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Unfortunately, in 2008, Interavia ceased operations.

Take a look at these airlines, which all fly similar routes to those that Interavia operated.

About Interavia

Founded in 1998, Interavia Airlines — or simply, Interavia — was a Russian airline that operated domestic scheduled passenger and charter passenger services. The airline was based at one of Moscow's international airports, Moscow Domodedovo Airport and operated to a number of different airports within Russia.

Interavia launched under the name Astair Airlines but rebranded to Interavia Airlines in 2005. The airline operated flights for a further three years under the Intersavia brand, until 2008, when the airline ran into financial difficulties and had to cease flying all operations. This came as a surprise to many, as a few months prior, Interavia announced the launch of a new service flying between Moscow Domodedovo and Mineralnye Vody five times a week, as well as plans to lease a number of Airbus A320-200 aircraft, which would have been the first non-Russian aircraft that the airline had ever taken on.

Interavia Fleet

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At the time that it stopped flying, Interavia's fleet consisted of a total of seven aircraft. This was comprised of two Tupolev Tu-154M, one Yakovlev Yak-42 and four Ilyushin Il-62 jets.

Interavia Destinations

Interavia Airlines used to operate to the following destinations, all of which are within Russia:








Minerainye Vody

Moscow (hub at Moscow Domodedovo Airport)

Interavia Hub Airport

Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Moscow Domodedovo is an international airport in Moscow, Russia and was the hub airport for Interavia. Moscow Domodedovo is one of three international airports in Moscow, along with the countries busiest international airport Sheremetyevo International Airport and Vnukovo International Airport.

Interavia was based at Moscow Domodedovo Airport since its inception in 1998, under the branding of Astair Airlines. However, the airlines' presence at Moscow Domodedovo became most prominent after it rebranded as Interavia in 2005 and launched a number of new routes from Moscow Domodedovo.

Other airlines that use Moscow Domodedovo as a hub include Red Wing Airlines, S7 Airlines, Globus Airlines and Ural Airlines. Other airlines, such as IrAero, Nordavia, NordStar and Yamal Airlines have a strong focus on flights to Moscow Domodedovo.

Aerial view of Moscow Domodedovo Airport