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Protección de cancelación

Completely cover yourself for a refund if you or a member of your party is unable to fly due to emergency circumstances with Cancellation Protection. Cancellation Protection is available for all bookings and can be selected before your flight has been confirmed, at the time of booking.

Learn what is deemed as an 'emergency circumstance' in the Cancellation Protection terms and conditions.

Lost Baggage Protection

Never worry about losing baggage again. Get up to $2000 USD compensation if your bag is lost in transit and can't be tracked within 96 hours with Lost Baggage Protection.

Lost Baggage Protection is available for checked baggage on all flights and can be added at the time of booking. As long as baggage is included within the price of your ticket or excess baggage has been purchased, you're protected when you add Lost Baggage Protection.

Lost Baggage Protection terms and conditions.

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All of the insurance products on this page can be added to your flight at the time of booking.