD or CAD. Visit our Uplift page to find out more.

Book Flights with Cryptocurrency

Logotipo de UTrustcrypto.com logo

Buy flights with cryptocurrencies on Alternative Airlines using cryptocurrency.

We take cryptocurrency payments through our payment methods Utrust and Crypto.com. Through these payment methods, users can pay for flights with many major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), DigiByte (DGB), Dash (DASH), Tether (USDT) and Ripple (XRP), as well UTRUST's own digital currency, UTK and Crypto.com's own coin, CRO. You don't need to log-in to pay with crypto, you simply need to select UTRUST or Crypto.com at the checkout, access your digital wallet and select the cryptocurrency you want to pay in.

Book Flights with Apple Pay

Pago de manzana

Pague sus vuelos usando Apple Pay.

Enjoy Apple’s secure one-touch payment function that allows our customers to pay for their flights faster, more conveniently and securely than ever before. Search flights via alternativeairlines.com and simply select Apple Pay as your payment method when you decide to make your flight reservation.

Book Flights with Quadpay


From 16 agosto 2021, Quadpay rebranded to Zip. But don't worry, even though it's a new look it's still the same way to pay as Quadpay. Find out more about paying with Zip.

Book Flights with Afterpay


Pay for your flights using Afterpay.

Afterpay is an Australian payment method that allows you to pay back the cost in four fortnightly payments. No interest charged or any additional or hidden fees popping up. Can only be used by US residents paying in USD.


Fly Now Pay Later

Pay for your flights using Fly Now Pay Later.

Fly Now Pay Later is a UK buy now pay later solution for travel products. Our UK customers can now pay for flights using their products. You can use Fly Now Pay Later for any flights with a basket value below £5,000 and spread the cost into up to 12 monthly installments.


pago de googlepago de android

Alternative Airlines acepta Android Pay .

Android pay makes flight purchases easy and more secure for customers. Just add your credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards to Android Pay, also known as Google Pay and start shopping online. Google Pay's secure one-touch payment function allows our customers to pay for their flights faster, more conveniently and securely than ever before.
Customers only need to select the card of their choice and authorise a secure payment through entering their passcode or using fingerprint recognition on their device.

Book flights with Amex


Pague sus vuelos usando American Express .

American Express allows you to earn AMEX membership rewards when booking through alternativeairlines.com. After searching and selecting the flights and routes suited to you, just choose American Express as your payment method when you decide to book.

Book Flights with Wechat Pay

wechat pay

Pay for your flights using Wechat Pay.

Wechat Pay is a Chinese mobile app that allows you to quickly and conveniently complete in-store and online purchases on your smartphone or tablet. The app can connect supported bank accounts and Visa, MasterCard, and JCB credit and debit cards. Use WeChat Pay to buy flights when paying in USD or EUR.



Pague sus vuelos usando Alipay .

China's leading online payment solution, providing an easy, safe and secure way of paying for your flights. Just search for flights with Alternative Airlines and simply select Alipay at the checkout page.



Pague sus vuelos usando Airtel .

Airtel is India's first mobile payment banking system, allowing customers to pre or post pay bills or transfer money. It is India's leading telecommunications company, contributing to India economic resurgence and reformation.



Ahora puedes usar JCB Al comprar vuelos con Alternative Airlines. Tenga en cuenta que esto se ha suspendido actualmente en nuestro sitio, pero se mostrará para su uso pronto.

JCB is a credit card company based in Tokyo, Japan. JCB cards are issued in 23 countries and can be used in 190 countries and territories across the globe. Booking flights through JCB potentially gives travellers the opportunity to access their lounges that are located across Europe, Asia and North America.



Alternative Airlines acepta Diners Club , haciendo que las compras de vuelos sean fáciles y más seguras para los clientes.

Just search for flights from your departing airport to your desired destination and simply select Diners Club International as your payment method when you decide to book. Diners Club International and its franchises service individuals from around the globe with operations in 59 countries. You can now use Diners Club International when booking flights with Alternative Airlines.



Alternative Airlines acepta Discover, haciendo que las compras de vuelos sean fáciles y más seguras para nuestro clientes.

Discover Card is the fourth largest credit card brand in the United States, introduced in 1985. When launched, the Discover Card charged no annual fee and offered a higher-than-normal credit limit, features that were disruptive to the existing credit card industry. Now, you can now use Discover when booking flights with Alternative Airlines. Just search for flights to anywhere and everywhere and simply select Discover as your payment method when you decide to book.



You can use M-Pesa to pay for your flights when booking through Alternative Airlines.

Haga una búsqueda de vuelos y seleccione M-Pesa como método de pago cuando decida reservar y pagar con M-Pesa.

Book flights with Zip


Checkout flights using Zip Pay.

Zip is available with Alternative Airlines which means you can book your flights now & pay the cost back over time on flexible repayment terms. Simply apply for a Zip account in moments, choose your flight and select Zip at the checkout. Zip is available as a payment method in the U.K, Australia, New Zealand and U.S. Can only be used with currencies in GBP, AUD, NZD and USD. The Zip brand took over Quadpay in agosto 2021.

Book flights with Spotii

Spotii logo

Pay for flights with Spotii.

With Spotii, you can pay in 4 fortnightly installments over 6 weeks, or pay in 4 monthly installments over 4 months. Completely interest-free! Spotii is available to use to book flights through Alternative Airlines if you reside in the United Arab Emirates and Saidua Arabia and can be booked in AED and SAR.

Book flights with Postpay

postpay logo

Pay for flights with Postpay.

If you reside in the United Arab Emirates (AED) or Saudi Arabia (SAR) you can use Postpay to book your flights today and pay later. Use Postpay to pay in three monthly instalments, with zero interest and no hidden fees.

Book flights with Tabby

Tabby logo

Pay for flights with Tabby.

With Tabby, you can pay in 4 installments over 6 weeks. What's more is that it's interest-free! Tabby is available to use to book flights through Alternative Airlines if you reside in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt and can book in AED, SAR, KD, BD and EGP.



Pague sus vuelos usando Tigo Pesa .

Tigo Pesa offers the possibility to get services to communities in Tanzania that are most at risk, in districts that are complex to reach. With Tigo Pesa you can send and receive money with more people and businesses than you can with any other service.



Pague sus vuelos usando Masterpass .

Masterpass es la nueva forma de Mastercard de proporcionar a sus clientes una forma de comprar en línea sin problemas. Este nuevo servicio de pago digital permite a los clientes comprar vuelos rápida y fácilmente con un simple inicio de sesión. Masterpass almacena de forma segura todos sus datos personales, por lo que no tiene que perder el tiempo ingresando la misma información una y otra vez. Puede agregar la mayoría de las principales tarjetas de débito o crédito a su billetera Masterpass (no solo Mastercard) y usar esto para comprar vuelos en cualquier dispositivo. ¡Masterpass también ofrece a los usuarios ofertas exclusivas! Crear un Cuenta Masterpass .

Book flights with
Click to Pay

Click to pay logo

Pay for your flights using Click to Pay.

Click to Pay is a new time-saving ‘one-click’ checkout experience for shoppers who use Visa, Amex, Matercard, and Discover. Shop for your flights using Alternative Airlines. Then, the checkout stage will be even more simplified than ever before. You’ll no longer be faced with having to remember passwords and can bypass any form-filling. Click to Pay makes it quicker than ever to book your flights.

Book flights with
Pay With 2 Ways

Dividir su icono de pago con texto

Pay for your flights using Pay With 2 Ways.

Pay With 2 Ways allows you to pay for your flights using two different payment methods in one transaction. You can use Split Your Payment with credit and debit cards (VISA and Mastercard), PayPal and PayPal Credit. Please be aware that Split Your Payment must be completed at the time of purchase and you can't make payment spread over time.


Icono de pago de Amazon

Pague sus vuelos usando Amazon Pay .

Amazon Pay le permite pagar sus vuelos con su cuenta de Amazon. Amazon Pay utiliza los métodos de pago que ya están almacenados de forma segura en su cuenta de Amazon, para que pueda comprar sus boletos de avión sin tener que ingresar los datos de su tarjeta. Simplemente seleccione Amazon Pay como método de pago en la página de pago e inicie sesión en su cuenta de Amazon para pagar sus vuelos. Amazon Pay está disponible con todas las principales tarjetas de crédito y débito.


Logo de sofort

Pague sus vuelos usando Sofort .

SOFORT   es un método de pago europeo seguro que le permite realizar pagos bancarios en línea en tiempo real. SOFORT completa automáticamente los detalles de quién está pagando y cuánto debe pagar para ahorrarle tiempo y molestias.


logo iDEAL

Pague sus vuelos usando ideal .

ideal   es un método de pago holandés que le permite realizar compras en línea mediante transferencia bancaria. iDEAL nunca comparte los detalles de su tarjeta con el comerciante y utiliza un proceso de autenticación de dos etapas.


Logo de poli

Pague sus vuelos usando Poli .

Poli   es un método de pago australiano que le permite pagar bienes y servicios a través de la banca por Internet. Con Poli, no es necesario usar una tarjeta y usted no tiene que registrarse, simplemente ingrese sus datos bancarios para completar la transferencia.


Logo de giropay

Pague sus vuelos usando Giropay .

Giropay es un método de pago en línea alemán que le permite realizar compras de vuelos mediante transferencia bancaria. Todos los pagos de Giropay utilizan transferencias bancarias en tiempo real y se transfieren directamente desde la cuenta bancaria del cliente a los minoristas.


Logotipo de MTN

Pague sus vuelos usando MTN .

MTN es una empresa de telecomunicaciones móviles con sede en Sudáfrica. A través de MTN, puede realizar compras rápidas y seguras utilizando su teléfono móvil.

MTN se puede usar para comprar vuelos en los siguientes países:

  • Camerún
  • Congo
  • Guinea Conakry
  • Costa de Marfil
  • Liberia
  • Ruanda
  • Sudáfrica
  • Swazilandia
  • Uganda
  • Zambia

Book flights with

Pay for your flights via bank transfer with Trustly.

Bank transfers via Trustly allow you to pay for your flights online via direct bank transfer. Trustly is available in over 10 different countries within Europe and with 100s of different banks.


MyBank logo

Pay for your flights via bank transfer with MyBank.

MyBank is an Italian payment method that allows you to pay with bank transfer

Book flights with

Przelewy24 logo

Pay for your flights via real-time bank transfer with Przelewy24.

Przelewy24 is a Polish payment method that allows you to pay for your flights with real-time bank transfer. You can use Przelewy24 with Polish Zloty or Euro.

Book flights with

mada logo

Pay for your flights with Mada.

Mada is a payment gateway in Saudia Arabia that connects to local bank accounts. At Alternative Airlines, you can use your Mada card to buy flights and debit the cost from your bank.

Book flights with

SEPA logo

Pay for your flights with Sepa.

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a payment market that allows for simple bank transfer payment across over 30 countries within Europe. SEPA is available to use at Alternative Airlines when paying in Euros.

Book flights with

Omannet logo

Pay for your flights with Omannet.

Omannet is a payment gateway that is connected to banks in Oman. Through OmanNet, you can pay for your flight using your debit card. Omannet is available to use in OMR.

Book flights with

Knet logo

Pay for your flights with Knet

Knet is a Kuwaiti payment method that allows you to pay for your flights with debit card transactions. Knet securely connects debit cards with banks to make real-time purchases. Knet is only available when paying in KWD.

Book flights with

Bancontact logo

Pay for your flights with Bancontact.

Bancontact is a Belgian payment method. It allows you to make purchases with its 'Bancontact card'. This card must be pre-linked to your bank account in order to make transactions. You can make a purchase with Bancontact when you pay in EUR.

Book flights with

Laybuy logo

Pay for your flights with Laybuy.

Laybuy is a buy now pay later payment method that allows you to pay back the cost of your flights in 6 weekly instalments. It's available to use in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.