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Find out about intercontinental flights here, including what they are, which airlines offer them and how to get them on Alternative Airlines.

What is an Intercontinental Flight?

earth globe icon

An intercontinental flight is a type of flight that flies from one continent to another. For example, a flight from Hong Kong to Brisbane is flying from one continent (Asia) to another (Oceania). They can be from any continent to another, as long as the start and end destinations are in different continents.

They are different to transcontinental flights, which fly from one side of a continent to the other. Read more on transcontinental flights here.

How do they differ from a transatlantic flight?

A transatlantic flight is a type of intercontinental flight, as it flies from one continent to another, but over the Atlantic ocean. For example, a flight from Europe to Africa would be a intercontinental flight but not transatlantic because it is flying from Europe to Africa, without going across the Atlantic.

How do I get cheap intercontinental flights?

On Alternative Airlines, simply enter your desired start and end destinations and search for your selected dates. We will find the cheapest airfare for each airline we offer, allowing you to search for the cheapest fare. You can also use our best fare finder to find the cheapest flight for your destination within a time period, allowing you to see if it is cheaper to fly on a different day.

Popular Intercontinental Flights

Australia & New Zealand

Auckland Icono de plano London

Melbourne Icono de plano Dublin

Sydney Icono de plano Athens

Fly these routes with airlines such as Virgin Australia, Philippine Airlines, Etihad, Qatar Airways and Qantas.


Delhi Icono de plano Paris

Mumbai Icono de plano Berlina

Bangkok Icono de plano Johannesburgo

Shenzhen Icono de plano Wellington

Fly these popular routes with airlines such as Air Astana, Etihad, KLM (codeshare with Jet Airways), Aeroflot and Singapore Airlines.

US & Canada

Calgary Icono de plano Barcelona

Vancouver Icono de plano Paris

San Francisco Icono de plano Rome

Nueva York Icono de plano London

Popular airlines which fly these routes include Lufthansa, Air Canada, Delta, WestJet and Alaska.


Ciudad del Cabo Icono de plano London

Johannesburgo Icono de plano London

Cairo Icono de plano Hong Kong

Lagos Icono de plano Budapest

Airlines that fly these routes include Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways.